inmotion hosting review

InMotion Review: Reliable & Affordable WordPress Hosting


If you’re interested in shared hosting, InMotion Hosting is worth consideration. If you’re interested in VPS, InMotion has you covered, too. And if you’re after reseller, dedicated, or managed hosting, the company has a plan to suit your needs.

A handful of hosting providers cover all facets of hosting, but few do it as well as InMotion Hosting. With that fact in mind, let’s dive into what this host has to offer.

inmotion hosting review


What Does InMotion Hosting Provide?

Everything. That’s right. InMotion Hosting is a one-stop shop for all your hosting needs. Not only can you get website design services and domain names for free, but the hosting offerings span the entire spectrum.

For example, shared hosting is its biggest service, supporting small businesses that want affordable hosting without the burden of server control. And VPS hosting is provided for those businesses that need to scale up, providing root access and more control over the server.

InMotion was one of the first companies to introduce VPS to the world. So, as you can imagine, the company is pretty adept at this service.

inmotion hosting website
A quick peek at InMotion’s site.

It also has options for dedicated servers, allowing users to control their own servers, with managed hosting options for all of the plans. Finally, InMotion has WordPress hosting, along with a full reseller program.

Is InMotion Hosting Affordable?

As discussed, InMotion Hosting offers just about every type of hosting you can imagine. And pricing spans the spectrum of what you’d expect.

Starting out, we’ll talk about shared hosting. InMotion Hosting calls this Business hosting, but it’s really just regular shared hosting.

Because of this, the shared business hosting is rather cheap, but it’s pretty much the only type of hosting needed for small blogs and other websites. Essentially, you’re giving up performance and a little security for a better price. However, that performance drop usually isn’t noticeable as long as you don’t see high traffic often.

The shared hosting plans from InMotion Hosting aren’t the least expensive on the market, but they’re darn close.

Three plans are currently offered for shared hosting, so you receive a little flexibility when it comes to selecting your features and the amount of storage and bandwidth you need. Although the plans are slightly different, they do have similar features.

Most shared plans come with at least two MySQL & PostgreSQL databases, unlimited disk space, unlimited monthly transfers for every single plan, unlimited email accounts for all plans, unlimited email storage for all plans, and at least two websites supported.

Plans also typically include:

  • A free domain registration for all plans
  • Free website transfers when you need to move a website from another host to InMotion
  • Free data backups with all plans
  • A free website builder for making quick, small websites
  • E-commerce support for some of the plans
  • Support for programming languages like PHP, Ruby, Perl, and Python
  • SSH access
  • An easy module for quickly integrating with Google Apps
  • Quick tools for installing WordPress, Joomla and PrestaShop
  • Support for parked domains and subdomains
  • Malware protection for all pricing packages

InMotion also has a 90-day money back guarantee.

A Sweet, New Freebie for 2018: Free JetPack WordPress Plugins

For 2018, InMotion has sweetened the pot for WordPress plans — now their customers get access to either the JetPack Personal or JetPack Professional suites for free. The plugin comes preinstalled and integrates with your WordPress dashboard.

You may already have heard of the free version of JetPack’s WordPress plugin. It offers some great tools like over 100 WordPress themes, Photon image CDN, brute force attack protection, and automated social media sharing.

But InMotion has gone a step further than a lot of other WordPress hosts. By partnering with Automattic (the founders of WordPress), InMotion now gives its WordPress customers additional JetPack paid features for no extra charge. That’s a savings of $39/year for JetPack Personal or $299/year for JetPack Professional.

Here are some of the free JetPack features come with the following InMotion plans:

  • WP-2000/3000 plans – JetPack Personal. In addition to the features included in the free JetPack plugin, you’ll also get daily automated backups, 30-day archive, automated spam filtering, and priority support.
  • WP-4000/5000/6000 plans – JetPack Professional. All the features of the Personal JetPack plan, plus over 200 premium WordPress themes, realtime backups, automated security fixes, SEO marketing tools, and revenue generation tools.
  • InMotion’s entry-level plan, of course, comes with the free version of JetPack.

