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Easyspace Review: Powerful Hosting, Top Support for Bloggers

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Last Updated on August 2, 2019

Need a host with lots of options? Often, when you run a WordPress blog, it can be difficult to find a service that keeps your needs in mind. While Easyspace is a host that works for almost anyone, it has a lot of optimizations to help bloggers get on their feet, so you don’t feel like just an afterthought.

easyspace hosting

From simple beginnings in 1997 — back when 500 MB of storage was revolutionary and most websites were parked on Geocities — Easyspace has grown to a modern, powerful host. Not to mention one of the largest hosting companies in the UK. That makes it a great starting point for bloggers.

Variety Hosting

Easyspace has been in the business for a while, so it’s no surprise that it offers the full spectrum of hosting types. For a small startup or established blog, it’s got what you need to get things running. A free domain, email hosting, and various marketing credits helps most customers get started.

easyspace hosting review for bloggers

Secure Shared Hosting

Shared hosting might be the go-to choice for smaller websites, but this package is far from simple. It’s chock full of content and features, the major one being the free instant site generator. While it’s not unique in its feature set, it never hurts to have on hand if you don’t possess design skills and can’t afford to hire a designer. Especially if you’re not familiar with customizing WordPress themes.

Other features include backups (free with WP hosting), a free shared SSL server, dedicated IP and private SSL server availability, and a paid security pack.

With shared hosting, you have three plans to choose from, the third specially made for WordPress users. For the first two, you get unlimited bandwidth, a decent to an unlimited amount of storage, and a choice between Linux or Windows.

The WordPress plan, while a bit more costly, contains some enhanced features like more spacious email hosting. And, of course, you can’t beat an environment tailored to the program you’re using.

Other Hosting Options

And what about the other choices? Well, if you think you’re going to be stuck with shared hosting for your blog, think again. If your site is popular and you need to scale up, you won’t be left without a plan optimized for you.

VPS and cloud solutions both come with a helpful “build your own server” toolkit. If you have no idea how much RAM you need, there are useful presets for Drupal, Magento, Joomla, and — of course — WordPress.

Overall, the cloud servers seem to give a bit more flexibility. With VPS, you’re stuck with Plesk, and an unmanaged version, at that. But with the cloud, cPanel is an option, as is server management. And, finally, if you opt for cloud hosting, you can even choose Windows, if you prefer. Even so, the variety of Linux operating systems the VPS servers offer should satisfy most users.

Last but not least, Plesk comes with a WordPress toolkit where you can get a one-click install of the blogging platform onto the server, and a security scan to boot.

web hosting for bloggers

If you need even more power, there are pre-built and custom-made dedicated hosts waiting. While there are no explicitly mentioned WordPress optimizations this time, these servers are still very powerful and extremely customizable.

You have a choice of the two standard control panels and Easyspace’s built-in one. Choose from full management, semi-management, or taking the reins yourself. Pick from Windows, Linux, a few others, or install your own OS. There are many choices here. Also, all the custom plans appear to offer unlimited bandwidth.

To sum it up, all of Easyspace’s plans offer an endless range of customization, especially as you go up in tiers. If you have a website, Easyspace may offer the right solution. And more popular bloggers will find that they can build the server of their dreams — though smaller sites will be quite happy with the reliable shared hosting, too.

Helpful Services

Along with servers, Easyspace also provides numerous miscellaneous programs and add-ons. The big one is domain registration, which comes with a surprising amount of features. DNS management, email/web forwarding, and a domain control panel, all for free.

Or, if you need the latest Microsoft Office, look no further. It’s safe to say that most companies, and even many professional bloggers, need some sort of business suite, and Office 365 has a lot of appealing features. Besides what you would expect like Word and Excel, there’s also the ability to share documents easily, communicate on a private company social network, and schedule video conferences. If you’re starting a blogging business, or need a word processor for manage your drafts, it’s perfect.

Finally, you have your pick of site builders. There’s Easyspace’s own EasySiteLive Pro. It’s rather basic — if you’ve used a drag-and-drop builder before, you get the idea — but it’s cheap and gets the job done.

Got your eye on mobile, but want something different than simple responsiveness? goMobi is another option. It claims to work in minutes and can either complement your desktop site or function as the main website. Either way, there’s a free trial to test it out. Besides, it’s hard to turn down mobile optimization in this day and age.

You could even hire a custom designer to have a website built to your specifications. In short, that’s a lot of features! Domain registration, web design, or business tools; whatever you need, Easyspace has it.

Generalized Hosting With a Target

With all the features, hosting types, and customization that it offers, Easyspace settles in quite nicely as a host for most. It’s not the cheapest on the market — especially if you buy outside of the UK — but it’s hard to beat it in versatility and power. If you have the money, you can create a hosting plan to suit your needs from the ground up.

easyspace hosting for bloggers

But there is a bit of a niche to be found here. Easyspace knows that bloggers love WordPress-optimized hosting. So much hassle is alleviated, making it obvious this is a host that cares. There’s the business tool collection to consider, too: Office 365, management on nearly every hosting type, and the amount of personalization and control that a professional environment demands.

Check out Easyspace’s hosting and domain name packages.»

It’s clear enough that this is a platform that works for the every-blogger, with special attention given to businesses and WordPress users. If you fit one of those descriptions, and you’re tired of struggling to get set up on hosts not designed for you, Easyspace might just be what you’re looking for.

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