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EasyCGI Review: Everything You Need to Launch Your Blog Fast

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Last Updated on August 2, 2019

Launching a website doesn’t require much technical knowledge these days. Thankfully, many hosting companies will even handle the technical bits for you. From one-click installation to visual website builders, the process has gone from using FTP and custom code to something far more straightforward and manageable.

So manageable that most web hosts pretty much have the same offerings. Sure, some of the major hosts out there focus on managed WordPress hosting or dedicated servers, but on average, you’ll find that a typical host sells shared hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated servers, domain names, and all the tools required to launch a site or blog quickly.

EasyCGI falls right within that category.

easycgi hosting review profile

It’s not a low-cost leader, but it does offer a reliable service with a predictable feature set that is useful for those who are new to web hosting. By that, we mean that you’ll be able to find everything you need in one spot without any confusion.

For example, if you need standard shared hosting, EasyCGI has it. If you’d like a somewhat basic website builder, that comes packaged in as well. Need more power? Go with the EasyCGI VPS.

Overall, EasyCGI is a good choice for most types of websites, but it’s tough to differentiate it from the hoards of other web hosts out there. That said, keep reading to find out what this host offers and how it can help you launch your next blog.

easycgi hosting review

Shared Web Hosting from EasyCGI

EasyCGI has broken its shared hosting into three different levels, but there isn’t much of a difference between the three. You do, however, receive more disk space, MySQL databases, and data transfer as you upgrade.

All standard features are provided across the three plans, so your site will run smoothly no matter which tier you pick.

For example, search engine optimization and malware protection tools are packaged into the shared hosting plans. You can connect to GSuite or work through webmail, whichever one feels most comfortable to you.

It’s a Windows hosting environment with a 99.9% uptime guarantee. Once again, there’s nothing that stands out here, but some users might find comfort in the fact that EasyCGI has what they expect to see from a standard web host.

Though it will depend on the shared hosting level you choose, you can expect features like a basic control panel, merchant accounts, unlimited FTP accounts, unlimited subdomains, custom error pages, email forwarding and autoresponders, spam and virus blocking, and access to MySQL databases and phpMyAdmin. Other standout features include:

  • The CM4All website builder. This builder is a bit watered down but it at least provides a more visual development environment.
  • 24/7 support and a solid knowledge base to complete your own research.
  • Advanced support for things like Perl, AJAX, PHP, ASP.net, IIS7, and CGI-BIN.
  • Domain registration and privacy.
  • A script library with support for WordPress, phpBB Forum, and GBook.

The Personalized Expert Consultation

Not all website hosting companies offer services to bring your websites to life. Therefore, the free expert consultation from EasyCGI might be a key consideration for you.

It’s somewhat of an onboarding process, but with a few additional perks. EasyCGI assigns a dedicated representative to your account, and that person helps you out with scripting and databases. So, if you’d like to install WordPress, EasyCGI takes the reins. EasyCGI also has several marketing services for those who want to get the word out about their blogs.

For example, EasyCGI offers services in the following areas:

  • Boosting your local traffic.
  • Improving your search engine optimization for both local and worldwide traffic.
  • Setting up a pay-per-click advertising program to locate brand-new customers.

EasyCGI walks through the website builder as part of the expert consultation, but you’re also able to contact the company and pay for more professional design services. For example, EasyCGI offers:

  • Online store launching.
  • HTML email creation and sending.
  • Form, blog, database, and forum building.
  • Designing images and logos.
  • Testing your site’s performance.
  • Regular maintenance.

EasyCGI states on its website that the scope of your project doesn’t matter. If you need a job done in 15 hours, that’s entirely doable. EasyCGI has a team of professional developers and designers who are there to take on even the longest of projects.

Along with support for SiteLock, WordPress hosting, site restoring, and alternative website builders, the professional services from EasyCGI look solid.

Automated Daily Backupsback up easycgi

One feature that may stand out for some is the inclusion of automated backups. This is included with your shared hosting or VPS plan. The reason we say it’s one of the few features that stands out is that many hosts make you pay extra for automated backups. The main problem with paying for this service is that so many users simply skip the upcharge and never protect their sites.

So, it’s nice to see that EasyCGI has taken the initiative to improve the security of its users’ sites. The hosting company will even walk you through the restoration process if something bad happens to your blog.

VPS Web Hosting for Additional Power

If you’re not familiar with VPS (virtual private server) hosting, it’s a step up from shared hosting, with a virtual website hosting environment on a shared server. Because of the virtual machine that runs your site, it acts similar to a dedicated server, without the high cost.

Not every web host offers VPS hosting, but compared to the ones that do, EasyCGI is pretty standard.

The VPS runs on a Linux operating system, and you can put as many websites on the server as you want. This type of hosting has firewall protection and support for Perl, PHP, and SSI. This is out of range for most bloggers but it’s good to have available should you wish to venture into multisite or your single blog grows exponentially.

E-commerce Tools from EasyCGI

E-commerce store building is sold as a separate package. You can ask EasyCGI to build the site for you, but that would require you to pay for one of its development services.

On the other hand, you could take the tools given to you and make the site yourself. Here are some of the e-commerce essentials provided should you wish to ever add a store to your blog:

  • A full shopping cart through Ecwid.
  • Credit card processing through PayPal.
  • Two types of SSL certificates.
  • Product sourcing and drop shipping through Doba.

easycgi hosting review

Is EasyCGI a Quality Option for Hosting?

You’re not getting anything unique, but you are getting a solid, quality option for hosting. EasyCGI users receive 24/7 support and all of the requirements of a solid shared or VPS hosting package. However, if you require managed WordPress hosting or a really inexpensive plan, EasyCGI might not be the best choice for you.

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