Media Temple Hosting: A Solid Plan for Every WordPress Blogger

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Last Updated on August 3, 2019

Media Temple has hosting options for individuals and big businesses alike, and they don’t prioritize one group over the other. They offer plans for WordPress users, although their pricing is higher than their competitors’. With their WordPress plan, you don’t have to know anything about hosting to get started. If all you want to do is blog, then this may be your match.

If you’re looking to move your website to a new provider, realize that Media Temple will charge a fee for this. You can find hosting companies that will make the switch for you for free.


Optimized Hosting Plans for WordPress Users

Media Temple offers you a managed WordPress hosting plan. This plan is on the expensive side when compared to competitors’ offerings. However, the term “managed” explains the elevated price. It means you don’t have to handle system administration or server management yourself.

Forget about updates, backups, and optimizing for WordPress. Media Temple takes care of updates to WordPress security as well as for PHP and MySQL. They also backup your website which allows you to restore your site up to 30 days previous. They don’t, however, perform automatic updates to WordPress plug-ins and themes.

Their WordPress plans give you enough storage space for starting out, and their limits on visitors are well beyond what you’ll need for now. Plus, the storage is entirely SSD which lets your sites run at high speed. You also get unlimited data transfer, meaning you don’t have to worry about bandwidth overage fees if you get a spike in site visitors. These plans don’t include domains, so expect to pay extra for registration.

Media Temple offers a “WordPress Easy Mode” which enables you to get started blogging quickly. This generates recommendations for your website using stock photography and pre-existing themes. It could be useful if you don’t want to deal with customizing a theme and adding your own design elements.

Tools that Developers Will Love

The plan also includes two staging environments for each site. This is a sandbox area where you can test content and design before applying your changes your live site.

You can access SSH easily which lets you use Git version control with your WordPress site. In addition, you have WP-CLI access that lets you perform WordPress administration from the command line. Media Temple also gives you phpMyAdmin access that enables you to work with the MySQL database management system.

These features give developers complete control over the hosting environment. For less advanced users, Media Temple’s custom control panel makes it easy to manage your server admin. They have designed this so it’s user-friendly and simple to navigate.

Other Shared Hosting Plans

Media Temple also offers other shared hosting plans that are compatible with WordPress. These come in three pricing options depending on the amount of space, bandwidth, and databases you need. These plans include one-click installs of applications like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and options for e-commerce.

With scalable bandwidth, these plans give your website more power when you have a significant increase in web traffic. The scaling happens automatically, so you don’t have to constantly monitor your traffic and adjust performance yourself.

Higher priced options give you more power with a global content delivery network (CDN), advanced security, and a MySQL container. These plans include TrueSpeed CDN from SiteLock which makes your sites load faster for people all over the world. They also come with SiteLock’s SMART technology, giving you daily malware scans and cleaning malicious code. You also get SiteLock’s firewall for added security.

VPS Plans for Optimal Reliability and Security

For higher performance options, Media Temple’s VPS can offer you more power. They guarantee 99.99% uptime and highly reliable SSD servers. You have the option of self-managed hosting using the Linux command line. This is for more advanced users who have knowledge in this area. It gives you full root access and instant scaling. For a higher price, they offer managed VPS which comes with a choice of two control panels: Plesk or cPanel.

Optional Add-ons

Security is an important aspect of any website. Your visitors trust you to take care of their information. You also want your own personal information protected. With Media Temple’s managed WordPress hosting, you are provided with malware detection and removal on your websites courtesy of SiteLock’s SMART tool. If discovered malware requires the pros at Media Temple to remove it then you may be charged additional fees.

Are you looking for e-commerce functionality? Media Temple has plans that include SSL certificates to give your customers security and peace of mind when entering credit card information on your site. SSL certificates give you a minor Google ranking boost as well. If you don’t get a plan that includes SSL then you can purchase them from Media Temple at an additional cost.

You can also purchase domain names from them for the typical yearly price. Some of their plans come with included domain registration, but the WordPress plan is not one of them.

Again, some of Media Temple’s plans include a content delivery network (CDN). If your plan of choice doesn’t, you can purchase it separately. Media Temple uses TrueSpeed CDN which caches and delivers content to users based on their geographic location. This optimizes the speed at which your web pages load for people all over the world.

Impressive Datacenters

Media Temple has been around since 1998. They currently host over 1.5 million websites for 100,000 people in over 100 countries. Media Temple proudly owns two datacenters, one in Virginia and one in California. These centers house modern infrastructure.

Multiple redundant power systems, backup generators, and fire suppression protect servers from natural disasters, hardware malfunctions, and power outages. Both of their centers are certified Tier 3+ which allows them to guarantee 99.99 percent uptime for your websites. They back their guarantee with hefty monthly discounts if they ever fall short and your website experiences downtime.

Customer Support Team Accessible 24/7

One of Media Temple’s top priorities is customer support. They have 24/7 support lines where you can talk to support teams in the US. You can also reach them via instant chat, Twitter, phone, or by support request ticket. A full 90% of their staff are dedicated to customer support.

You can also visit a resource page where the company posts articles that will answer a lot of your questions. There is also an organized online community where you can find even more self-help articles and videos.

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Is Media Temple Web Hosting Right for You?

Too many companies that try to offer ‘something for everyone’ end up stretching themselves too thin and offering everyone a sub-par product. But Media Temple has a good handle on web solutions for everyone from personal bloggers to large businesses.

With optimized WordPress hosting that offers easy one-click installs and handles server management for you; Media Temple might be the perfect option for your blog hosting. Their unlimited award-winning support will serve you well — that is if you’re willing to pay higher prices for all this care.

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