stablehost review for bloggers

StableHost Review: Web Hosting, Tools & Support for Bloggers

No matter what kind of site you run, stability is almost certainly a key component of your ideal hosting package.

After all, if your blog doesn’t stay up and perform well even under the pressure of traffic spikes, that reflects poorly on you and your brand. Your visitors may ultimately decide to go somewhere else — perhaps to your competitor’s site instead.

stablehost review for bloggers

Of course, merely including the word “stable” in your hosting company’s name isn’t necessarily an indication that the service you provide follows suit.

So what’s the bottom line with popular U.S. hosting company StableHost? Is it stable enough for demanding bloggers and site owners? Or should you look elsewhere for your hosting needs?

Let’s take a closer look at the company and its plans.

StableHost: About the Company

With headquarters and offices located in Gilbert, Arizona, StableHost prides itself on standing out in this crowded industry via its strong focus on quality customer service. It employs a small team of around fifteen employees and professes to treat all of its customers like family members.

StableHost review for bloggers

A privately owned limited liability company, StableHost has been in the hosting business since 2009. The company asserts that it reinvests all profit revenue back into itself to improve infrastructure and offer new features.

StableHost seems to primarily target small to mid-sized businesses and bloggers who need enhanced server performance compared to most shared hosting providers’ services and plans.

Basic Hosting Options With StableHost

StableHost offers four types of hosting services:

  • Shared hosting
  • VPS (virtual private server) hosting
  • Enterprise-level hosting
  • Reseller hosting.

For all new hosting customers, StableHost offers a generous 45-day money-back guarantee period. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the services and hosting platform, within 45 days after your initial purchase you can cancel and receive a full refund for any amounts you paid.

Shared Hosting

For shared hosting, StableHost offers a few different hosting plans targeted towards small business and individual customers with lower traffic and storage needs. The majority of bloggers would probably find one of these plans sufficient.

All three plans include unlimited bandwidth and storage, while the premium plans also include unlimited domains. Each plan also provides DDoS protection.

VPS Hosting

VPS hosting is also available for those bloggers who find shared hosting inadequate. Virtual private servers provide greater flexibility and enhanced performance metrics.

StableHost offers tiered VPS plans at various price points. These plans offer enterprise-level hardware — specifically, dual E5-2620 SSD hard drives with 96 GBs of RAM. VPS customers will also enjoy priority support from advanced Level 3 technicians and can even install their own operating systems using KVM virtual machines for no extra cost.

StableHost also offers VPS hosting customers the choice of hosting their sites at datacenters located in Phoenix, Chicago, and Amsterdam.

If you need more than VPS provides, StableHost also offers enterprise-level packages that are more configurable and customizable than other plans and levels. These plans offer greater site speed and resource capacity but probably exceed the requirements of most bloggers.

Specific Features For Bloggers

Bloggers in technology-related niches may be interested in using their hosting provider as an additional source of revenue through tools such as reseller hosting and affiliate programs. StableHost offers available reseller hosting plans at three tiered levels.

You can install WordPress with one simple click.

The nerdy bits:

  • All StableHost reseller hosting plans include high-quality performance-enhanced SSD drives and unlimited bandwidth.
  • LiteSpeed PHP caching is also available to speed up site performance up to nine times faster than other servers.
  • Reseller plans also include cPanel (an online control panel), daily backups, and an online drag-and-drop site builder that makes site creation easy.

The plans are private-labeled, so that your customers see your brand name, not StableHost.

Finally, if you’re already enrolled on a different hosting provider’s reseller plan, StableHost may even be able to help you transfer your existing customers to the StableHost servers.

In addition, StableHost provides a number of content management systems (CMSs) to customers with simple one-click installation. This is offered through Softaculous, which gives you access to a number of apps that are highly popular with bloggers, including WordPress and more. Other apps available through Softaculous include Joomla, Drupal, b2evolution, Serendipity, and more.

StableHost review for bloggers

What Kind of Customer Support Does StableHost Provide?

StableHost offers a handful of ways to find customer support and help, both self-directed and assisted. You may want to start with the published knowledgebase that offers several pages of written help on a variety of account management and technical topics.

A collection of video tutorials is also available on YouTube. These cover a number of topics, including the installation of apps and using FTP clients to configure and set up your website files.

In addition, you may also find peer support from other customers in the StableHost user forums.

While StableHost offers around-the-clock technical support, your level and method of access to that support will depend on the plan and account you select.

Certain premium-level accounts, including the enterprise-level plans, will entitle you to priority assistance ahead of other customers. You’ll also be able to access technical support by telephone; other plans are limited to ticket-based email requests.

Finally, StableHost has a Facebook page and Twitter account, both of which are updated somewhat sporadically. You may find some information and access to customer service here, but responses will probably be limited to general inquiries.

StableHost Network and Uptime

The StableHost network employs solid state drives with 96 GB of RAM and dual E5 CPUs.

In addition, StableHost uses clustered hosting. This is a server and network configuration that aims to reduce the load demands on any single server by reallocating resources among all servers in a cluster in a balanced way.

Clustered hosting also helps reduce the chance that heavy demand on one digital service, such as FTP, will negatively impact another service, such as email.

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StableHost employs clustered hosting among over 100 clustered SSD drives with automatic node failover, IO re-allocation, and load balancing technology.

The company guarantees 99.9% uptime for hosting customers, increased to 99.99% for premium subscribers.

The Bottom Line for Bloggers

Wherever you are on the hosting spectrum — just starting out with a brand new blog or an existing e-commerce brand with hundreds of items and serious traffic — StableHost provides a reliable, scalable product that can grow with your site.

For the vast majority of bloggers, StableHost’s shared and VPS products will probably fit the bill in terms of bandwidth, storage, and other required features.

stablehost review for bloggers

Brenda Barron is a writer from southern California. When not writing about blogging and business, she’s spending time with her family and knitting.