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If you’ve been around Blogging.com for any amount of time, you know we’re big fans of WPEngine as the premiere choice for small business WordPress hosting.

We tried it for six months, just to see if it lived up to the hype, and we weren’t disappointed! To get our full perspective make sure to check out our detailed WP Engine Review.

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What Makes WP Engine Different

Sure, you can go to any number of shared web hosts for under 10 dollars a month and install WordPress on your own to get your website up and running in just a few minutes, but WP Engine offers something those shared hosts don’t: support. With shared hosts, you won’t get any support for third party apps such as WordPress.

Unless you’re a highly technical person familiar with how WordPress works on the programming level, you are likely going to run into an issue with a plugin conflict, or any number of potential security issues (no software is flawless!) at some point over the course of your WordPress use. When you’re using a shared host, you’re left to your own devices. By the time you hire someone to help fix your issues and secure your site, you’ve not only lost hours trying to troubleshoot it yourself, but you’ve lost hard earned money.

Ever wanted to make a change to your site, but didn’t want to risk ruining the user experience while in progress? The Blog Staging Area allows you to make changes to your blog’s themes, plugins, and other settings to see what they look like before you ever make it live to your website visitors.

With plans starting at just $35 a month, you’ve got the hosting and support you need, so you can spend your time on tasks that will make your business more profitable, instead of worrying about whether your site will function correctly for the next visitor. Have more than one site? There are other plans available to accommodate those who are running WordPress powered online empires.

Optimized for Speed

We all know time equals money, and online this means more than ever. Every second your site takes to load is a second wasted and potential for that customer to leave and go to your competitor. When optimized properly, your site can load in under a second, leading to happy visitors who are more likely to convert into sales and hopefully, repeat customers.

We compared WP Engine with two other managed WordPress hosts in a case study. While the others came close, WPEngine still ruled the pack providing the fastest website loading times.

Think you can handle it yourself with a virtual private server (VPS) that puts you in greater control over your host server’s resources? With a VPS, you will need a great deal of technical knowledge, and you’ll also need a decent pile of cash. VPS plans average anywhere from $20 to $80 a month depending on what you purchase, and you still won’t have the stellar support, speed, and security protections you’d get with WP Engine. You may be able to make adjustments on the server level to improve speed and security, but what WP Engine offers will rival it any day.

Hacker Proof (Almost!)

When not properly installed or configured, WordPress can be susceptible to hacks. While there are many built-in security measures in place, hackers are out there working around the clock to work through holes in the programming. WP Engine is built with security in mind, to help protect you from hacks. While they can’t promise you’ll never be hacked because no security is 100% fool proof, what they can promise is a decreased risk for hack, and incredible support to restore your website to good working order if you ever do experience a hack.

Not convinced you can afford to invest in WP Engine? The good folks there have given us a deal to share with our readers.

Check out WP Engine for your blog today »

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