dotcanada hosting review

dotCanada Review: Principled Web Hosting for Bloggers

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Last Updated on August 2, 2019

These days, finding honest companies can be hard. In a perfect world, brands would be transparent and honest about their intentions, and always strive to provide their customers with the best product and service possible. Still, some brands mislead customers and cut corners to save a buck.

It is enough to make most bloggers wary.

It is great to hear that dotCanada is incredibly forthcoming and upfront about its services’ strengths and weaknesses. The company’s servers are specifically optimized for the needs of smaller websites, including blogs, and they offer top notch customer service.

It sounds like the perfect package for most bloggers, but is it too good to be true?

Let’s find out.

dotcanada hosting review

Catch-All Shared Hosting

dotCanada was designed with the needs of personal sites, small businesses, and blogs in mind, so shared hosting is where most of their attention is focused. But, that doesn’t mean their servers will hold you back. Most sites will find the speed and storage they need and never need an upgrade.

There are four plans to choose from. All come with lots of storage, a one-year free domain, and unlimited bandwidth — and with dotCanada shooting down other “strings attached” unlimited plans, this host really must mean it. As you go up in tiers, you get a few extra features and more space, though the big unlockable prize is the free forever SSL certificate.

But for personal sites, the extra-small plan will do just fine. It doesn’t have much storage, and only hosts one website, but it’s incredibly cheap. If you need to get something low-traffic online, like a small blog to just share with friends, this will serve you well.

All of these plans come with a website builder, email hosting, cPanel, and support for most popular apps like WordPress and Joomla. There are also a few “geek features” like LiteSpeed servers and CloudLinux.

This is a pretty nice set of features, and though dotCanada disavows super-cheap hosting in favor of maximum quality, the prices aren’t too bad. For this level of service, paying an extra few dollars — and it really is just a few — is more than worth it.

Quick Cloud Hosting

So let’s say you do outgrow the shared hosting, or you’re coming in with a large blog that needs a little more from the get-go. The cloud is there to catch you, and dotCanada claims to offer the best there is. There are six plans, all with decent to enterprise-level hardware and free inbound transfer.

dotcanada cloud hosting

If these servers aren’t enough, there’s a plan made for bigger businesses with even more resources to offer. These plans get a bit expensive the higher you go, but their power rivals that of a dedicated server. dotCanada’s cloud hosting should tide over a large majority of websites.

Choose your OS (Windows, Linux, and its many offshoots included), get full root access, and add or remove resources at any time. It costs a bit more, but you can increase CPU, RAM, or extra storage whenever you’d like. There are a lot of nice features in this package, though the servers sell themselves, really.

Inexpensive Reseller Hosting

Last, but certainly not least, is reseller hosting, coming in at a surprisingly inexpensive price. Many reseller plans can come up pretty expensive with a minimal amount of accounts and features to show for it. That isn’t the case here. Even the most expensive plan is fairly affordable, and they all come with free SSL certificates forever.

And if you’re just getting started and seeing if your reseller company can stand on its feet, there’s a small plan with just a few accounts. It costs under a hundred dollars a year, so it’s practically risk-free.

Reseller hosting is a great solution for those who want to jump into the business, but can’t afford a whole datacenter. And it makes a great side business for bloggers. Automate through WHMCS (for a price), give customers access to cPanel and an SSL certificate, and make a name for yourself operating under a company known for its honesty and loyalty — or keep it anonymous if you’d rather. All this under your own brand.

Some reseller plans are pretty bare bones, not to mention expensive, so seeing one so full of features at such a low price is great.

dotCanada Stands Out

But knowing all this, what is it that makes dotCanada different? Is it the price, the add-ons offered, the hosting itself? The answer is this company’s determination to provide the highest quality services with the most transparency.

Money is invested in the latest high-speed cloud technology, in its four data centers across the US and Canada, and in helpful experienced staff. dotCanada does its best to give fair and affordable prices, so customers only have to pay for the resources they use. If you don’t like it, you can get a refund without having to jump through hoops.

Another great business practice is the 100% uptime guarantee, with heavy penalizations if it fails to meet this quota. One hour is one day of free service. A price lock promise is included as well, so no raising the price after you buy. And if you want a refund, unlike other hosts, it’ll buy the domain name back if you don’t want it.

Taking everything into account, dotCanada is a great company that’s fully dedicated to its customers and nothing more.

Honest, High-Quality Hosting for Smaller Bloggers

If you’re looking for integrity and quality, look no further. dotCanada’s primary goal is to satisfy its customers, and that’s a principle you can’t argue with. And they don’t just pay their values lip service; dotCanada has reliable servers with a 100% uptime guarantee sealing the deal.

Check out dotCanada for your hosting needs.»

Small to mid-sized bloggers based in Canada or the US will be right at home at dotCanada. Sure, you can find cheaper hosting elsewhere, but you are unlikely to find the same service and uptime guarantee for less. However, if you are looking to be more hands-on or need a dedicated server, dotCanada is not likely to be a good fit for you.

dotCanada hosting review

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