dotster review for bloggers

Get it Done Today: Reliable Hosting for Bloggers From Dotster

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Last Updated on August 2, 2019

Bloggers typically strive for simplicity when it comes to setting up a website and finding the right host. After all, a blog is a pretty straightforward type of website and there’s no reason to complicate that. Dotster stands out because of its ability to get you in and out with a domain, hosting, and email — all without complication.

The process is quick and seamless, you aren’t forced to decide between too many types of hosting, and setup is streamlined with battle-tested servers made for supporting all types of websites. Intrigued? Let’s explore.

dotster review for bloggers


What Makes Dotster Better Than Other Hosts?

Many people, particularly bloggers, don’t have any interest in working with very large hosting companies. Some of this might be because they want to support small businesses, but it probably has more to do with reliability. Do you get to speak to a knowledgeable professional? Are you treated as a customer or a number? Is customer support outsourced to individuals whose English-speaking skills are minimal?

dotster review for bloggers

One area that benefits bloggers — and online business people in general — is the accessibility of Dotster’s customer support. It doesn’t matter when you call since you’ll be able to speak with someone to resolve your problems. The live chat module is popular for this since you can chime in whenever you want. Go ahead, write a blog post while waiting for the customer support rep.

There’s also a 24/7 phone line for both sales and support. You can sit on the phone with a person and ask questions, even before signing up for a plan.

You also gain access to a full knowledgebase. Combine this with the collection of user guides and you shouldn’t have any difficulty with your hosting.

The support team is helpful and patient, and that’s good for newbie bloggers to know.

The Pricing Looks Great

Similar to Bluehost, Dotster is a low-cost leader. The primary shared hosting is the cheapest you can find on the Dotster website, and you can choose between Linux or Windows hosting. Dotster also has VPS hosting, which most new bloggers won’t need, but it’s a great option for scaling up when the time is right. Basically, a VPS gives your blog more power and support for massive surges in traffic. It works like a dedicated server but in a virtual, shared environment. VPS pricing is higher than that of shared hosting.

Specific Tools for Bloggers

Dotster has some tools for quickly installing popular applications on your host. The most popular for blogging would be WordPress, but you can also go with options like Joomla, Drupal, or b2evolution.

As an example, you can utilize the one-click installation feature for WordPress, so bloggers have no need to install the WordPress software using an FTP. You remain in the hosting dashboard, while the script spends a few minutes installing it for you.

Some other scripts include phpBB for forums and osCommerce for making an online store.

Dotster also has a special plan for building a WordPress blog. It’s not that different from a regular shared hosting account (in fact the pricing is exactly the same) but there are some advantages. First of all, you get built-in spam protection. Dotster also provides several themes and plugins that are generally recommended for WordPress sites.

dotster review for bloggers

The Dotster WordPress plan is integrated with a drag-and-drop page builder for adding just about anything from forums to photo galleries, online stores to videos.

Drag-and-Drop Site Builder

Many bloggers enjoy drag-and-drop page builders since they cut down on the design process, allowing you to spend more time on posts.

dotster review for bloggers

The Dotster website builder is called SiteBuilder, and you can either buy it as a separate product or get it included with your WordPress plan.

This is a basic website builder, but it’s ideal for constructing a new, simple blog. You get several templates; beautiful modules for adding items like images, videos, and calendars; and more. Not to mention, you get to customize the blog area however you want. This is an easy way to establish your brand online.

More About Dotster

Founded in 1999, Dotster has its headquarters in Vancouver, Washington. Dotster began only as a domain name provider, and then expanded into hosting, email packages, and security solutions. So, Dotster has become more of an all-in-one source than just a quick place to find cheap domains.

George DeCarlo founded Dotster in 1999, but the company actually launched in 2000 as a CAS (Columbia Analytical Services) project. When 2004 came along, CAS sold Dotster to Baker Capital.

The Endurance International Group conglomerate currently owns Dotster, making it part of a large portfolio of hosting companies. You can make up your own mind about parent corporations and how they may or may not be beneficial to the consumer. Some might think a large organization like this has more interest in appeasing shareholders and less interest in improving customer support or development efforts. However, some parent companies are very hands-off, so it’s not always wise to make assumptions.

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That said, the Endurance International Group owns other hosting brands like Bluehost and HostGator, along with companies like Constant Contact, iPage, and

Is Dotster Right for Bloggers?

It’s hard to pass up on the low-cost domains and hosting from Dotster. This provider should do the job for most new bloggers, especially those who want a cheap hosting plan and superior customer support. The WordPress plan is a nice bonus, and you don’t have to pay extra for it.

dotster review for bloggers

As for other types of businesses, we like Dotster for small companies making basic websites. The e-commerce support is there as well, and you could upgrade to a VPS to get more power if your site grows.

Brenda Barron is a writer from southern California. When not writing about blogging and business, she’s spending time with her family and knitting.