one-com review Review: Cheap Price But Is It Good Enough To Meet Your Blogging Needs?

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Last Updated on September 10, 2019

If you’re looking for budget-friendly blog hosting, you’ve probably stumbled upon

This company has a lot to offer, especially to those who are seeking entry-level hosting for their blogs and would like some bargain-priced marketing help.

There are other hosts that offer “one-stop shopping” — domain names, hosting, websites, and marketing combined. So, is is right for you?

Read on to find out.

About‘s web hosting caters to individuals and small businesses. Launched in 2002, the company now hosts websites for over 1.5 million customers in approximately 150 countries.

one-com homepage’s Hosting Plans

You can select either basic “shared hosting” packages or WordPress-optimized hosting

Shared Hosting’s basic hosting plans are ideal for bloggers and small businesses. Despite their low prices, these plans can handle highly complex websites. offers two different hosting plans from which you can choose. They differ in performance (which can impact speed), number of databases, and storage.

Starter Plan

The entry-level Starter option comes with 512 MB RAM, 1 CPU core, and 25 GB of solid-state (SSD) storage. (SSDs are superior to hard disk drives because they are faster and more reliable.)

You can support a single website, and you have access to one database for your files.

Professional Plus Plan

If that’s not enough, the Professional Plus option is available. It comes with 200 GB of solid-state (SSD) storage, 2 GB RAM, and 4 CPU cores.

You can support multiple websites, and you have access to an unlimited number of databases for your files. You’ll also get SSH access to your website, as well as backup and restoration features.

What Both Plans Include

The following features come with both the Starter and Professional Plus plans.

Unlimited Bandwidth

Both plans (Starter and Professional Plus) include unlimited bandwidth. This means you’ll always be prepared for visitor spikes when you publish a post that becomes popular.

PHP and FTP/SFTP Access

Our readers who are tech savvy will be interested in these features. There’s support for the PHP programming language — the backbone of WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and many other popular content management systems.

Every so often a new version of PHP comes out and will update its servers to use the new version. This is good because the most recent version will have the optimal support for speed and security of your website.

Geeks will also want to know that you get FTP/SFTP access so you can transfer files to your site securely.

SSL Certificate

You will also get an SSL certificate, which proves your site’s legitimacy and secures communication between you and your visitors. SSL stands for “Secure Sockets Layer” and refers to a technology and protocol that encrypts your data.

This security technology is now considered a best practice for all websites — even those that don’t accept credit cards.

Video: What is SSL? Find out with this explainer video from DigiCert. 

Email: Unlimited Accounts, Anti-Spam Filters, and More also gives you unlimited email accounts so you can send professional business emails (based on your domain name) to your subscribers.

Email keeps people engaged and ensures everyone is notified when you post. In addition to email accounts, you get an address book to hold your collected emails, a calendar for business scheduling, virus and anti-spam filters, and mobile sync.

Email packages can also be purchased separately on a monthly basis from if you choose to host elsewhere. Their easy-to-use app lets you access your email from any device or browser.

Google Ads Voucher

An additional bonus included in their plans is a Google Ads voucher. (Google AdWords is now called Google Ads.)

This lets you engage in targeted marketing which can improve your visibility in search engines and increase website traffic.

what are google ads
What are Google ads? They’re ads that appear on Google in response to a search term. In this example, we searched for “ice skates.” Google displays advertisements at the top the page of many searches and sometimes at the bottom as well. Google Ads (upper-case “A”) is a service that enables you to create and run your own ads on Google.

Visit – 15-day money-back guarantee

WordPress-Optimized Plans focuses on keeping things simple and user-friendly. That’s why they offer special WordPress hosting plans.

You can get WordPress up and running in minutes so you can start publishing immediately. This is done via what’s called “one-click installs.” As the term suggests, you click on a button, and you’ve got a WordPress site.

Choose From 3 Plans offers three different WordPress plans from which you can choose. By “performance” we mean speed and storage.

  • Plus: Provides performance level suited for personal websites
  • Business: Provides increased performance and SiteLock malware scanner
  • Premium: Includes everything in “Business” plus a “search engine optimizer”

Many who are just getting started will do fine with the Plus plan, but those who are growing or are running established blogs might want to consider purchasing the Business or Premium plans. In short, the more resource-intensive your blog, the more your blog needs.

