PowWeb Review: A Simple + Reliable Service. But Can It Scale Up? We Find Out

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Last Updated on April 13, 2020

Founded in 1999, PowWeb is a great solution for the blogger looking for a reliable and simple hosting solution. And that’s ultimately what this boils down to: simplicity.

If you’re just starting out and don’t want to worry about the technical details of getting your blog up and running, then might be exactly what you need. Not only does it only offer one low-cost web hosting plan, but it also runs its network using its own equipment as well as its own proprietary software.

The 30-day money-back guarantee makes this such a low-risk commitment, you may just want to start here. But there are other considerations that come into play when considering a web host. So, let’s take a closer look at PowWeb.


PowWeb’s Hosting Plan

There are a number of reasons why PowWeb’s hosting stands out. For one, there is only one hosting plan, so there is no research to do or choices to make. That alone will streamline your decision-making process.


  • The price is low, even for shared hosting
  • It comes with unlimited disk space
  • Bandwidth is scalable based on your needs
  • Every hosting plan includes a free domain name
  • Integrated apps allow for easy CMS setup (like WordPress or Drupal)

This plan also comes with automated site backups and restoration as well as developer tools if you want to delve more into the technical side of your website.

Other notable features are below.

pacifichost for bloggers

Site Builder

PowWeb includes an easy-to-use site builder tool to help bloggers get a site up and running in no time, with no need to hire an expensive web designer or pay for a premium design theme. The site builder includes a variety of pre-built page layouts, over 100 design templates, as well as various color schemes. It also comes with a sitemap generator so you don’t manually have to submit your site to the search engines.


Every website owner needs access to their web property’s statistics — not only how your traffic is performing on the front end, but also how your website is performing on the back end. PowWeb includes a variety of analytics tools to help you keep track of all that data.


If you want to create branded email addresses to match your new domain name, PowWeb includes unlimited email addresses in its hosting plan.

PowWeb E-Commerce

The osCommerce script is available for launching an online store. This type of e-commerce app allows bloggers to make money outside of affiliate links and advertisements. For example, you might write an e-book about camping in the Midwest. You also might have some funny or inspirational shirt designs about camping you’d like to sell. Either way, with an online store, you can sell these items direct to your customers.

Along with the ShopSite starter shopping cart, a shared SSL certificate, and PayPal integration, PowWeb has the blogger’s e-commerce needs covered.

Image Galleries

PowWeb offers a free app called Gallery 2. Both bloggers and small business owners will appreciate this app because of its ease of use. You can quickly get your images online without having to install an extra plugin. It helps with making a photo gallery of services or products, or you could even put together a beautiful portfolio of your creative work, an event, or a personal trip. Regardless of how you use it, the Gallery 2 app requires no technical knowledge to use.


The phpBB app is for integrating a discussion forum into your website. This is common for bloggers who want to build a community of readers around the blog.

PowWeb Digital Marketing

Once your site is up and running, don’t forget to take a look back at the marketing add-ons that PowWeb includes with their hosting plan. There are a few freebies, like Google AdWords and Bing credits. PowWeb also offers a free toll-free number to customers.

If you want additional assistance in building and marketing your site, PowWeb has a separate marketing arm that can assist with that. This is a premium service, however, and likely not a popular one as you won’t be able to find information about it in the main navigation of the PowWeb website. Our suggestion is to take advantage of the free stuff you get from PowWeb. Let your future marketing needs (when you’re ready to scale) determine whether the upgrades are worth it later.

The Technology Difference

There are some hosting companies that outsource the network and infrastructure to other companies to handle. Not so with PowWeb. Let’s take a look at the sort of performance you can expect.

According to the PowWeb website, the company has taken great pains to create a system that is solidly reliable:

“We develop our own custom Web hosting software and automation tailored directly to our customers’ needs. Our entire infrastructure was built and developed in-house by our programmers and developers to cater to our satisfied customers. We manage, own and operate our entire network and all of our equipment.”

PowWeb’s equipment is top-of-the-line with:

  • A Tier 1 datacenter
  • Gigabit fiber optic technology
  • Redundant routers and load-balancing switches
  • RAID4 storage clusters
  • Reliable technology from Dell, Cisco, and NetApp

That is not something you will see with most web hosting companies, so if your goal is to find hosting that is cheap and yet still reliable, this may be it.

Another thing you should be aware of is the load-balanced servers used to power PowWeb’s hosting. These servers deliver almost zero downtime compared to other options on the market (basically, if one server goes down, your site would be shifted to another server and your visitors would experience virtually no downtime). It’s also nice to hear that PowWeb has real staff monitoring its servers at all times.

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PowWeb: The Perfect Blogging Host?

As a blogger, you’ll need a cost-effective hosting plan, an intuitive platform, and a reliable system that allows you to focus on creating content. Luckily enough, PowWeb can help you with each of those things.

In addition, PowWeb offers customers a fairly robust support system where you can contact the company through email or phone 24/7. There’s also a large knowledgebase if you’d like to learn how to do things yourself.

PowWeb also boasts one of the largest communities on the internet. This includes a thriving forum section for users to communicate with each other and bounce around questions. Topics include analytics, products, HTML, CSS, and domain names. All of the moderators and users respond with intelligent answers, so you’re able to either browse the forum to solve your problem or ask a question that may be new to the community.

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Overall, there’s not a lot to find wrong with PowWeb. While it might not be the ideal solution for an e-commerce website, it should do the trick for bloggers. It’s easy to get started, inexpensive, and the decision-making process is painless. Plus, the 30-day money-back guarantee means you don’t have to worry about getting locked into the plan if it ends up not being right for you.

Brenda Barron is a writer from southern California. When not writing about blogging and business, she’s spending time with her family and knitting.