Screenshot Review – Is It Worth It?

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Last Updated on April 3, 2019 is a managed WordPress host that first began in 2006, but relaunched in 2009. As a managed WordPress hosting solution, is definitely a much better provider than shared hosting. What follows is my recommendation based on general information and my experience with during our managed WordPress hosting speed test case study.

What Does Well

As I said above, if you have having issues with your host being slow or your host not being able to keep up… Then is a great solution.

With you can expect automatic core updates, increased security, amazing speed, and better than average customer support. also does automatic backups which can be a lifesaver if your site gets hacked, or you accidentally nuke your website. I’ve done that before… Screenshot also has the advantage of having several top-notch clients such as Vonage, Texas A&M, New Relic, and others. is definitely doing something right. We can back this up as our websites also saw speed increase to about 4 seconds per page load on average and did not have any security issues. also backed up their service with super quick customer support. I usually received responses to my support requests within about 20-30 minutes, which is perfectly fine with me. Although, one time they did seem to get a bit short with me.

Where falls Short Not Hacker Proof

I have to agree that has great security. They run their infrastructure on Firehost, which is arguably the best when it comes to secure cloud hosting.

That being said, I would like to see offer some sort of guarantee about the security of their website. This could be something similar to WP Engine’s guarantee that they will un-hack your website for free, or it could simply be a slight discount when there is downtime.

Joshua Strebel has already responded to this suggestion on managed WordPress hosting compared.

One other thing that truly irritated me was that I had to pay $5 to get FTP access. Why would I want to pay $5 extra for FTP when I’m already paying for top of the line hosting? When I asked on twitter why they do this, they responded with “to save inexperienced users from themselves.” This irks me, and is one of the reasons that I would not personally recommend as a managed WordPress host.

Bottom Line is a good choice for a web host, especially if you are currently on a shared host and having issues. You will definitely notice your website is faster and better customer support than most hosts. I would like to see them add some kind of security guarantee and change the $5 FTP fee. If those are minor inconveniences for you, then go ahead and give a try.

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