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GreenGeeks Review: Eco-Friendly Web Hosting for Bloggers


Good customer service is a hallmark of a reliable company that cares about its customers. Have you ever called customer support only to be handed off to another agent over and over again? Or left on hold for unreasonable amounts of time?

It’s refreshing to speak with patient and knowledgeable customer support reps, mainly when you are in a jam.

GreenGeeks Web Hosting does a solid job of maintaining high-quality service. Whether you messed up something with your database or are having problems migrating a website, their customer support reps are courteous and understanding. Also, GreenGeeks offers support through live chat, email, phone, and various other support resources.

greengeeks hosting

Excellent support is great and all, but how else does GreenGeeks stand out from the rest of the saturated hosting world?

Well, it’s one of the few hosting companies that has built its business entirely around the idea of energy efficient hosting. The people running GreenGeeks have decades of experience in hosting and energy efficiency, so they’ve developed a system where the amount of energy used by your website is replaced three times over with wind power credits.

According to GreenGeeks, the company replaces over 615,000 kWh/year.

About GreenGeeks

The energy efficiency model is what makes GreenGeeks truly unique. That said, the company has an interesting history with a wide variety of founders and workers who brought the company to fruition.

GreenGeeks was founded in California, and it mainly has a North American hosting presence. Over 35,000 customers use GreenGeeks hosting on a daily basis, and that number appears to be growing consistently, especially as more website owners become energy-conscious. The websites hosted by GreenGeeks number more than 300,000.

greengeeks web hosting for bloggers

The company was founded in 2008 by a management company trying to offer both affordable and eco-friendly hosting. This was accomplished by utilizing some of the most energy-efficient, state-of-the-art data software programs and server hardware. Therefore, customers are actually getting some of the best hosting tools when going with GreenGeeks.

Protecting the environment was the main goal, but quality customer service seemed to pair with that rather nicely. Therefore, GreenGeeks made it part of the mission to offer the best customer service possible.

GreenGeeks Offerings for Bloggers

The standard web hosting from GreenGeeks is delivered via shared hosting. This means that it’s affordable for bloggers, yet the servers are strong enough to support your website traffic.

The GreenGeeks shared hosting service gets you a free domain name for launching your site quickly and maintaining your brand in the URL. The free website migration is certainly helpful when you’re moving from a different web host, while the one-click installer is great for quickly installing apps like WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal.

The advanced security and super fast performance come in handy when you go with GreenGeeks, and the scalable “elastic” platform allows for quick and easy upgrades to your hosting resources.

Overall, the shared hosting plan from GreenGeeks is pretty impressive. You’ll receive adequate SSD web space and data transfer, a domain name registration or transfer, a website builder, custom email addresses, marketing tools, and SEO options.

E-commerce Support

Integrating with WordPress or Joomla is no problem, but some blogs and startups would rather launch directly with an e-commerce platform. This includes options like PrestaShop, Magento, and ZenCart.

GreenGeeks assists in configuring an e-commerce site like this, and you’re able to protect customer information with full PCI compliance.

Amazing Customer Support

If you want to call GreenGeeks on the phone, have at it. If you’re more of a live chat person, that’s available as well. If you’re more interested in sending in a ticket or email, GreenGeeks has you covered.

Not only do you have all sorts of outlets for customer support, but the GreenGeeks support team members are highly-trained, compassionate, and understanding about your problems.

A full knowledgebase is also provided for searching keywords and sifting through articles previously written about various issues you may need to troubleshoot. GreenGeeks continues to add to its online resource center, with a large collection of website tutorials and articles. You can also check out the GreenGeeks blog.

WordPress Hosting

Bloggers on WordPress might find GreenGeeks WordPress hosting is perfect for them. This specialized hosting focuses only on WordPress, with support from the one-click WordPress installer, a pre-installed workflow management tool for Git, and custom PHP support.

The enhanced WordPress security is one of the main benefits of this plan. You receive automatic updates, real-time security scanning, and brute force protection.

Along with that, GreenGeeks packs things like daily backups, malware monitoring, and a content delivery network (CDN) into this plan.

The best thing about the WordPress hosting is that it’s made for both beginners and full-fledged WordPress developers. In addition, the pricing remains reasonable.

Other Hosting Options from GreenGeeks

All of the hosting plans from GreenGeeks come with a 30-day money back guarantee. This way you can test out the service to see if it’s right for you.

Shared hosting is typically the most popular for small businesses and bloggers, but GreenGeeks also provides a few specialized hosting options.

The first is reseller hosting, where you become a hosting vendor yourself, using the GreenGeeks datacenter and infrastructure to bring in new clients. You receive plenty of SSD web space, bandwidth, and cPanel accounts. It’s an entirely white-labeled solution with a free hosting billing system. This means that you already have a built-in invoicing system, and you can launch a help desk to support your own customers.

The other form of hosting is called a VPS, or virtual private server. The VPS is more expensive and powerful than shared hosting. It’s meant to mimic the environment of a private server, but without the high cost. GreenGeeks has fast and reliable VPS options with multiple cores, premium bandwidth, and SSD RAID-10 storage. The free nightly backups ensure your data is continuously safe, and GreenGeeks even offers a completely free migration service for those coming from other hosts.

Who is GreenGeeks Best For?

GreenGeeks makes sense for any blogger interested in energy-efficient hosting. You might figure you won’t notice much of a difference (since the “green” part of hosting is all on the backend) but green hosting means better hardware and tools in general. In addition, you get a caring support team.

green geeks web hosting for bloggers

We like GreenGeeks for bloggers because of the WordPress hosting option. It’s also a useful hosting platform for e-commerce sites, seeing as how several e-commerce platforms integrate. It’s generally an appealing choice for new and established blogs, alike.

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