IPOWER hosting fro blogs

IPOWER Hosting Review: Affordable, Scalable, & 24/7 Support

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Last Updated on August 3, 2019

IPOWER has been a leading web hosting company since it was founded in 2001. Since then, the company has scaled tremendously, once even enjoying a spot on the Inc. 500 list. This is due to their good reputation in the industry and a successful affiliate marketing program.

IPOWER is trusted by over 1 million customers to keep their online presence secure and reliable. That customer base spans 100 countries. IPOWER also has industry relationships with web giants such as Google, WordPress, and Facebook.

IPOWER hosting fro blogs

They host customer websites on Dell servers with redundant T3 connections, which allows them to offer unlimited bandwidth. Their infrastructure involves backup power systems to the servers which ensure websites stay up even in power outages.

But, is IPOWER the right hosting choice for your blog? Read our full review below to find out.

Dedicated to Customer Satisfaction

Don’t let their size fool you into thinking they can’t deliver on a personal level. IPOWER prides itself on reaching the highest levels of customer satisfaction. The company is continuously striving to bring a personal touch by consulting with clients and implementing changes based on their feedback. Their dedication to customer satisfaction stretches as far as a dedicated “customer experience” team that conducts monthly surveys to make sure their clients are happy.

This customer experience team is also devoted to ensuring all tools work flawlessly. They do this by conducting user testing with real customers during development. As a result, you can expect user-friendly web hosting tools that don’t require extensive technical knowledge to use.

Support at any Hour

Their support team is a great reason to consider IPOWER for hosting your next project. When you run a blog, whether it be for an individual endeavor or as part of a business, you want to have access to support whenever something goes wrong.

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Their team is available at all hours so you can solve problems swiftly. This is especially useful if you are blogging as a side gig: you’re probably swamped with a busy schedule. Their customer services team can be reached via phone call, online chat, or you can fill out an online form.

Comprehensive Knowledgebase

IPOWER has a beautifully-designed “Knowledge Base” page on their website, developed to provide information and solutions to all your web hosting questions. These include help topics about everything from your hosting account, database specifics, security, and professional services.

IPOWER also provides easy-to-follow user guides to help you get your site up and running immediately. This page will guide you through topics such as configuring your email, designing your website, and managing your domain name.

WordPress Hosting: Basics on a Budget

Their WordPress hosting plan is perfectly suited to meet the needs of your new blog or website. It includes web essentials that any new blogger needs to get started, like one free domain registration. Their starter WordPress plan gives you great bang for your buck, offering essential features at a reasonable price.

IPOWER’s WordPress hosting includes popular WordPress themes, essential pre-installed plug-ins, and a customized control panel. All of these services will make it simple to get started online even if you have no technical knowledge. Other features include unlimited disk space, bandwidth, and email accounts.

Advanced WordPress Plan

Their advanced WordPress plan is a slightly more expensive, but useful if you are expecting higher traffic volumes and require additional security. If you’re running an established blog looking for a hosting company with greater proficiency in these areas, this higher-performing WordPress plan may be perfect for you. The additional cost also opens the door to WordPress experts on your support team.

IPOWER’s advanced WordPress plan also gives you super-speed by limiting the number of other customers on your server. This means as your site expands it will say fast.

The enhanced security on this plan includes SiteLock, a security tool that scans for malware and automatically fixes security problems. You can feel confident that your data and the data of your site visitors remains safe from malicious attacks. A firewall offers additional protections as well.

IPOWER Starter Hosting Plans

IPOWER allows you to use scripts to fully customize your site using languages like PHP. They also include Perl support and a MySQL database for database management. They give you access to the vDeck 3.0 control panel so you can perform many tasks, such as site creation and stat collection, without needing technical knowledge.

If you’re on the fence about IPOWER, you can try them out for a month with their 30-day money-back guarantee. Bear in mind that domains and add-on services will not be refunded. Upon cancellation of a plan, IPOWER will charge a domain fee. This allows you to keep your domain in the event that you want to transfer it to another hosting company.

Design & Marketing Tools

WordPress offers many free, customizable templates for blogging. However, if you want a little more control over the design of your site, then IPOWER’s website builder could be a useful tool. The basic website builder included in hosting plans is sufficient for personal websites and blogs. For an additional cost, you can access more features, including e-commerce support and inventory management.

IPOWER offers a variety of marketing services from taking on the full task of marketing of your website to offering you DIY search engine marketing and email marketing tools. For bloggers, their WordPress plan comes with free search credits that you can use to market your blog ― such as with Google AdWords.

Additional Security Features

IPOWER offers SSL security certificates for your website at additional cost. This backs up and encrypts your website data to protect you from attacks. The HTTPS in the address bar of your website and a seal of security will give your site visitors confidence that you are protecting them from cyber-crime.

IPOWER offers different types of SSL’s based on your website, including credit card and password security if you have an e-commerce store, or email and contact information protection if you collect email addresses. SSL certificates may also provide a minor search engine ranking boost on Google, which considers use of SSL to be a best practice for all websites. (Keep in mind, in 2014 Google said their algorithm would favor sites using SSL.)

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Is IPOWER Right for Your Blog?

IPOWER may be a great option for hosting your blog if you’re starting from the beginning. They provide everything you need to build a great blog from scratch, including free domain registration, basic security features, and the unlimited bandwidth needed to support a growing stream of website visitors.

Their prices are very competitive and among the best in the industry. If you’re on a budget and need the essentials of hosting to get your blog up and running, IPOWER should be suitable.

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