Jumpline Review: Modern Hosting and Marketing Tools for Blogs

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Last Updated on August 3, 2019

If you are running a blog, there are a few vital features you are looking for in a host, including basic blog functionality, support for applications like WordPress, access to control panels and basic developer tools, and server reliability.

Jumpline provides access to all these features, plus a site builder and additional packages for marketing.

Since 1997, Jumpline has provided reliable hosting for millions of websites and they continue to improve and provide customers with maximum control. Their focus is on the customizability of their services, letting you add your personal touch to their products.

If you are wondering if it is right for your blog, keep reading for our full review.

jumpline hosting review for bloggers

Domain Registration and Hosting Plans to Get You Started

If you need a domain, which you will if you’re starting from scratch, then consider Jumpline’s domain name package. This package comes with a domain registration, management, use of their site builder, and an email address.

In terms of hosting plans, they do not offer any specific to WordPress hosting. However, their plans all support the WordPress CMS and their control panel allows you to install the CMS with one click.

So, let’s talk about your hosting options with Jumpline and what might work best if you’re a new blogger. First of all, you don’t need a lot when you start out. But you also don’t want to be trapped in a hosting plan that doesn’t allow you to grow, either.

Jumpline provides scalable plans that ensure your website will continue to load quickly as your website visitors increase. This also keeps you from paying for services that you don’t need right now.

jumpline hosting

However, Jumpline’s prices aren’t remarkably competitive. They’re pretty typical, if not a little bit higher than average. The company combats this by offering discounted prices for the first term and then doubling your charges upon renewal. This may not be the company for you if you’re looking for a budget option.

Features to Customize your Jumpline Hosting

All hosting plans support email and provide you with email addresses for free. You also get access to email and time management tools such as autoresponders, mailing lists, calendar, and a to do list.

To these plans, you can add dedicated IPs and SSL certificates. Dedicated IPs are the opposite of sharing an IP address with another website. With a dedicated IP, you’re able to access your website by IP address. More importantly, it also lets you put a private SSL certificate on your site. This is essential for e-commerce stores. Shared SSL certificates will warn potential customers that you don’t have a private certificate which may scare them off. If you’re just hosting a blog, then a shared SSL is adequate. But if you are looking to sell products or services on your site, Jumpline also offers tools for payment processing.

As many hosting companies do, Jumpline partners with cPanel to give you access to the popular web hosting control panel. Generally user-friendly, this control panel is customizable to make it even easier to use. The control panel lets you install over 300 applications with the included software manager, Softaculous. This means you can install WordPress with one click.

Jumoline Keeps Your Blog Secure and Reliable

Jumpline also gives you Parallels Virtuozzo, a container system that isolates your files from other customers on the system. And, their virtual machines are protected by Veeam, a backup and recovery solution to minimize interruptions to your service. These redundant backups allow Jumpline to quickly recover data if needed.

They have one datacenter in Arlington, Ohio. This location is equipped with generators, a full cooling system, and is staffed 24/7 with operations support technicians in case anything goes wrong. The servers are continuously monitored and problems are fixed before they affect you.

Jumpline’s Dell PowerEdge servers include boosted processors with more cores than a lot of their competition. In addition, they have local, off-site backups, which are performed daily. They state you can expect 99% uptime from their servers. However, they do not offer this as a guarantee.

For developers and those more tech-inclined: Jumpline gives you access to MySQL databases and phpMyAdmin. They support Perl, PHP, and Python. In addition, you get SSL support so that you can purchase this security seal for your site.

Higher-Performance VPS Options for Bigger Blogs

For people who need more power, performance, and security, Jumpline has scalable VPS (virtual private server) plans. These give you a higher level of security by keeping your data isolated on your own virtual server. This is a great option if you want something that gives you more security and control but you don’t have the money to shell out for the over-powered performance of cloud hosting. These VPS servers are SSD based with 4 CPU cores giving you a lot of RAM and bandwidth. This plan also lets you scale up your performance with zero downtime.

As a blogger, you probably have no need for their cloud hosting options. Coming in at much higher prices, you will need to contact Jumpline to get a quote. It is nice that if your site outgrows the shared servers, you have options with the same host.

Jumpline Customer Support Services

If you need help getting set up or run into problems along the way, Jumpline’s 24/7 customer support team should be able to guide you. You can contact support at a toll-free number. Or, you can attempt to help yourself using their knowledgebase and support blog.

While you’re browsing plans on their website, you can chat instantly with a member of their team who can help you pick out the right option for your project.

Other Packages for the Expanding Business

You may find Jumpline’s app builder handy if you run a small business already. Jumpline offers a mobile app hosting and marketing package that includes the design and build, as well as a Facebook campaign to promote it.

Some of their other advanced services are focused heavily on email, which is great for bloggers. Email is an extremely important aspect of blogging. This is because sending out emails to your subscribers is one of the key ways to notify them of new posts and keep them engaged. Jumpline offers advanced email security to filter out spam and protect you from viruses.

Jumpline also offers full-service email marketing packages. These are priced upon consultation but generally include campaign and launch management, professional emails, monthly campaigns on email and Facebook, as well as reporting and analysis.

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Jumpline Hosting for Bloggers Overview

Overall, the plans offered by Jumpline may be better suited to a larger blog with a bigger audience. Their extra marketing packages and enhanced security options indicate that their target customers are small to medium-sized businesses.


Not so much for the humble blogger. If you’re just starting out and don’t anticipate rapid growth, then you can find cheaper options elsewhere that offer similar features. But if you’re already an active blog and are looking for the customizability and scalability that Jumpline offers, it can’t hurt to check them out.

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