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When it comes to selecting a hosting provider, geography matters. If you’re in the United Kingdom, or if a significant percentage of your targeted audience is, you might benefit from a UK-based hosting provider with UK-located datacenters and servers.

Tsohost is a UK-based hosting provider that’s been around for over ten years. With that kind of experience and corporate longevity, it’s a company that’s definitely worth a closer look.

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Tsohost Company Profile

Founded by Seb de Lemos in 2003, UK-based Tsohost offers cloud-based and managed hosting, as well as domain name registration. Headquartered in Maidenhead, the company is a part of the Paragon Internet Group, corporate owners of Vidahost and Hostroute.

To date, Tsohost hosts more than 500,000 websites. Smaller than some of its competitors in the low-cost cloud-hosting market, Tsohost introduced its cloud hosting services in 2008, and has focused on cloud solutions ever since.

tsohost review for bloggers

In addition to cloud-based hosting plans, Tsohost also provides domain registration services. You’ll find access to the usual UK-centric domain extensions, such as .co.uk and .ltd.uk, but you’ll also find top-level domains (TLDs) such as .com and .net available through the company as well.

Interestingly, Tsohost’s management team has remained the same since its 2003 origins. The company’s business model and mission-oriented values have likewise remained the same, the company asserts on its website.

Tsohost Plans and Features

Tsohost exclusively offers cloud-based hosting services, with four basic plans built on a standard tiered structure. With the exception of unlimited mailbox accounts (for the top level plan) and unlimited MySQL databases (for the top two plans), Tsohost doesn’t offer unlimited features in its hosting plans.

All plans include free daily backups of site data and databases, SSL support, and anywhere from one to ten free site migrations for new customers.

The hosting plans also offer access to a number of one-click installation scripts for several apps, including WordPress and other popular blogging platforms. Ghost, the open source publishing platform, is also available as a one-click installation for a fee.

Tsohost plans use the company’s proprietary control panel. However, the company also offers cPanel as an alternative for those who are migrating from another cPanel environment and would like to retain the same interface.

Managed hosting packages are available for those who would like Tsohost professionals to handle server and site management tasks. Managed Linux VPS hosting plans save you time and allow you to focus on writing content, building your brand, and growing your business. VPS hosting is probably suited to larger, more resource-intensive sites that require greater than average technical administrative oversight.

Infrastructure and Security

Tsohost employs a number of data centers in a system the company terms “True Cloud Hosting,” since the entire network is consciously designed to avoid relying on any single location. And the company asserts it is continuously investing in additional servers and server locations, to increase the size of the cloud powering its customers’ sites.

By connecting to multiple internet providers with Tsohost’s owned routers, the company claims its clients’ sites and all related services enjoy greater stability. If one or more connections get interrupted for whatever reason, the others should pick up the slack and maintain connectivity for all.

Tsohost also places a premium on physical security, with around-the-clock manned security performing regular on-site inspections and visualization. Biometrics govern access, which is strictly limited to necessary and authorized employees.

Industry-standard firewalls provide security for the network itself. And all servers are backed up for disaster recovery to an off-site location in a physically separate datacenter.

Tsohost Features for Bloggers

Tsohost recognizes the preeminence and ever-increasing popularity of WordPress, especially among bloggers. Tsohost’s WordPress hosting helps you get started with a cloud-based hosting package coupled with simplified WordPress installation and configuration tools.

Best of all, installing WordPress requires no technical knowledge or prior experience at all. After installing the basic core files for WordPress, you can then install a theme and plugins to customize the functionality and look of your site.

WordPress hosting is available in four tiered plans, the top two of which also come with a free domain registration. It comes with a simplified WordPress installation process that takes twenty seconds or so to complete, supported by a number of tutorials and written guides in the company’s support pages.

If you already have a site that’s built on WordPress but hosted by a different provider, Tsohost will migrate it to your new server free of charge and there will be no downtime.

The WordPress plans, just like the basic Tsohost hosting plans, come with free daily backups of your data and databases, as well as FTP access and unlimited subdomains.

Tsohost also offers similar hosting packages for a number of other CMS platforms, including Ghost, Joomla!, and more.

Additionally, Tsohost offers specific Magento and PrestaShop hosting packages for e-commerce sites. These plans are similar in structure and price to the WordPress plan. If you’re looking for something specific to building a site that will support online sales, these plans may be a better fit.

Customer Support

While some hosting companies make effective use of company social media accounts, Tsohost’s sporadically used Twitter account and Facebook page seem to indicate this company isn’t one of those. However, there are a variety of other methods provided by the company for seeking assistance with troubleshooting and questions.

The Tsohost knowledgebase is one of the more complete and well-written ones in the value-priced hosting market. It’s organized into several categories, including a fairly comprehensive “Getting Started” guide that new customers may find a useful place to start.

If you experience any difficulties in creating, launching, or managing your site or Tsohost account, the knowledge base is a good place to start.

If the written resources and a self-help approach don’t solve your problem adequately, the company’s contact page seems to be the first line of inquiry for more individualized assistance through a ticketed system. The company claims that since 2010 it has continuously operated email and ticket-based support, 24/7/365.

You can also take advantage of the website’s live chat tool, although you’ll probably find it more useful for simple service questions.

If you prefer speaking to a live person on the telephone, Tsohost also offers customer service via a toll-free call for UK residents, which is available 7 AM to midnight.

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Tsohost offers a generous 60-day guarantee period. If at any time during those first 60 days you find that Tsohost isn’t the right fit for your needs, you can request and receive a full refund, minus any fees associated with domain registration.

Is Tsohost Right for Bloggers?

If you’re looking for a solid hosting provider with cloud-based provisions and services and a solid track record of over ten years in business, then Tsohost is worth your consideration, especially for UK-based customers.


There are several plans that might fit, each with a significant range of features, but none with unlimited access to major features, such as bandwidth, traffic, or storage. With its focus on cloud-based hosting, Tsohost provides a scalable product that will grow with your blog and brand.

Brenda Barron is a writer from southern California. When not writing about blogging and business, she’s spending time with her family and knitting.