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Voog Review: Claims To Please Both Beginners And Pros. Is That Possible? We Investigate

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Last Updated on October 26, 2019

Many “cookie-cutter” website builders require you to go with their hosting. But more advanced developers are keen on self-hosted solutions like WordPress since they can maintain more control over the hosting process.

It’s not too often you see a website builder with both options.

The Voog is one of those exceptions. It looks similar to website builders like WIX and Weebly (basically site builders for beginners,) but Voog packs a surprise with the option for developers to self-host their own websites.

voog website builder

Yes, the ability to get hosting through Voog is still there, but this opens up all sorts of opportunities for developers who want to control performance and site files the best they can.

Voog has a sleek interface with decent templates. You get some powerful e-commerce tools with some of the lower priced plans as well.

Seeing as how Voog provides so many interesting features at a low price, keep reading to learn more about it below.

What Do You Get From Voog?

At its core, Voog is a website design tool. You sign up, pick a template, then get to work on making your website. It provides a drag-and-drop editor with all sorts of content modules. For example, you could drop an image onto a blog post or create a form for your contact page.

It’s all there on the front end visual editor. In addition, Voog sells domain names. Some of the plans have free domain names, so it depends on the one you go with.

You don’t have to pay for any of the themes, but they’re honestly not the best in the business. Overall, they are a bit basic. Unfortunately, you can’t pull themes from other sources to plug them into Voog. However, you do have the ability to customize and include your own HTML and CSS to make the theme look how you want it.

The Best Features & Affordability

You can’t beat the pricing with Voog. They currently offer three plans, all of which are close to beating out hosting companies when it comes to monthly rates. What’s great is that the hosting is already included with Voog, so you have a secure, stable website without the hassle of finding your own host and installing it.

Voog website builder for bloggers

A free .com domain address comes with every one-year subscription. The domain is a nice bonus that complements an already impressive site builder. Sure, domains are super cheap, but small businesses need to save money every way they can. If you’re not interested in a .com domain, or you’re not planning on signing up for one full year, you can still purchase your domain through the Voog system.

What’s interesting about Voog is that you can still decide to self-host your website. Voog has hosting solutions for you, but some people would rather have full control over this aspect of their site. Therefore, Voog is far more unique than competitors like WIX and Weebly, since those pretty much force you to go with their hosting.

All of the pricing plans vary in the features they offer, but you can expect some standard tools and offerings from all of them. For example, most plans include the following:

  • A minimum of 2 GB of storage. This goes all the way up to unlimited depending on the plan you go with.
  • At least three users, 30 pages, and three languages. Once again, you can make these unlimited if you want to pay a little extra.
  • A custom domain on all plans.
  • A limited or complete online store depending on your pricing package.
  • A 3% transaction fee for online stores. This could potentially go down to 0% if you choose the highest plan.
  • Password protected pages to secure content for certain people.
  • A fully customizable design with mobile responsiveness.
  • API access and developer tools for those who would like to take full control and build a completely unique website.
  • SSL security for online stores to protect customer data.
  • Database tools in some plans.

You don’t have to put much personal information down to play around with the Voog tools. In fact, a credit card is not required until you publish your test site. Therefore, we recommend configuring a site to see if the Voog features are right for you. If not, you can always look elsewhere. If Voog works, you can start paying for a real plan.

Add-ons, Upsells, and Other Features

Voog doesn’t try to upsell you on a bunch of things you don’t need. Your main decision is how big you’d like to make your site and if you’d like some sort of e-commerce functionality. For example, some of the lower priced plans have limited e-commerce functionality, while others are full online stores.

If you don’t end up choosing a yearly plan, you’ll get asked to buy a domain name. You get a free Voog subdomain when getting started, but most professional individuals and businesses have no interest in using that. A custom domain is cheap so you can sign up for that directly through Voog. Sometimes it takes awhile to find a domain that’s available, but they give suggestions as well.

Several themes are available through Voog, but they’re all priced at $0. These are packaged into your website building plan. They even have some strong themes for e-commerce websites.

What Makes Voog Stand Out?

Voog provides a wide array of features at reasonable pricing, but the main reason I’d consider the website builder is because of the option to either self-host or get hosting through Voog itself. Sometimes you want the ease of not having to look for and configure your own hosting, while other times the user is more interested in taking control of the hosting in order to speed up the website.

Although you’d most likely get better performance from the hosting from Voog, your company might eventually need a VPS or dedicated server. In that case, you will have to move on from Voog. But for most sites just getting started, that is a ways off.

Another reason Voog looks appealing is because of its overall pricing structure. You have the option to pay on a monthly basis, but they have several bonuses and add-ons that come into play when you go with a yearly plan. For example, the free domain.

Other than that, the cheapest pricing plan is just about the closest you can get to free without sacrificing any essential website building features. You even get a limited online store which will most likely work for small blogs and businesses that are trying to test out the e-commerce world.

Finally, the drag-and-drop editor runs smoothly, with several content modules for things like blogs, forms, catalogs, and stores. You don’t need to know a thing about development. You simply browse through the content modules and select the ones you would like to show on your site.

Furthermore, Voog reveals stats directly on the frontend editor. If you’d like to see how many sites visits you received in the past 30 days, it’s all shown right in the drag-and-drop editor. You can’t get better access than that.

How is Voog Customer Support?

Voog provides API access to all developers, making it appealing to those who are selling websites to clients. As for the real customer support, you start your search by looking for clues to your problems in the knowledge base. Punch in a keyword to see which questions have been addressed in the past, and utilize the FAQs before contacting the Voog customer support team. You might very well be able to resolve the situation faster on your own.

A blog and Facebook page are also available if you want to browse through those. I wouldn’t expect much from the Facebook page, but the blog has things like product updates and tips.

The main way you’ll get in touch with Voog is through the email form. They tend to respond within 24 hours and the support is available at all times. Voog also has a support phone number if you’re more interested in hearing someone’s voice. An email address is also listed if you’d rather use that opposed to the form.

It doesn’t look like any live chat support is available, but I can’t imagine many users would miss that.

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Who Should Choose Voog Site Builder?

Let’s take a moment to review the pros and cons.

Consider Voog If:

  • You’d like a website builder with options for both self-hosting and hosted websites.
  • You’re trying to keep costs down for your website without sacrificing many features.
  • You like the idea of 24/7 customer service.
  • You’re interested in getting a free domain with a yearlong contract.

Skip the Voog If:

  • You want more themes to choose from.
  • The themes aren’t as modern as you would like.
  • You’re planning on only building an online store. Although Voog has excellent online store tools, they’re more for companies that are testing the waters with e-commerce or those that only need small stores.

voog sign up

While Voog doesn’t offer a ton of options, it’s still a great choice for those looking for an affordable site builder.

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