pacific host review for bloggers

PacificHost Review: Simple, Reliable, Built to Grow with You

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Last Updated on August 3, 2019

Simple, reliable, and knowledgeable. These qualities are all desirable in a host, especially if you plan on working with a CMS like WordPress that requires extra setup. And finding a host that caters to your specific needs is essential if you need help launching your blog.

In these cases, an established company like PacificHost might be precisely what you’re looking for. Many hosting companies established two decades ago no longer prioritize small startups, freelancers, and bloggers and instead focus on corporate and enterprise-level plans. But not this host.

PacificHost offers features to help these target groups succeed. When it’s time to upgrade, the company’s plans grow with you.

pacific host review for bloggers

Two Shared Plans

Big or small, there’s a plan to suit your website here. For shared hosting, choose from one of two plans. The first is the typical web hosting environment, complete with all the standard features like cPanel and Softaculous and a few extras as well as free backups and Cloudflare.

The second type of hosting places your blog on more a powerful system and a less crowded server, making for a smoother (and faster) user experience.

These plans come with similar features to standard shared servers, with a few notable additions. You get a free domain name, dedicated IP, and SSL certificate. Softaculous is still included along with Cloudflare. However, there are some bandwidth caps, so bandwidth-intensive websites may prefer the VPS servers’ unmetered and more powerful hosting.

Besides that small issue, PacificHost’s shared servers seem to be mostly without fault. The general pricing model is problematic, however. To start, the advertised prices seem cheap, but they represent a 32-month locked contract.

Agreeing to stay with a new-to-you company for several years isn’t ideal, but if you opt for a shorter contractual term, you’ll have to pay higher prices. Although not unusual in the hosting world, it is unfortunate.

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The cheapest shared hosting plan has you locked in for a minimum of six months. Every other plan offers month-to-month contracts, but again, at a higher than the advertised price. So, unless you pay for a more expensive plan you don’t necessarily need, you’re stuck.

The 45-day money back guarantee alleviates some of these concerns, but it’s understandable if you’re wary. Still, PacificHost presents no other drawbacks and this isn’t an unusual situation.

VPS/Dedicated Hosting With WordPress

Should you need more power, managed VPS and dedicated servers are both great options. Those who are not knowledgeable about hosting will appreciate that the technical aspects are managed for you. If you run an interactive blog that features a forum, mini-games, or video streaming, one of these plans should be perfect for you.

There are better prices out there, so if all you care about is getting the cheapest deal, you may wish to go elsewhere. However, there are a few features many others don’t offer. Softaculous isn’t often included in dedicated server packages, which makes installing WordPress on your own a hassle. But here, it’s a cheap add-on for both dedicated and VPS hosting.

If you need better server hardware, you can choose from a variety of other add-ons: extra RAM, a faster network, and so forth. While dedicated hosting has some generous bandwidth limits, VPS is unmetered. Dedicated servers also have the option of an unmanaged Windows server, or a few different control panels, so you can build your host exactly as you need it.

Making Life Easy for New Bloggers

PacificHost offers multiple features that can help users with little or no experience get started. Of course, a bit of technical expertise goes a long way, and proficiency in WordPress or Joomla will certainly help. But even if you have no idea where to begin, the free, quick setup will get you started fast.

Softaculous is always great to have, as it contains WordPress and several scripts perfect for new websites. Small e-commerce shops, social media apps, and powerful content management systems dominate. Just click once to install and you’re done, and you might even find some other apps you’re interested in while browsing. If you use an app or CMS that’s less common, you can still request help from PacificHost to get it installed for free.

If you already have a website, you won’t have to leave your beloved blog behind. Accounts, scripts, and databases are all transferred for free, with no stipulations hidden in the terms of service.

PacificHost does have its own blog, but it hasn’t been updated in several years. The Support Hub is current, however, and highlights the latest system updates, provides access to a knowledge base and video tutorials, and allows you to submit a ticket for help resolving specific issues. PacificHost tweets regularly about the latest hosting industry news on Twitter. Finally, 24/7 support means any issues can be swiftly resolved via live chat and phone.

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Simple But Effective Hosting

If money is a concern, PacificHost isn’t the perfect choice. The plans are affordable, but just barely, especially taking into account the higher price of choosing a shorter contract. This is certainly not budget hosting. But if you’re making decent money and want the reliability of an established company, combined with the simplicity of a host made for startups, this is a solid choice.

While this host may not be the fastest, cheapest, or most powerful, a majority of small sites will find a decent hosting home here. Whether it’s a good fit for your blog will depend on your answer to this question: does a stable company with support for a variety of CMSs sound appealing? If so, PacificHost will serve you well.

Brenda Barron is a writer from southern California. When not writing about blogging and business, she’s spending time with her family and knitting.