hivelocity review for bloggers

Hivelocity Review: State-of-Art Web Hosting for Pro Bloggers

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Last Updated on August 2, 2019

As large mainstream sites like LifeHacker or niche blogs like Hyperbole and a Half show, it’s more than possible to rise above the competition and attract heavy traffic.

At a that point, your blog’s growth will mean you’ve outgrown what shared hosting can offer you.

hivelocity review for bloggers

A VPS or even dedicated server is the only thing that can handle your website at that point. If you’re on a serious growth curve, Hivelocity might just be your next stopping point.

Newbies, Look Elsewhere

If you’re just started your blog, or you only have a few hundred visitors, dedicated or private cloud hosting is not what you need. Even if you have money to pour into your project, purchasing a dedicated server for a brand new blog is just a waste of space. VPS hosting is the absolute maximum any new site should begin with unless it uses tons of resources from the get-go — which the majority of blogs do not.

What is “High Traffic?”

What is “high traffic” and at what point is your shared hosting plan going to let you down? That depends on the technology and limits of your host. As a rule 0f thumb, some experts say shared hosting can generally handle anywhere from 3,000 – 4,000 daily visitors. Others set the upper limit at 10,000/day. Again, that’s a very rough generalization, and the limits of the host depend entirely on the specific platform.

Pro Bloggers’ Delight

If you’re a pro blogger with high traffic, you’re in the right market here.

You may even wish to skip the VPS server altogether and upgrade straight to dedicated hosting. Why?

hivelocity review for bloggers

Every site needs fast load times, but for blogs, this is critical. Visitors want their content and they want it now. Research has shown that even a few seconds of delay in loading can drive readers away and result in lost sales. A dedicated server, especially with a CDN, means even the most impatient visitors can be satisfied.

There aren’t any specific features that benefit bloggers here. No WordPress installers or anything of that nature is included. However, features like that are few and far between on dedicated servers — most sites run great on shared hosting, after all — so that’s nothing new.

Hivelocity offers some of the best hosting available.

hivelocity review for bloggers

Focused Customer Support

If you struggle with technical setup, you may wish to go for managed hosting instead or hire a temporary programmer to help you get started. At Hivelocity, exceptional customer service is a win-win. As your online venture scales up, that creates additional opportunity for Hivelocity.

Hivelocity’s website is well-designed and easy to navigate. A customer can find some useful features to help make their decision. Check out videos, live feeds of the datacenter, or take an online tour on Google Maps through the facility. You can even run a speed test on the Hivelocity servers.

If you encounter a problem — before you buy or after — you can make use of either the knowledgebase with hundreds of articles or get support via phone, live chat, or email. There’s an average response time of 15 minutes, so you don’t have to wait long to have your problem resolved.

hivelocity review for bloggers

Powerful Dedicated Servers

Hivelocity provides many different types of dedicated servers to choose from. You can pick managed or unmanaged, and all of them come with 10 GB of cloud storage plus free incoming bandwidth. That means visitors to your blog don’t cost you money, and you have a place to store all those archived posts.

If you’re short on time, you can get an instant server that’s ready to go immediately. Just make your purchase and you’re good to move your site over. These range from very cheap but powerful servers with a decent amount of transfer and storage to absolute monsters that resemble supercomputers.

hivelocity review for bloggers

You can also pick from a few base plans, configure every aspect of your new server, and deploy within 24 hours. This level is more appropriate for intensive gaming server than a highly popular blog. Still, if you want absolute control, check out the lower cost options.

And if having the most recent, high-tech processor isn’t a huge deal to you, you can get some huge savings by buying outlet servers with legacy processors from about five years ago. You won’t take any significant hit to load times, either.

These servers are inexpensive, especially if you can grab one on sale. While the price goes up exponentially, the lower tiers seem to cost practically nothing — only the enterprise-level hardware is more than a couple hundred a month. For such great quality, it’s a good deal.

hivelocity review for bloggers

Useful Services

Along with these high-end servers, you can also purchase other services to improve them. You can get more cloud storage space, load balancing across multiple servers for especially large sites, or you could buy 24-hour backups.

Blogs, in particular, tend to be subject to attacks from hackers preying on vulnerable code or anonymous trolls with a grudge so some security packages may be in order. Firewalls and DDoS prevention are of great benefit. SSL encryption can slow down or prevent malicious users from snooping on the contents of packets sent between a server and its visitors — such as your (or your readers’) login info.

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Finally, you can buy a CDN (content delivery network) so international users can load your website quickly. You only pay for the data it delivers.

High-End Hosting for Large Blogs

While Hivelocity is too expensive for a typical personal blogger to afford, if you do this for a living and generate a good amount of views and revenue, it’s worth short-listing. Even the most high-traffic blog will run smoothly on one of these dedicated servers.

hivelocity review for bloggers

With a fast, well-designed infrastructure, expert support teams, and a company willing to assess your needs and deliver the best possible solution, you really can’t go wrong. There may not be much to benefit a blog specifically, but the sheer quality trumps any downsides there may be. If you need a dedicated server, Hivelocity is the host to go with.

Brenda Barron is a writer from southern California. When not writing about blogging and business, she’s spending time with her family and knitting.