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SingleHop Hosting Review: Customizable & User-Focused for Big Brands

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Last Updated on August 4, 2019

SingleHop offers a dizzying amount of options to suit the needs of large companies that prefer cloud hosting. Individuals or small businesses after a shared hosting environment, turn away. But if you just keep outgrowing your hosts, and need a plan that’s tailored to your online business’ needs, read on.

From Humble Beginnings

SingleHop, LLC actually has some surprising history to share. It began on the complete opposite end of the spectrum, in shared hosting under the name of midPhase. However, as its customers grew, the company watched as they streamed away in droves, seeking out hosts that could handle higher traffic levels.

skiphop hosting review

Dedicated hosting looked like a lucrative business, and midPhase wanted to keep its customers on as they transitioned from small businesses to booming enterprises. Thus, SingleHop was born, a solution for those in need of dedicated and cloud hosting.

midPhase was soon sold to another company. This meant SingleHop could focus solely on growing the company to new heights. And its focus has achieved astounding results.

High-Grade Infrastructure

When it comes to the tech supported by SingleHop, there’s a lot to say. The company has four data centers spread across the US and one in Amsterdam. You can even schedule a tour to see for yourself.

Along with all this comes LEAP, a sort of control panel used to access your account and change your infrastructure at any time. It contains a support center and a report card, where you can redeem service credits should the company fail to maintain its promised 100% uptime.

singlehop hosting review for bloggers

It’s like managing your own data center from the palm of your hands — an innovative idea. The feature list is gigantic, so take a look for yourself if tech is your strong point.

Versatile Cloud Hosting

The number of cloud-related services offered by this host is almost overwhelming. Private cloud, public cloud, managed cloud, virtual private cloud, colocation, dedicated private cloud, and so on. If this is your first venture into cloud hosting, you might come out feeling a bit faint.

But don’t worry! It’s not too hard to understand once you’ve got the hang of it. We’ll break down a few of the most popular options below.

Public Cloud

When you visit most cloud hosting providers, this is the sort of thing you’re getting: a pay-per-hour, fully scalable, and relatively cheap solution. Suitable for small to medium-sized businesses, you get the speed and size of a dedicated server without the hardware hassle.

cloud hosting for bloggers

Much like a VPS server, the physical hardware providing public cloud is shared. This means that however distantly and through many firewalls, you are connected to other users. If breaches are of maximum concern, a private cloud or a dedicated server may be better.

For SingleHop’s public servers, you have a ton of options. It’s as easy as dragging a slider or selecting a drop-down option, and in five minutes or less, you’ll be good to go. And you’ll be protected by the same guarantees as all other plans.

The rest of the company’s servers aren’t exactly the kindest towards small business owners’ wallets, but if you’re making some decent revenue, even a newer startup should be able to afford the cost.

Private Cloud

For very large businesses and websites that need a custom plan, private cloud hosting is the way to go. Management is no longer black and white — you can scale up and down levels of management on certain issues with ease. The infrastructure is tailored to you, and you can install more VMs at no cost.

Specialized Cloud Hosting

Colocation hosting is available, with just one plan. It’s pretty decent, and you can choose between 100GB of cloud storage or a 1TB backup repository. BYOC or “Bring Your Own Computer” is great for those who want to continue using their own assets while still getting the benefit of SingleHop’s cloud hosting.

Reliable Dedicated Servers

Hey, maybe cloud hosting isn’t your thing. It can be pretty confusing with all the options out there. If that’s the case, there’s no need to worry; high-quality dedicated servers are available. They even claim to be online in 60 minutes, which is quite the feat!

The specs are nothing to sneeze at, but if 10 TB of bandwidth across all plans doesn’t sound good, you’re free to create your own custom plan tailored to your business’ needs. Along with this, you’re free to upgrade hardware, change the level of managed services, or tinker with software at any time. Many hosts don’t provide this level of flexibility.

With a maximum focus on security, scalability, and speed, there’s no reason not to go dedicated. You can’t go wrong with Shield protecting you and your servers, and some of the most transparent, user-focused practices in the industry.

Other Utilities

Security is not a concern with this host. All servers are protected by Shield, a collection of services designed to protect you from any threat. A special team of ITs work around the clock to catch issues that the machines can’t.

Paid versions of this plan come with helpful provisions such as DDoS mitigation, which reportedly can allow legitimate users through and block the malicious PCs. There are also multiple SSL certificates and a managed Intrusion Detection System.