Extra Upsells and Expenses

Let’s say you select one of the shared hosting plans to use for your website. You’re all ready to go and pay for the hosting. It’ll send you to the checkout area with options to prepay for a few years. This makes it a little less expensive in the long run, so you have the option to save money.

You select your domain to buy or transfer over the one you currently own. As mentioned above, each of the shared hosting plans gives you free domain names so you won’t have to worry about paying extra for that.

However, InMotion asks you if you’d like to pay for a few other upsells along the way. These are all completely optional, but some of them might work out nicely for your business:

  • Domain privacy
  • Additional domains
  • Additional hosting

As you can see, the upsells are kept to a minimum, allowing for you to go through the checkout process quickly.

After that, you can select the location of your server then decide whether or not you’d like to get something like WordPress or PrestaShop automatically installed.

VPS Hosting

VPS hosting sits right in the middle of shared hosting and dedicated server hosting. It’s slightly more expensive, but you get some features that make it rather similar to a dedicated host. For example, you get root access to the server along with fewer websites sharing the server. Overall, VPS hosting works nicely for many small to large websites, depending on how much you would like to customize your server.

What’s cool about the InMotion VPS hosting is that it provides free server management if you’d rather focus on the day-to-day operations of your business.

The pricing plans are on par with the rest of the industry, and some of the features include the following:

  • At least 4 GB of RAM
  • At least 4 TB of monthly premium transfers
  • At least 75 GB of fraud tolerant disk space
  • Live snapshots with your backups
  • A free SSL for building secure online stores
  • The ability to configure your server with the tech your desire
  • A free SSD

You also get a free dashboard that monitors all of your site resources, PHP 7 support, a free domain with all plans, free launch support, multiple dedicated IP addresses, free control panel licenses for all plans, and unlimited domains and websites allowed on your server. You also get pretty much all of the features that come with shared hosting.

Dedicated Servers

If your company needs to jump a step up from VPS hosting, you can always opt for a dedicated server. This means that your website, app, or software is the only item on the server. You maintain full control, which opens up all sorts of opportunities for performance, security, and customization.

photo of servers
Powerful hosting without having to deal with all the wires.

The one downside to a dedicated server is that you typically need someone on your team who can manage the whole thing. You should also expect to pay the most for a dedicated server out of all the hosting solutions.

Multiple dedicated server plans are shown on the InMotion website, so medium-to-large businesses can take advantage without paying too much. The pricing looks more flexible than other competitors, so it’s not a bad idea to consider InMotion when looking for a dedicated server.

If you’re interested in a dedicated hosting plan, take a look at the general features below:

  • Intel Xeon processors in all plans
  • At least 2.8 GHz Turbo 4C/4T
  • Software and hardware RAID
  • At least 8 GB of RAM
  • Free SSD with at least 500 GB of space
  • Backup drive support
  • At least 6 TB of data transfer

Other features include multiple IPs, a free control panel and WHM, a 100% network uptime guarantee, an option for managed hosting, and a Tier 1 network with great redundancy.

Reseller Hosting

The reseller hosting comes into play when you’d like to repackage and sell the hosting already provided through InMotion. Essentially, you can make money by finding your own clients, but you don’t have to pay for items like servers or datacenters. You get free billing software to keep track of your clients, along with free SSD drives to keep your clients happy with speedy sites.

If you’re trying to make money by selling hosting, we recommend looking at some of the other offerings from the InMotion reseller program:

  • Free backups
  • Whitelabeling
  • At least 80 GB of disk space
  • At least 800 GB per month of bandwidth for your clients
  • Unlimited control panels in all plans

WordPress and Managed Hosting

The WordPress hosting isn’t much different from shared hosting, except that InMotion installs WordPress for you and gets all of the primary elements configured. Most of the time, you don’t need your host to do this since WordPress is pretty easy to use. However, some might feel intimidated with the process.

