globat review for bloggers

Globat Review: Low-Cost, Simple Hosting for Newbie Bloggers

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Last Updated on August 6, 2019

Building a blog often comes down to choice.

For instance, you might want the option to build an online store for your blog at some point. Or, you might want design or marketing services. You might want access to enhanced security and backups, too.

Globat is a web hosting provider that offers bloggers options.

globat review for bloggers


They are simple to use, even though the number of choices offered far outmatch competitors. On the surface, Globat appears similar to other hosts, with domain sales, hosting options, and some web design tools.

Yet, at its core is a larger hosting company with significant care program for its customers. Sure, you’re most likely going to make a really basic site or blog with Globat, but that’s not the point. Should your blog grow, the option to pay for things like design services or marketing advice is essential for continued success.

The truth of the matter is many hosts don’t provide all of these services. So Globat is definitely worth keeping on your radar if you think you might eventually need to make changes, enhancements, or expansions to your blog.

The Globat Story

Globat is an established hosting company founded in 2001. Early on the goal was to sell affordable hosting without sacrificing features or quality.

Their goal is to make web hosting as easy as possible, and this has attracted users from all over the world with different experience levels.

globat review for bloggers

The two Globat datacenters are located in Boston, Massachusetts. The datacenters are large (roughly 2,400 square feet) with thousands of servers. The Globat website states that the datacenters are protected by 24/7 security, along with n+1 power.

Overall, Globat seems to be one of the more organized, simplified hosting offerings compared to other large brands.

Blogging Made Easy with Globat

Let’s make one thing clear: You’re not getting any sort of advanced WordPress support or managed WordPress hosting with Globat. None of that is offered.

However, Globat does provide the next best thing: a one-click installer for WordPress. This means that all you have to do is sign up for Globat, click on the WordPress button, then wait around for the script to do its work. Most of the time this takes no more than five minutes.

After that, you’ll have to create your login information, then go to your WordPress dashboard. This is currently the fastest and easiest way to install a WordPress blog. You’ll be up and running within minutes and be writing your first blog post after that.

Globat does offer website maintenance services. These are packaged by hours-per-month. You may be interested in this option if you don’t want to mess with WordPress plugin updates.

Globat also gives you access to thousands of apps and add-ons for your blog courtesy of the Mojo Marketplace, a third party provider. You can choose from curated themes, apps, and plugins for blogs: including marketing and e-commerce tools; multimedia galleries; discussion forums; customer service and more. So, you could browse through all of the recommended WordPress themes and plugins right after completing the installation process.

The WordPress plugins are rather plentiful in the marketplace. So, if you’d like to add an Instagram gallery or an event calendar, let’s say, the Mojo Marketplace integration delivers.

globat review for bloggers
Globat is one of many hosts that give you a shortcut from your account to the Mojo Marketplace. Anyone can access the Marketplace though; you don’t need a hosting package to do so. Included in Mojo: over 1,200 WordPress themes.

Automated backups and restorations are more reasons bloggers will enjoy Globat. You have to pay for the additional features, but the access to extra options is key here. Although you might not think you need automated backups for a new blog, it’s extremely important to protect your content from the beginning. Malware protection is also available to detect and prevent attacks.

SEO, Marketing, and Design

Globat provides built-in SEO tools so you don’t have to manually request that search engines crawl your blog. This is definitely important for new sites that want to get indexed quickly. You could do this on your own, but why bother when the automated process is much easier. Globat also has a customized search engine marketing program where dedicated professionals work to improve your search engine rankings.

globat review for bloggers

These services help Globat stand out since many hosting companies usually focus more on just hosting and domains.

For marketing services, you can pay Globat to build advertising campaigns and boost website traffic. Globat has a portion of the program dedicated to local website traffic, so if you run a local blog or a small business, this might be useful.

Globat offers a DIY website builder. The builder is courtesy of a third party called If you’re interested in a site builder we recommend you browse to get an idea of what their website templates look like. You can also choose to use that site builder even if you go with another host.

The website design services from Globat allow you to sit back and let someone else take care of your site’s development. The company can design a business, e-commerce, or blog site for you. The standard site packages include multiple web pages, a custom layout, logo designs, and e-commerce support if needed.

We’re not recommending you jump right into paying for a custom blog design, but this kind of service might be useful for those who require a totally original design and don’t have the time (or skills) to execute it themselves.

How’s the Customer Support?

One of the first things you see on the Globat homepage is a customer support phone number. This shows me that the company is open to customers calling in as the first form of support. There are many times you’ll find that hosting companies try to send you through the knowledgebase before calling or emailing. So this is a nice, personalized touch.

Along with the phone support, Globat has a live chat link right on the homepage. This might be more convenient for those who don’t like talking on the phone.

As for documentation, the support page includes a knowledgebase and user guides. For instance, the user guides help with everything from selling online to managing your account. The knowledgebase consists of a huge collection of technical articles, with a search bar and topics ranging from policies to security.

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Rounding out the customer support options, an email address is provided as well as a customer support ticketing system.

Is Globat Right for You?

Blog owners and small businesses shouldn’t have any problem launching a site with Globat. The pricing is right, and you’re not bogged down by complicated hosting plans or features you might not use. That said, Globat is known for offering a wide range of options. The features are all there for you to pick when ready, but you might just have to pay a little extra for each.

There’s e-commerce support. The apps are helpful for configuring some form of online store, and you could always go with the e-commerce website design service if you’d rather take a hands-off approach.

globat review for bloggers

Bloggers should feel right at home with Globat. The company is a large one, but the customer support is accessible, and you get access to the WordPress one-click installation script. It would be nice to see more blogging support than just this option, but you at least can add-on features like malware protection and automated backups.

Finally, the pricing here is close to as cheap as you can get. Bloggers and small businesses need to save money wherever they can. Globat isn’t the cheapest hosting company you can find, but the pricing is reasonable and you at least know you’re getting plenty of features and solid support as a part of the deal.

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