What’s the “Search Engine Optimizer”?

Regarding the Premium plan, you may be wondering what’s “search engine optimizer” is. It’s actually a service called MarketGoo, which is designed to be easy to use whether you’re on WordPress or another CMS.

You can sign up for the “search engine optimizer” from your control panel. There is a modest fee involved.

Video: This promo from MarketGoo provides a short overview of how this SEO tool works.

Performance Details

Now here’s a look at the technical details pertaining to performance (disk space, processing, and RAM — or “random access memory.”)  Note: All of the WordPress plans come with unlimited bandwidth to keep your website running smoothly and caching, which improves performance and page load speeds for your users.

PlusBusiness & Premium
200 GB SSD Storage500 GB SSD Storage

More WordPress Hosting Features

They also provide backups that you can restore to at any time should something happen to your website. Higher-level WordPress plans include SiteLock Find, a malware scanner to keep your site safe from attacks.

For security, all WordPress plans come with SSL certificates which encrypt all data sent by visitors to your website. Your visitors will be able to enter information, such as emails, passwords, or credit cards, knowing that it will stay secure.

Other features included in the WordPress plans include a staging environment, which enables you to clone your site in order to test changes out on it. Once you settle on the changes you want, you can click a button and the changes will go live.

Is This “Managed” WordPress Hosting?’s WordPress plans are not managed plans. Managed plans are those where the web hosting provider takes on an additional number of the site administration tasks you would otherwise be responsible for. Managed WordPress hosting platforms also tend to be tweaked for superior performance.

If you are interested in a managed WordPress plan, consider Flywheel, Kinsta, or WP Engine. Do note that managed hosting plans tend to be much more expensive than unmanaged ones.

More Features

Here are some features that are available on both shared and the WordPress-specific hosting.

Control Panel bundles cPanel (a popular brand of control panel) with its hosting packages. This is the industry-standard offering.

With cPanel, you can do things like track your website’s resource usage, manage your email accounts, view your hosting bills, and so on.

It is essentially a one-stop shop for managing everything related to your web hosting environment. And it’s easy to use.

one-com control panel
Here’s a view of our account interface. It’s simple and easy to navigate. These are just a few of the options you’ll find there. 

Website Builder

For those of you that want to try out another way to design your website other than WordPress, you can use’s included site builder with any shared hosting plan. The free plan lets you design websites with up to 5 pages.

This builder lets you create a website without coding. Instead, you use a drag-and-drop tool so you can easily design it exactly how you want. The site builder also comes with over 75 pre-built templates to choose from.

Video: Get an overview of‘s website builder. 

All websites built through are fully responsive so they perform well on any device.

They also come with:

  • Social media sharing features
  • Contact forms
  • Photo editing
  • Site statistics
  • One Photo, an app that lets you back up your photos and videos easily and securely.

If you aren’t purchasing a hosting plan with the company, you can still use their builder for a small monthly price.

As a blogger, you probably want to review your site statistics so you know where your visitors are coming from and how long they spend on your website. You can view these in graphic form or in a table for optimal comprehension. This can help you determine where you are getting the most of your visitors from and the kinds of posts that get the most views.

WordPress vs. Website Builder

You can build your website using both WordPress and’s website builder. However, which one is better?

As always, the answer depends on your needs.

Use WordPress to build your website if you:

  • Want all the bells and whistles for managing a blog
  • Want the ability to customize as much as you want — the WordPress ecosystem offers an extremely large number of themes (to change the look of your site) and plugins (to change the functionality on your site)
  • Are comfortable using a more complex product — WordPress is fairly simple to use, but there is a lot going on with this content management system (CMS), so you have to be prepared for some trial-and-error

Use’s Website Builder to build your website if you:

  • Want to design your site using a drag-and-drop editor
  • Want to use something fairly simple
  • Do not see yourself creating a complex blog — you just want to write posts and offer your readers the ability to comment

E-Commerce Functionality offers plans to enable you to set up an e-commerce store. You have two options if you want to go this route. The first is using their website builder. This plan includes:

  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Site optimized for mobile
  • Backups and restore
  • Email accounts
  • Google AdWords voucher.

