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Last Updated on August 2, 2019

For large businesses, especially ones that require secure servers, finding a quality host is a challenging endeavor. If you’ve outgrown your current provider, you’ll need to move fast. But even companies that offer high-end solutions rarely make custom, scalable servers just for you.

That’s where comes in, delivering tons of scalable plans with their unique approach. They’re not just flexible, they’re made for you. Eliminating the issue of running out of room seems like a fantasy, but their goal is to make it a reality. hosting review for bloggers

Tons of Hosting Options

Created especially for larger businesses, offers both dedicated and cloud hosting. There’s actually quite the array of smaller types too, such as colocation, app, and database hosting

If you got the cash, you can almost certainly find a perfect server, no problemo. Whether you need something low-key, or a custom-made dedicated server for your sprawling online enterprise, has a solution.

High-End Dedicated Hosting

The first thing they make sure to do is to flash their powerful, stare-worthy server specs. If you aren’t tech-savvy, these acronyms might fly over your head, but these are some genuinely nice computers.

You have a choice of Windows or Linux, along with SSDs, reboot control and root access, redundant storage, and more. You will need to call in for a quote, so it is safe to assume that this is all pretty expensive.

Though it all comes with a 100% availability guarantee, and some pretty heavy refunds if they fail. hosting for bloggers

And finally, it appears that Plesk panel, management, backups, and even website statistics come at an extra fee — they’re listed as “optional” or “upgrade options.” While many companies include these for free (at least statistics, c’mon), it’s hard to get over those high-end system specs.

A Variety of Cloud Hosting Options

Next up is the cloud, and you get four different types to choose from. For those in need of a scalable solution, small or large, this is what you’re after. They come with guaranteed CPU cycles, RESTful API (great for programmers!), plus backups and cPanel, though those two come at a cost. Plus one-click support for WordPress, Node.js, and many others.

First there’s public cloud, the only option on all of that has pricing plans (except dedicated nodes). You can choose from general purpose servers, or ones optimized for storage, memory, and more. Nifty, though there’s no low-end option for those. Inbound bandwidth is unlimited as well.

Private clouds, deployed on dedicated hardware, come with the benefits of a server with the price of cloud computing (though it can be assumed that it’s a wee bit more expensive than their public counterpart). In other words, you get the scalability of the cloud without having to share. This makes you less susceptible to hacking, downtime caused by unruly neighbors, and so on.

Dedicated nodes are the “final form” of cloud hosting, intended only for giants like telecommunication companies. Those come in at a whopping price of nearly $2000 to $5000 per month, but you’re probably not after that sort of plan anyway!

Finally, there’s hybrid hosting, which is intended to bring you Atlantic’s strong platform without the cost of a full plan. Such options include dedicated virtualization along with another plan, on-site and off-site virtual servers, and so on. If their other plans just don’t fit, this might be what you’re after.

Phew! Out of breath? We’re not even close to done. There are a few other types left to sort through.

Secure Compliant Hosting

Healthcare services often need to jump through hoops to find HIPAA-compliant hosting that’s any good. Pretty much every security layer you can think of is there. A managed firewall, intrusion detection, scans, anti-malware, and lots of encryption.

It comes managed and unmanaged as well, with a choice of Windows or Linux, and you can get it on pretty much any platform. Cloud, dedicated, even…a HIPAA-compliant app? Whatever you need, they’ve got an option for it.

There’s also PCI-compliant e-commerce hosting, both dedicated and cloud, to ensure a secure environment for your customers when they’re making transactions. The first thing customers look for is signs that you’re a reliable vendor, and they’ll thank you for keeping their data safe.

Other Hosting Types

Rounding up the last few varieties of hosting (there’s so many!), let’s make a quick list to wrap it all up.

  • Disaster Recovery: offsite backups are critical. It’s not clear if you have to have a plan to purchase this utility, but either way, it’s necessary for most bloggers.
  • App Hosting: apps need low-latency servers, scalable for sudden spikes of activity or a growing stream of new users. Atlantic promises fast data exchange between them and your fanbase.
  • Colocation Hosting: for young upstarts, building a data center may not be realistic. But the small-time ten-customers-max reseller plans offered by others may not be enough. This is the next step up, allowing new companies to get a foot up in the world.
  • Database Hosting: speaks for itself! MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, and so on are all supported.
  • Storage Hosting: backup your data in a secure cloud environment. Whether it’s for crucial encrypted information or just general use, they can make it custom for your needs.

Take a breath; you made it through! Hopefully you understand now the gigantic scale of options Atlantic has. If you can think of it, most likely, they can provide it.

The Drawbacks

Individuals, small businesses, and startups will find Atlantic’s options to be overkill. You might be able to pick up a 1 or 2 GB public cloud server, but beyond that, there aren’t too many options.

Smaller bloggers are better off going with cheaper shared or VPS plans elsewhere. But beyond that obvious issue, there are a few downsides.

A Bit Overwhelming

A host that gives a lot of options is a good thing, and yes, we are going to turn around and list it as a positive in the next section. But it is all a bit much to deal with for small to medium sized bloggers.

Luckily, they do simplify it by listing the three most important options right on the front page, but if you click any of these links, your options suddenly multiply. You’ve chosen cloud? Well, here’s four different kinds. Public cloud? Now you have about 20 plans to pick from. It’s like hosting mitosis. Also, the constant exposition dumps? Not. Helping.

Okay, we can assume that most businesses will have a specialist who can at least determine that their online clothing shop doesn’t need a dedicated node, but there’s still a lot to process even if you’re tech-savvy. The consultation might clear things up a bit, but you are going to need a baseline, and that’s over ten types to sift through. Good luck!

Extra Fees

Let’s be brutally honest for a second here: you charge for cPanel?! Really?! No one does that anymore! Okay, deep breath. That’s the big one; the rest are semi-reasonable at least. When you’re servicing enterprise-level businesses, you can’t really expect free backups. But there are a lot of charged addons.

Plesk, extra IPs, too much outbound traffic, managed hosting, firewalls, the list goes on. For something that’s already expensive even for large companies, it feels a little over the top.

The Upsides

The problems are notable, but there are a ton of upsides for the right user. provides a quality service, there’s no denying that. If you can afford it, you’ll be making a worthy investment into your website’s future.

Custom-Made Servers

While the sheer amount of options available may be overwhelming, the thought of getting a tailor-made server is pretty impressive. Even public cloud has a plan to fit everyone, even if it’s not custom.

It’s a very unique approach.

Great Quality, Great Value offers services of very high merit. They have six data centers spread across North America and the UK, stocked with all sorts of security precautions. The features they provide, while may be costly, are extremely useful. Even the one-click installer apps are all helpful. No unnecessary add-ons.

This host isn’t flashy or showy. They don’t have an endless feature list or free domains or a site builder, just a lot of different resources and some useful things to go with it. Yet, they come out as one of the better businesses, steadfastly and quietly providing fast, secure infrastructure and servers. for bloggers

Customized Hosting for Businesses

Because of the customized plans they offer, it is hard to directly compare to their competitors. But as it stands, it looks like a pretty great host, especially if you love variety. Large businesses who need flexibility and a scalable solution need to look no further; this company is all about customization.

Check out’s hosting solutions »

But Atlantic offers more than flexibility. They also bring stellar service and high-level tech to the table. Cloud hosting, dedicated servers, a secure place for your backups or databases — whatever you’re here for, Atlantic can deliver a solution for all websites medium to large, and they do it very, very well.

Brenda Barron is a writer from southern California. When not writing about blogging and business, she’s spending time with her family and knitting.