kinsta wordpress hosting for bloggers

Kinsta Review: Managed WP Hosting for Bloggers & Big Brands


Are you building a big site on WordPress? This might be the host for you. Kinsta offers managed hosting for WordPress websites. However, with pricing starting around $100 a month, their offerings are not for a simple solo blogger.

But, say you’re a growing business with a WordPress site looking for a better hosting solution. Kinsta might be just what you are looking for. Many companies stretch themselves too thin, trying to offer something for everyone. But Kinsta gets it. They picked a niche, and they ran with it.

This means bigger businesses can feel confident that their WordPress site will be taken care of by people who know what they’re doing.

kinsta wordpress hosting for bloggers

Datacenters all Over the World

Kinsta has offices in both LA, USA and London, England. But their datacenters stretch worldwide with 12 global locations across Europe, USA, Asia, and South America. With all these different datacenters, Kinsta lets you choose which one you want your website hosted at.

Their datacenters are built with some very modern architecture, which allows Kinsta to boast fast speeds. Their architecture is powered by the Google Cloud Platform, giving them protection with Google’s infrastructure. The technically-inclined will be interested to know that Kinsta uses Nginx, PHP 7, and MariaDB to get this kind of speed and LXD containers to isolate every site, so everything runs smoothly.

Kinsta’s WordPress Experts

Kinsta strives to bring something unique to the table. Their team is introduced with pictures and bios on their site, showing there are real humans behind the company. In fact, their team has worked with WordPress for over 8 years. These WordPress experts have experience creating themes and plug-ins and regularly participate in the WordPress forum offering help and advice.

kinsta wordpress hosting review

Kinsta has two things they pride themselves on lightning-fast speed and customer happiness. Their website alone screams sophisticated and straightforward. It shows they put effort into making their visitors feel at home, and they highly value customer satisfaction. And the Kinsta Dashboard is one of the most user-friendly ones on the marketing.

Customized Hosting Dashboard

When hosting with Kinsta, their dashboard gives you access to a wide variety of options and tools. This is where you can easily check website stats for each of your individual websites. You can also can contact customer support 24/7 and expect a response within minutes. Their median support ticket response time is an impressive 3 minutes.

In addition, the Kinsta dashboard lets you add new sites, request migrations, and set up a staging area to test or tweak your website without affecting the live version. You can also easily clone existing sites. This could be useful if you want to build a new website template for a client based on one of your existing websites.

If you’re keen on learning more about hosting and setting up a website yourself, then you might like to check out their knowledgebase of articles and tutorials which can be found on Kinsta’s blog.

Why You Should Consider Kinsta

Kinsta makes it super easy to switch over to if you’re looking for a new company to host with because they take care of site migration for no charge.

Among all the great things that this company offers businesses, you can expect daily backups and unlimited page views. These backups create restore points up to two weeks back. So a previous version of your site can easily be restored with only one click. They also check your site once every minute to make sure it is still up and running.

Their hosting plans are broken into those for medium sized businesses and those for much larger businesses. They also offer to work with you developing a custom hosting plan if you need even more than their packages can offer. As mentioned earlier, these plans are not really meant for individuals or small businesses.

Determined not to punish businesses for being successful, Kinsta offers unlimited page views and visitors on every plan. Aside from this, plans vary according to the amount of bandwidth and SSD storage required.

Kinsta Developer Tools

If your business is large enough that you employ developers, you’ll want to know about Kinsta’s dev tools. Kinsta supports PHP versions 5.6, 7, and 7.1. Developers can also have SSH access so that they can automate tasks and use terminal commands. They also support SSH tunneling into databases stored on their servers. This lets you use tools like HeidiSQL and Sequel Pro.

Kinsta’s staging environments let you create a copy of your site, even if it’s live. This lets you or your developer run tests, tweak your site, or test plug-ins without working directly with the live site. These staging areas are also backed up daily. In addition, Kinsta gives developers access to sFTP, which is essential for file transfer between computers, and a MySQL database for accessing your data storage.

Security Features Suited for Businesses

For businesses, security is more important than it is for individual bloggers. That’s why Kinsta has many features in place to scan for threats and stop malicious attacks. These include detection of DDoS attacks and providing SSL support. They do not sell private SSL certificates, but these are easily obtained elsewhere.

They do provide free shared SSL certificates provided through Let’s Encrypt so that you can enable https in your URL. Kinsta also has hardware firewalls with tight software restrictions. The SSH and SFTP connections are fully encrypted.

Even better, Kinsta has a security guarantee. If for any reason, attackers gain access to your data or compromise your site, Kinsta promises to fix it for free.

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Support for Businesses Using WooCommerce

WooCommerce is a very popular free online WordPress plugin. These sites generate a lot of data and things that cannot be cached. This means you need a host like Kinsta that can handle these requirements.

Kinsta is optimized to handle WooCommerce with extreme scalability. They have prepared e-commerce sites for drastic surges in visitors on occasions such as Cyber Monday or your own online promotions.

Overview for Kinsta

Overall, Kinsta is an excellent option for businesses hosting many websites, especially those experiencing high volumes of traffic. Kinsta is also great for the big business who needs room for growth and visitor spikes.

kinsta wordpress hosting

However, the prices are not realistic for individual bloggers or most small businesses. Although most of simple bloggers won’t be able to benefit from their services, we can still check out the Kinsta blog. They do offer some informative posts on running a WordPress website and blogging.

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