knownhost hosting review for bloggers

KnownHost Review: Techie Hosting for Big Growth Blogs

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Last Updated on August 3, 2019

KnownHost offers a variety of web hosting options for everyone from small-time bloggers to big businesses. Sometimes this breadth means companies spread themselves thin in some areas. KnownHost seems to focus on bigger hosting needs, such as VPS and dedicated servers while their WordPress plan is somewhat lacking.

KnownHost’s homepage immediately presents you with an abundance of information. Digging deeper, you will find that the hosting provider is geared towards people with technical knowledge. For those new to hosting, getting started might present you with some difficulties.

knownhost hosting review for bloggers

Who Is KnownHost?

Since its launch in 2005, the company now operates four data centers in the US and Europe. Their colocation datacenters make up a diverse network of providers that you can choose from. The specifics of each center are provided in high detail on their website.

These shared locations are all equipped with high security and disaster-proofing. Those with tech knowledge will appreciate that their servers are Dual Hex-Core Xeons using RAID 10 storage arrays.

WordPress Hosting for Bloggers

KnownHost has two specific WordPress hosting plans, both at decent price points. Although not as cheap as some competitors, KnownHost’s blogging plans have very few limits and some basic security and developer-access perks.

If you already have a website and are looking to transfer it, KnownHost offers free migration between control panels cPanel, Direct Admin, and Plesk. But transferring from a provider who uses other control panels will require a fee. (KnownHost offers you a choice of cPanel or DirectAdmin.)

You also get access to their custom-built WordPress control panel that lets you control administrative tasks easily.


KnownHost’s WordPress plan doesn’t involve one-click installations of WordPress. This makes it more difficult for someone unfamiliar with the technical jargon to get things started. KnownHost does have a written guide on their wiki page with steps to install WordPress. However, this guide will be confusing to understand if you don’t have any technical knowledge. If you don’t have a developer to help you out and are uncomfortable facing it yourself, then you might want to look elsewhere. Plenty of other web hosting companies offer easy one-click installs of applications like WordPress.

KnownHost’s WordPress servers use specific technologies such as WP-CLI, BitNinja, and Lightspeed’s LSCache, which allow WordPress sites to load quickly and operate well. Aside from WordPress installation, nothing else you will need to do requires technical knowledge. KnownHost takes care of all updates to your site, servers, and PHP versions. They will also automatically update your WordPress application, themes, and plug-ins.

KnownHost gives you two plan options. The first and cheapest gives you more than enough storage and allotted visitors per month for any small blog. They include unlimited email accounts which are rare for a small, budget plan like this. Email accounts let you create emails with your domain name, such as [email protected], which you can use to email people on your email list about updates and new blog posts.

KnownHost’s plans also give you unlimited bandwidth so you can handle the performance demands of visitor spikes if one of your posts goes viral.

VPS Hosting Packages

You can also easily upgrade to a Virtual Private Server (VPS) or larger hosting package if you experience higher volumes of site visitors. In fact, KnownHost seems to focus their resources on providing great VPS plans. Their VPS, both standard, and SSD-powered, offer a solid 99.996% uptime. These VPS options would be a good choice for bigger blogs and websites that need more power and performance.

Features for Advanced Users

For more advanced users, KnownHost gives you access to WP-CLI, Git, and SSH/SFTP. If you’re just a WordPress beginner then you don’t need to concern yourself with this. These are important because they allow your developers to manage a remote machine and execute commands. In addition, SFTP allows for secure file transfer between remote systems.

Back-ups & Security

While those new to blogging needn’t concern themselves with technical details, you should find out about how your hosting plan handles backups and security. Redundant backups are important to ensure that you don’t lose precious data if server hardware fails. KnownHost backs up your site every day for free and stores these backups in a separate location from the server. These backups are held for three days so you can quickly roll back in the event of a crash.

KnownHost employs the BitNinja system which analyzes your site for vulnerabilities, fixes these, and blocks attacks. This security comes free with your WordPress plan.

KnownHost’s security includes DDoS protection which protects you from bandwidth-intensive attacks that attempt to shut down targeted sites by overwhelming them with fake traffic.

If you want to implement firewalls, you’ll need a developer’s assistance. KnownHost doesn’t offer SSL certificates, but these are easily, and cheaply, obtained elsewhere.

KnownHost plans come with free dedicated IP addresses which supports a private SSL certificate. If you’re planning to implement e-commerce into your website, this is a must-have.

Pricing & Guarantees

Instead of increasing your charges upon the renewal of your term like a lot of companies do, KnownHost gives you cheaper rates if you pre-pay for longer amounts of time. You can sign up for a month or a year but these options will make your plan more expensive.

Like almost every single other hosting company, KnownHost gives you a 30-day money back guarantee. You will receive your money back for the term you paid upon written request. If you wish to cancel your plan after this period, you will not be refunded for the current term you have paid for.

Customer Support

KnownHost’s 24/7 customer service is available via email and help desk. They only take calls during the day. Their phone line is mainly reserved for sales and billing inquiries and not meant for technical questions. This may not work for you if you anticipate requiring substantial assistance and want it via phone. If you prefer to find things out for yourself, then KnownHost’s wiki page will give you guides and answer questions about various technical topics.

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Is KnownHost Right for Your Blog?

KnownHost has some great things to offer WordPress users. With lots of room for growth and a plan focused on WordPress sites, this might be an option to consider for your blog. If this is your first blog or website, there are other web hosting options better suited for beginners.

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Figuring out how to install WordPress on your own can be a daunting task. And KnownHost’s lack of one-click app installs means you’ll have to do this. If you’re looking for a pain-free start to blogging then you’ll be happier looking elsewhere. If you’re handier with technical details, then KnownHost gives you some good features and developer tools at a decent price.

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