IX Hosting review for bloggers

IX Web Hosting Review: WordPress Specialists for Bloggers

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Last Updated on December 2, 2019

IX Web Hosting Closed for Business: What Does This Mean?

IX Web Hosting was acquired by Endurance Internation Group (EIG) back in 2015, and all customers were migrated over to Site5, an alternative brand.

All IX Web Hosting website visitors are now re-directed to Bluehost, another popular EIG-owned web hosting brand.

If you are looking for hosting, take a look at our expert reviews to weigh up alternative options, or consider other top-end hosts under EIG like Domain.com, JustHost, or HostGator.

Since 1999, IX Web Hosting has been providing simple and straight-to-the-point web hosting for individuals and small businesses. Their longevity is evidence of their reliability in the industry. Their extensive experience means the company is more than capable of handling any basic blogger’s hosting needs.

Is it right for you blog? Well, it depends on what you need. We break down all the pros and cons below.

IX Hosting review for bloggers

Blogging Specialists to Help You

People starting a new blog need solid support to help them get started. IX’s main concern is customer satisfaction, which is apparent with their unbeatable customer support. Their support team is evaluated based on the satisfaction of the customers calling in, not on how many calls they can take. This ensures that their reps do everything they can to help you out. And they’ve got WordPress specialists on staff to assist you.

If you’ve been researching hosting companies, you’ll know that most offer a 30-day money back guarantee. This is nice, but it requires you to purchase a hosting plan and cancel it for a refund. Instead, IX Web Hosting has decided to go above and beyond this offer.

They give you one full free week of hosting and won’t charge your credit card until your 7-day trial is over. You don’t pay anything if you decide to cancel during this time period. So, if you’re looking to try something out with zero commitment, then why not give IX Web Hosting a chance?

Reliable Uptime

Guarantees are an area where IX Web Hosting strives to improve the standards of other hosting companies. On top of guaranteeing 99.9% uptime, as is common for hosting platforms, IX states exactly what kind of reliability you can expect out of their servers.

They own a, 11,000 square foot Tier 3 (n+1) data center in the Columbus, Ohio. This gives them control over networking, equipment, and the environment ― everything needed for maximum uptime, plus a backup for your data. They also have generators to preserve power to the facility during outages.

IX hosting for bloggers

The company has made a point of elegantly architecting their datacenter to provide optimal service using top-line equipment, instead of squeezing customers like sardines into stressed and overloaded servers.

WordPress Hosting and Basic Shared Hosting Plans

Most hosting plans seem pretty similar, making it difficult to choose what is right for your needs. IX has simplified the selection process.

They offer both a specific WordPress hosting plan as well as basic shared hosting that supports other CMS and e-commerce applications. Their plans also support other apps that you may want on your websites, such as discussion forums and photo galleries.

Shared Hosting

IX Web Hosting offers three price points for their shared hosting options. You can easily compare what each plan provides and what it lacks. This makes it simple to pick the cheapest plan for your needs. All plans provide you with unlimited disk space, bandwidth, hosted domains, and at least one free domain registration.

Their more expensive hosting plans give you more dedicated IP’s and free domains, as well as dedicated support. This dedicated support means you get an experienced support technician specially assigned to you. If you’re willing to pay the additional cost, this is a rare opportunity to have someone directly assigned to provide you with assistance whenever you need it.

WordPress Hosting

IX’s WordPress hosting plan includes a 1-click WordPress install and 99.9% uptime guarantee. They also have a specialized WordPress-trained staff if you need assistance setting up your blog. If you’re not technically inclined, IX offers 24/7 support or, you can peruse their handy help pages which are well organized and easy to follow.

If on the other hand, you are super tech-savvy, then you might want to know about their coding languages and databases. Their scripts are written in PHP 5, Perl, JavaScript, and Ruby on Rails. You also get free MySQL and MsSQL databases with any hosting plan.

With their plans, you have access to their web hosting control panel. This will let you access tools such as email configuration or their site builder, which is available at an extra charge. It is unclear whether their site builder includes blog functionality. For this reason, you may be better off using WordPress themes and its customization functionality instead.

Security Features of IX Web Hosting

Security-wise, all plans come with a free shared SSL certificate. IX has this listed as an e-commerce feature, but if you are planning on using your site to process sales it’s actually best to purchase a private SSL certificate. This is because shared SSL’s will cause warning messages on your site which makes some customers uncomfortable about entering credit card information.

In terms of security for a basic blogging website, IX includes 24/7 monitoring and firewall protection to keep spam and malicious attacks at bay.

All plans also come with at least two dedicated IP’s. These are necessary if you want to host your own SSL certificate, which you’ll want if you’re expanding into e-commerce.

Other optional security includes SiteLock, a popular security tool that scans for threats and automatically fixes security problems. IX’s SiteLock plans are available to purchase on a yearly basis at different price points depending on site size and the level of automation you require.

E-commerce Options

IX Web Hosting is focused on providing people with hosting that is e-commerce-ready. If you think you’ll ever want to expand your blog with an online store, they are a great hosting choice. All of their shared hosting plans, including their cheapest option, include a free one-click install of an online store to your website.

In addition, you receive a selection of shopping carts to install and e-commerce tutorials to get you set up.

Cloud Hosting Options

If you are really looking for the highest performance and reliability, then it would be wise to check out cloud hosting. Cloud hosting uses multiple machines, so your website performance should never waver. Also, your data is stored in multiple places, making it near impossible to lose.

As a result, your website can support many more visitors and there will always be lots of room for growth. That’s how IX’s cloud hosting is able to offer 99.999% uptime. However, this level of performance is usually unnecessary for many blogs. Unless you’re getting a crazy number of visitors, you’ll probably be good with shared hosting to start.

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Overview of IX Web Hosting

Overall, IX Web Hosting may be perfect for you if you already have a blog and are looking for a new hosting company that can handle the needs of a growing small business. This is especially true if you’re looking for e-commerce compatibility. However, their hosting plans are fairly bare-bones, offering little in terms of included security and features.


If you don’t know a lot about getting set up online, you might benefit from looking for other WordPress plans that include extra blog features and guides. IX Web Hosting provides the essentials of hosting with great customer support and a risk-free trial on top of the basic 30-day money-back guarantee.

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