hostdime review for bloggers

HostDime Review: Zombie-Proof Web Hosting for Prepared Bloggers

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Last Updated on August 3, 2019

You may be a pro at navigating WordPress, but a hosting environment is a different thing entirely. Once your blog traffic scales to the point you need a VPS or dedicated server, you’ll likely have some hurdles of technical knowledge to navigate.

hostdime review for bloggers

Installing your own operating system and software, along with handling the constant monitoring a server requires — all while maintaining a blog — probably doesn’t sound appealing to you. In that case, HostDime has got the managed hosting you need. Everything is taken care of: setup, security, pre-installed software, and more.

If you’re not from the US and are struggling to find a host that fits these needs, HostDime offers global servers that can reach countries all over the world. So many great companies sadly only support the US and, at best, sparse parts of Europe. This, thankfully, is not one of them.

Global, Enterprise-Quality Hosting

Launched in Florida a decade and a half ago, HostDime has expanded their business to various countries across the globe. Their strategic commitment is to deliver high-level service and enterprise-grade hosting solutions worldwide.

hostdime review for bloggers

Robust, Fast Servers

You have three main options to choose from with HostDime. The lowest tier of hosting offered is VPS hosting, which comes with some strong hardware on your choice of OS (operating system). For blogs that are lifting off but not quite exploding in popularity yet, these plans will be more than sufficient.

While there aren’t lots of shiny features, the generous allocation of bandwidth and storage, all running on SSD drives with super-fast fiber internet, more than make up for it. These feel like mini dedicated servers more than anything.

VPS also comes with various paid add-ons to choose from. SSL certificates are necessary if you wish to run an e-commerce store. And if losing your blog would be a disaster you haven’t prepared for, you can buy off-site storage to keep those archives extra safe. Even if you choose another provider, you can still purchase this safeguard.

HostDime takes security and resilience seriously. Their 25,000-square foot facility is is staffed 24/7 with engineers and features multiple redundancies across all technical operations including network connectivity, fire suppression, and power. What does that mean for you? Your blog will be one of the few still online after the zombie apocalypse breaks out.

Especially large blogs may instead enjoy the benefits of a dedicated server. These plans can get extremely powerful — and, along with it, very expensive — but, chances are even the most high-traffic blog isn’t going to need nearly 40 CPU cores. Search around the lower-end servers and see if you can find a match.

Like every other type of hosting on this site, these come fully managed. That means that the normal workload, difficult initial setup, and tough adjustment period associated with dedicated servers are all but nonexistent. However, you do have control over your website — you can reboot the servers at any time, and install whatever add-ons you desire. It’s fairly balanced between user control and company management.

Finally, should you wish to try something different, you could delve into the cloud. The public cloud servers, while also managed, are priced reasonably. This makes it affordable for mid-sized blogs, not just the giants. You can also purchase cloud storage to archive and easily extract or delete any data you’re finished with.

hostdime review for bloggers

There’s a lot to pick from here. Linux or Windows VPS, multiple dedicated server plans to decide between, or an endless amount of ways to configure your cloud server. You may have choices, but HostDime keeps your options simple and streamlined. Once you decide which type of hosting you need, it’s just a matter of letting their techs set it up for you. With the company’s true 24/7 support, you won’t be left to wait.

HostDime Tools and Services

Along with the great hosting comes a multitude of other services, some free and some paid. There’s domain registration, the renewal rates of which seems a bit more expensive than average. But if you value having your domain and your host in the same place, it may be worth the extra couple of dollars.

Then there are multiple small technical services, such as a proxy and DNS tools, that perform various functions such as visiting your website from an external IP. For an extra layer of security, you could pick from two kinds of DDoS protection. Most bloggers won’t need this, but DDoS attacks against them are not unheard of. If your site has received threats, or especially if you write about controversial material, you may wish to take preemptive action.

Through the Softaculous tool, HostDime offers bloggers over 400 software bundles (CMSs and add-ons) including e-commerce platforms, discussion forums, image galleries, wikis, ad management, event calendars, gaming, email marketing, online polls, project management, invoicing tools, online course software and much more.

Then comes the software, and there’s a lot of it. Free with dedicated servers, CORE Management Portal comes with various monitoring analytics and management tools, so you can keep a close eye on what’s going on behind the scenes.

Of particular note is Softaculous, which among other things, offers an easy one-click installation of WordPress and auto-updates. For more apps you may be familiar with, Fantastico is a paid option as well.

Other optional apps include WHMExtra as a cheap security suite, KernelCare for painless kernel updates, WHMSonic for various audio and radio streaming features. Music bloggers and composers might enjoy that last one, and the less technically minded will put the former two to great use.

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Few hosts have offered quite the bundle of software as this one does. HostDime provides many small, free tools and a whole management/monitoring program. Browse through the collection of services, and see what your website could use.

Managed Hosting for Larger Blogs

Eventually, it’s going to be time to make the switch. No growing blog can survive on shared hosting forever, so you’ll just have to make the plunge to VPS or even dedicated servers. When you do, HostDime is more than capable of providing a seamless transition to large-scale hosting. You may not even notice that anything changed.

Normally, this upgrade is a rather daunting task. Even if you do find a managed server, the amount of responsibility thrust upon you can be overwhelming. But that’s the pitch of this host: everything is taken care of, and no one is left behind.

hostdime review for bloggers

For once, you don’t have to be a tech guru just to launch or scale your blog. There’s a ready team of in-house developers to help you with any questions you may have. HostDime is not be a blogger-centric platform, per se, but that doesn’t matter: it provides everything (and far more) that a blogger needs. The managed services should appeal to those who aren’t used to the hosting environment. Knowing that your website is in good hands is a feature all on its own.

Brenda Barron is a writer from southern California. When not writing about blogging and business, she’s spending time with her family and knitting.