Managed hosting is more relevant to the average webmaster since you might want to pass over the majority of hosting responsibilities to the InMotion team. Managed plans are paid for on an hourly basis, and you can ask for hosting management regardless of the type of hosting you have. So, shared, VPS, or dedicated hosting can be managed.

InMotion Hosting’s History

InMotion Hosting started in 2001, so it’s been around for quite some time now. Two guys ran the office with just a few servers, a small office, and a router. The goal was to offer powerful hosting to small businesses, but it eventually blossomed into much more than that.

The Los Angeles office was initially run completely by the two co-founders, as they both worked on everything from site design to marketing to customer support. What’s most interesting about InMotion Hosting is that it’s never accepted outside investments in the history of the company. This means it was completely bootstrapped by the founders themselves.

Over the years, InMotion Hosting made it a goal to provide a superior user experience along with a stable hosting environment.

The next jump for InMotion Hosting came in the form of VPS hosting. Back in the early 2000s, companies either chose from shared or dedicated hosting. That meant smaller businesses were left out to dry if they wanted stronger performance.

Why? Because they couldn’t afford a dedicated host. InMotion Hosting filled that niche by becoming one of the first hosting companies in the world to provide VPS hosting. This allowed for scalability if you had a smaller business, keeping costs low but offering more control over the server.

Today, InMotion has been touted as a great place to work, since the employees are experienced and willing to do anything they can for the customers. InMotion Hosting sees itself as a customer service business more than a hosting brand. Because of this, one could argue that InMotion Hosting could beat out the competition in just about every hosting category, from shared to dedicated to managed.

How Does InMotion Hosting Stand Out?

The company has developed an infrastructure that puts the customer first instead of cramming as many clients onto one server as possible. In addition, the hardware is solid, you can expect excellent customer support, and you’re going to have an easier time upgrading to VPS since Inmotion hosting was leading the charge when VPS became a thing.

Furthermore, InMotion Hosting offers quite a few freebies when you’re signing up for hosting. Most hosting providers don’t give you free domains or data backups. InMotion Hosting does. Some hosting providers don’t offer free migrations (although many are starting to).

Regardless, InMotion hosting has done this for a while now. You’ll also notice that free SSLs are given out in every VPS plan. This way, your e-commerce sites are secure when people make transactions, and you’ll have an easier time scaling up.

Finally, InMotion provides all types of hosting. This is no uncommon, but most hosting providers excel in only one or two areas. On the other hand, some hosts only sell one or two types of hosting. InMotion Hosting sells it all, and it excels at it all.

InMotion Hosting Customer Support

Since the beginning of the company, the CEOs have made it clear that the company is a customer support business over a hosting business.

As for the support modules, you can access a full support center with FAQs, articles, and a knowledgebase. Their blog is useful for updates and interesting hosting information, while their YouTube channel gives you a more visual look into the hosting products.

inmotionhosting sign up

A forum lets you chat with people who also use InMotion Hosting, while you can also call in, live chat, email, or submit a ticket when having problems. Overall, InMotion Hosting has every aspect of support covered, just like its founders intended.

Should Your Business Consider InMotion Hosting?

It’s hard to argue that anyone might not find InMotion Hosting useful, but let’s break down the pros and cons anyway.

You should definitely go with InMotion Hosting if you want some of the best customer support in the business, you need speedy shared hosting, or you require affordable VPS or dedicated hosting. It’s also a positive choice for those interested in reseller or managed hosting programs.

Check out InMotion Hosting for your WordPress hosting needs. »

This hosting provider might not be the best fit if you’re being really budget-conscious and are after the bottom-dollar deal.

All around, InMotion is a solid hosting choice. And while there may be some people who don’t find what they need here, you’d be hard-pressed to find a site owner this provider can’t help.

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