Your other option is to build your website with WordPress. In addition to the inclusions you get with the website builder, the WordPress web shop plan gives you more domains, more storage, SSH and FTP access, unlimited products, and an SSL certificate.

Step-by-step instructions and tools for integrating an online store into your current blog, or building a store outright, are included in your plan.

Their webshop plans include functionality to let you accept credit cards and payments via PayPal.

Local SEO

Local SEO is a set of practices that are critical to brick and mortar businesses. If you’re a blogger who is using blogging as a content marketing strategy for a brick and mortar business, know that it’s critical make sure that your business is listed in navigation and map services (like TomTom and Apple Maps), as well as business directories.

You’ll need to ensure that your “NAP” (name, address, phone number) is consistently portrayed in all locations, without error.

From your control panel, you can select a third-party service called Uberall that simplifies this local SEO work. There is a modest monthly fee involved.

Video: Business listings — done right — are critical to your brick and mortar success. Find out more about‘s “Uberall” service, available from your dashboard.

Visit – 15-day money-back guarantee

Features for Developers gives you access to FTP and even provides you with a file manager so you don’t need any additional programs to transfer files.

MariaDB and MySQL

For advanced users who want to code their own websites, gives you the MariaDB (MySQL) database with PHP 7. This allows coders to create advanced dynamic websites. Dynamic websites include features that are attractive and engaging to visitors.

DNS Management also provides DNS management so you can have control over your own domains and email settings. This can be useful if you want to forward variants of a domain to the same content.

Uptime and Downtime

Uptime, or the amount of time your blog is available over a given period, is crucial (after all, you are paying to ensure that your site is accessible to your readers at all times). publishes its server statuses, which you can check if you ever see performance-related issues.

Like many other budget web hosting providers, does not offer a service level agreement where they promise to maintain a certain uptime (and if not, you would be compensated financially).

Responsive Customer Support prides themselves on their customer support that has little or no waiting time. Support via Live Chat is available 24/7, with people always ready to answer your questions.

This means you don’t have to keep worrying about your problem, waiting for businesses hours to contact support. You can use their chat while browsing plans if you need help picking out the one that’s right for you.

Check out hosting »

You can also contact them via email which they will respond to within 24 hours. Support is provided in multiple languages since has customers across the globe. doesn’t use phone support.

They find that instant chat is more efficient, and keeps it accessible to all of their customers who have an internet connection.

For WordPress users: offers WordPress specific plans, but the company does not advertise that their support teams have WordPress-specific expertise. Other hosts do, so if this is a concern, consider looking elsewhere.

Is Right For You?

There are a lot of factors that go into choosing the best web hosting provider for you, but here is a general guidance table for your reference:

Type of a Good Option?
BeginnerYes. The packages are all-inclusive and budget-friendly.
Established/SuccessfulNo. Consider a host which offers greater performance and effortless scaling (for when you have traffic spikes).
BusinessBusiness It depends. If you are just getting started, can meet your needs. Otherwise, seek premium hosting.


Here are some common Q&As on Have another question? Leave it in the comments below and we’ll research it for you.

What are some good alternatives to

Some of the web hosts we think are similar to are (in no particular order):

GoDaddy and Bluehost both offer domain names, in addition to marketing, SEO, and site builder tools. Of these two, GoDaddy has the most comprehensive offering of non-hosting tools. But you may not need all of those.

Does offer VPS, dedicated, or cloud hosting?

Currently, does not offer cloud, VPS, or dedicated hosting services. This type of hosting is essential once your blog is sufficiently large or heavily trafficked — nevertheless, if this is what you are looking for, you will need to go elsewhere. logo

Try – 14-day money-back guarantee » Conclusion is an option for any small business and individual looking for budget hosting plan. Businesses that require higher security and performance may want to look elsewhere. But, is perfect for bloggers.

With the added 15-day money-back guarantee, you can try them out risk-free for two weeks. With so much to offer bloggers and easy set-ups to get you started, you can have a beautiful blog up and running the same day without any advanced technical knowledge.

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