hostpapa review for bloggers

HostPapa: Notable Green Hosting for Bloggers & WordPress


The concept of environmentally-friendly web hosting is a new development. Fifteen years ago, you never would have thought twice about whether or not your website was on an eco-friendly server, or in an eco-friendly data center.

But times have changed.

HostPapa is one of the few hosting companies that began as a green hosting service. The founders had an idea that users, both old and young would find it appealing to place websites on eco-friendly servers.

hostpapa review for bloggers

Overall, HostPapa makes strides every year to improve its infrastructure. In the past, we’ve seen it purchase many green energy tags to offset energy usage in its datacenter. And it’s also done a magnificent job of building a reputable and courteous customer support team.

It’s this combination that stands out to us, especially if you’re an environmentally-conscience blogger or small business owner.

If this sounds good, keep reading to learn more about what HostPapa has to offer bloggers of all sizes.

How Does the HostPapa’s Green Hosting Work?

What is the point of green hosting? Web hosting services consume an incredible amount of resources. Datacenters use large amounts of power and water for generators, cooling systems, and security. Therefore, it makes sense that some companies are taking a stand to make hosting a little more eco-friendly.

But what does that mean for you, the user?

When done right, it means a reliable host and a smaller carbon footprint.

HostPapa began its “green” initiative in 2006 when the company was first founded. It purchased different sources of renewable energy to fuel its servers, offices, and equipment. This renewable energy allows HostPapa to offset any power used by the servers. So, running your site on a HostPapa server should have a minimal impact on the environment.

hostpapa review for bloggers

HostPapa also buys energy tags, which allows it to partner with a different company to check how much energy is being used throughout the entire business. Once the final energy tally is made, the partner company pumps the same amount of energy back into the power grid.

You won’t see much of a difference on the frontend of your website configuration, but it’s nice to know that running your online business won’t hurt the environment or drain resources.

The History of HostPapa

Today, HostPapa hosts over 500,000 websites all around the world. The majority of their customers come from the United States and Canada, but that’s probably because HostPapa has main offices in both Niagara Falls, United States and Oakville, Canada. That said, hosting and support is provided to users all over the globe, especially since some smaller offices are located in places like the United Kingdom, Germany, and Australia.

HostPapa began operations in 2006. This makes it a somewhat new company in an industry littered with older services. But, this actual gives HostPapa an advantage because of its hard focus on customer service and the whole “green” movement.

Although HostPapa now operates from several locations, the brand began in Ontario, when Jamie Opalchuk devised a hosting service for web designers, small businesses, and resellers.

The main selling point was that the entire organization would be fueled by renewable energy, making HostPapa a good choice for those concerned about the environment. HostPapa has continued the mission to give cost-efficient, green hosting plans, with a strong concentration on customer support as well.

This high standard of customer service has paid off. In fact, the PROFIT 500 ranking of Canada’s Fastest Growing Companies has placed HostPapa on its list.

Shared Green Hosting That Keeps Green in Your Pocket

The shared hosting plan is what most small businesses and bloggers go for when signing up for HostPapa. It’s the least expensive option, yet you still get to take advantage of the “green” aspect.

The best part of HostPapa’s shared hosting is that you get reliable service without paying a premium price. We’ve seen several eco-friendly competitors struggle on price due to the additional expenses of going green. However, HostPapa remains as competitive as ever with top cost leaders.

HostPapa also provides a 30-day money back guarantee, and you can save a little money if you sign up for more than one month. So, prepaying for one year might knock a couple dollars off your monthly fee.

Along with that, you gain support for several websites on one hosting plan, unlimited bandwidth, and generous disk space. The free domain registration is a nice bonus, while the free website setup from the HostPapa support team is sure to help out beginners.

Blogging and Small Business Essentials

Yes, the shared hosting service is green, but how is a blogger or small business going to see more tangible benefits?

Well, the visitor-friendly performance comes in handy with the help of Cloudflare’s content delivery network. You can also keep your information safe with a premium SSL. Also, potential disasters are mitigated when you use the automated backups and restore services.

Not only that, but the WordPress-ready hosting gives you a complete WordPress integration, including the one-click installation option.

Finally, the HostPapa control panel is far more modern than what average hosting companies offer. Most beginner bloggers and business owners should be just fine when it comes to managing their own hosting here.

More Hosting Opportunities

Shared hosting supports most small businesses, but what about when you realize your site needs more performance for an influx of new visitors?

In this situation, you need to upgrade to a better server. Luckily, HostPapa has a virtual private server (VPS) plan for mimicking the environment of a dedicated server. The only difference is that it runs on a virtual machine and you don’t have to spend as much money.

The final form of hosting from HostPapa is called reseller hosting. Most people aren’t going to consider this type of hosting, but it’s great for those who are looking for a new business venture. Basically, you set up your own hosting company but utilize the services and resources provided by HostPapa. The online support docs can be used by your customers, along with the HostPapa servers, billing system, and much more, all while you bring in a nice side or complementary income.

Deciding on HostPapa

HostPapa definitely stands out when it comes to pricing in the green hosting sector. The company has managed to keep pricing low while offering a greener option and maintaining service quality.

hostpapa hosting for bloggers

With these attributes in mind, we recommend HostPapa for small businesses and bloggers who want to know their chosen hosting company is doing everything it can to preserve energy. We also like it for those who need 24/7 customer support through live chat, phone access, and email. Not to mention, the ticketing system and online resources are impressive.

Finally, HostPapa has real appeal for the blogger with scale in mind. Your operation doesn’t need to stay small to stay here. With VPS hosting plans, scaling up and upgrading when visitors or customers increase is a real perk. Basically, HostPapa is a solid option all-around.

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