flywheel wordpress hosting review

Flywheel Hosting Review: User-Friendly WordPress Hosting

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Last Updated on November 5, 2017

Can you remember the first time you saw a hosting control panel? It was pretty strange looking, right? Maybe a little intimidating?

If you’re just getting started with web hosting you might be in for a rude awakening, since most hosting dashboards are not very user-friendly. Many of them look pretty outdated, too.

Thankfully, Flywheel Hosting is looking to change that.

If you haven’t had a chance to look into Flywheel Hosting, you’re missing out on the most beautiful hosting dashboards currently on the market. The company has built itself on the premise that most hosting dashboards are insufficient in some way, so it has endeavored to fix that problem.

flywheel wordpress hosting review

Flywheel has also made a commitment to managed WordPress hosting, giving users total focus on the CMS. This managed WordPress hosting isn’t the cheapest you’ll find online, but it keeps your hands free of the sometimes messy world of hosting, and you get the added benefit of working with people who are experts in WordPress.

If this sounds good to you — and you’d like to learn more about what Flywheel can do — keep reading.

The Basics: WordPress Hosting Without a Hitch

Flywheel specializes in managed WordPress hosting. The whole point is for you to scale your blog or small business by using a beautiful hosting dashboard, while letting Flywheel do most of the heavy lifting. Flywheel allows you to launch and build your WordPress site faster than ever. It’s also available for managing your workflow more efficiently than you’d be able to with another hosting provider.

Flywheel hosting review

All site migrations are provided when you sign up for Flywheel. So, if you already have an established site on another host, Flywheel does the dirty work of transferring everything from site files to images.

What’s great about Flywheel hosting is that it offers more of a full development suite, where you can choose from multiple blueprints and templates, all packaged together for expedited development.

For example, an affiliate blogger might need to launch multiple sites with the same plugins and themes. If that’s the case, she can either save custom blueprints or choose from the ones provided by Flywheel.

Flywheel also includes a staging area with your managed hosting plan, giving you a spot to test out changes and adjust your design, all without the world seeing what’s going on in the background. After you’re done, you can publish the site with one click.

The managed hosting from Flywheel also has site cloning, so you can take a copy of a production site and use it for a completely different site.

All of these options and tools are bonuses on top of the VPS managed hosting, which acts like a dedicated server but runs as a virtual machine on a shared server. So, basically, you receive a high-performance virtual server without having to pay the high cost of dedicated hosting.

Managed hosting from Flywheel has its perks all across the board. We mentioned how beautiful the dashboard is, but you also gain access to a wide range of other features such as:

  • Hacker-free security to detect malware and always keep an eye on who’s trying to break your site.
  • A VPS with smooth and speedy performance. It’s truly one of the fastest hosts you can go with. And it’s all managed for you.
  • Automated backups that run every single night. If you notice a problem with your site, a one-click restoration button comes to the rescue.
  • You get to select your own datacenter so you’ll serve your content closer to your users.
  • A much less annoying FTP process.
  • Custom-built hosting made just for WordPress sites.
  • The option to add a Simple SSL.
  • A CDN to get the best performance possible.
  • Multisite capability.

Flywheel Enterprise and Reseller Hosting

The Flywheel enterprise hosting offers a next-generation infrastructure with instant traffic scaling and enterprise-grade security. The managed updates mean that you never have to think about security vulnerabilities or missing out on the best plugin updates. You also get daily health checks along with the extremely powerful hosting environment.

What’s unique about this enterprise setup is that the Flywheel team sends you quarterly reports with information on your site’s uptime, any hacking attempts that were mitigated, and the number of backups you’ve made.

The reseller hosting is for those who would like to use the Flywheel infrastructure to get their own hosting customers. The dedicated account management helps you resolve support issues, while the free hosting gets your own blogs off the ground quickly.

reselller hosting options

The hosting resources from Flywheel are all available to your customers (should you have them) so you don’t have to serve as a middleman when they’re trying to get help fast. All backups, caching and malware monitoring is done in the background, just like it would be done for you as a regular Flywheel customer. This is definitely one of the best reseller programs out there since both you and your customers are taken care of.

Finally, you get a beautiful team collaboration module, giving stakeholders a peek into your blog design process and hosting. This is great for those who build multiple blogs, like web design firms. And you get to restrict certain parts of the interface from some users.

An Abundance of Resources and Support Documentation

Besides having dedicated support representatives available through email, phone, and chat, Flywheel offers an incredible selection of resources for you to learn about topics like WordPress, hosting, web design, and more.

To start, the Flywheel blog, called The Layout, covers topics for freelancers, designers, and regular business people with websites. It’s a standout blog in a world with mediocre content, seeing as how the tutorials are in-depth, the interviews are interesting, and everything you get helps to expand your knowledge.

There’s also a collection of free e-books for you to download. Some of the titles offer information about reseller hosting, multisite management, building a website, and improving your site speed. All of them are available for free as long as you’re willing to input your email address and personal information.

You’ll also find a creative toolbox with items like themes, plugins, assets, and other creative items to build your website. The majority of them seem to have coupons. So, for example, you could get a slight discount on your WordPress theme from TeslaThemes, or you could get some nice freelancer contract templates without paying full price.

In addition, Flywheel has a well-organized knowledgebase in the support center, allowing you to search for a keyword and find a solution to your problem. Along with powerful videos and occasional online courses, the resources from Flywheel look impressive.

flywheel hosting logo

Flywheel Knows Hosting

For all the pros, you might consider going with a different host if your budget can’t swing the Flywheel pricing. However, you should remember that with all of the time saved using Flywheel, you’ll be able to focus on building your blog or business and potentially make more money.

Check out Flywheel hosting»

Other than that, Flywheel could be recommended to bloggers who require multisite and all businesses using WordPress. It’s a clean dashboard, a nicely-run company, and the resources are unbeatable.

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