If you’re concerned with security, you may wish to buy Shield Plus. However, SingleHop doesn’t deny you the essentials. For most users, there’s no need to worry.

Besides Shield, you can purchase offsite backups, with a free 30-day trial. If something ever goes wrong, you won’t lose everything. And if that’s not enough, there are also two Disaster Recovery plans to choose from, with free encrypted DART seeding to make transfer safe and fast.

Finally, for those who work in critical industries such as health care, there are special plans for HIPAA- and PCI-compliant hosting. No chance of accidentally compromising sensitive data and having to pay a hefty fine.

Service First

SingleHop puts the experience of its customers first. The company is professional yet friendly, quick yet reliable. Its “Service First Support” promises to always maintain that connection. You won’t wait more than one hour for a response, even if it’s just a recognition that your problem is being looked into.

There’s no outsourcing either. You’re always speaking with a SingleHop employee, from a team dedicated to your skiphop customer serviceaccount.

Then there’s the “Bill of Rights.” Most hosts will hide its service credits and such under some all-caps section of the ToS, but this company makes sure you know what your rights are. There’s a clear amount of time provided for actions such as server deployment and ticket wait time.

And no need to get on the phone for hours just to redeem your credit. You click a button and get your money back. Such practices seem revolutionary, but SingleHop humbly insists that their practices not be considered radical. Instead, they should set a norm with a promise to always provide the best service.

Why Shouldn’t You Use SingleHop?

It’s hard to find anything bad to say about this host. Its service is top-notch, as is its dedication to customers and high-quality servers. But SingleHop isn’t perfect for everyone, it’s true, and there are a few reasons you may have to look elsewhere.

Not Suitable for Individuals

This isn’t necessarily a downside, just a fact. For small businesses and individuals, this is obviously not the right choice. Even public cloud servers are a bit much for most start-ups, so unless you’re running something really intensive, you may want to look for shared hosting instead.

However, its previous venture, midPhase, is still up and kicking. Perhaps that will make a suitable replacement until you’re ready for cloud computing? Just remember that it’s no longer run by SingleHop to our knowledge.

Consultation Required

Except for public cloud hosting, though it’s strongly encouraged anyway. It’s clear SingleHop is happy to help. But you’ll need to book a consultation, and in high-traffic periods, it could be several days before you can have your server setup.

Just a Bit Pricey

When you get down to it, even public cloud hosting can come out to be pretty costly. Especially once you tack on all the extra optional fees — full or general (flexible) management, Shield Plus, and so on. This is the cost of such great specs, but it’s worth pointing out.

Why Host With SingleHop?

Now, this is the easy part! There are a lot of nice things to say about this company and its services. Everything about its site screams quality, innovation, and professionalism unrivaled in the hosting industry.


Who doesn’t love a company that’s transparent and provides tons of features for its customers? Such integrity is a great thing for a business to display. From the “Bill of Rights” crafted to be sure you get the fastest service possible, to the endless options you’re given for your host, it’s wonderful to see how much SingleHop genuinely cares.

And it never feels absent or understaffed thanks to one-hour ticket response times and a two-hour update time.

Quality Hardware

The infrastructure is amazing, and the software even more so. Non-techies might not get too excited about 13,000 GB of bandwidth, or online business veterans might consider that par for the course, but a number like that for most is thrilling! Average businesses might not see that much data flow through its site in its entire lifetime.

And the presentation of it all is quite nice and easy to read. Even those with a minimal understanding of cloud computing shouldn’t have much trouble deciding which server is right for their business.

A Variety of Options

As has been said before, there are a ton of plans to choose from, each one scalable and tailored to you. Whether you need a dedicated server for a massive business, HIPAA-compliant hosting for your medical records, or public cloud hosting for any size website, you’re covered.

And with monthly and hourly fees rather than years-long contracts, you’re free to scale up and down, or switch to a new plan entirely, at any time.

Freedom in web hosting is somewhat rare, even if you get the ever-versatile cloud host. However, this company ensures that you’ll never have that issue, nor will you be locked into a plan that over- or under-covers your needs.

Top-Class Cloud Hosting for Enterprises

Once you outgrow VPS hosting, it can be hard to find hosts tailored to a large business’ needs. Companies that need a fully scalable, high-quality, cloud-based solution should definitely consider SingleHop.

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This company checks off everything on the must-have list: great software, amazing hardware, and responsive customer support. All this for a fair price. A great presentation often means a great host, and this company certainly doesn’t skimp.

Overall, this is a solid host and a great choice for larger companies who need a versatile solution for their growing businesses.

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