uKit review for bloggers

uKit Review: DIY Website Builder & Promo Tools for Bloggers

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Last Updated on August 4, 2019

One of the easiest ways for someone with limited technical knowledge to get a blog up and running is to utilize the power of a website builder. By using one of these tools, you avoid having to understand things like HTML, CSS, or plugins. In addition, you are able to style your blog to look just the way you want, complete with images, fonts, and specialized layouts.

uKit review for bloggers

However, using a website builder is not all you need to start a blog. In fact, in order to run a fully functioning website you need to utilize the services of a web hosting provider.

That said, some companies such as uKit offer customers an intuitive website builder in addition to hosting services.

What is uKit?

uKit claims to be “a number one website builder for businesses” looking to create successful websites. However, uKit is also perfect for those looking to design landing pages to encourage customers to make purchases, sell products and services from an online shop, and even create a personal blog.

ukit review for bloggers

With an intuitive drag-and-drop interface and no technical knowledge required, uKit is a good fit for anyone looking to start a website of any kind, regardless of their skill level.

Plus, with features like a built-in contact form, pre-designed website pages, and plenty of customization options, building your website with uKit has the potential to be a very quick and easy endeavor.


Since uKit has over 10 years of experience in the marketing industry, it is safe to say that the platform’s built-in designs, features, and tools can help you achieve your online goals. After all, marketing to your target audience, drawing in more traffic, and engaging site visitors with your killer content is the key to becoming a successful blogger.

And uKit knows just how to help you with all of this.

uKit Hosting

uKit’s website builder comes with cloud hosting services included.

Rather than rely on one server to host all of your site’s data and resources, cloud hosting takes advantage of multiple individual virtual servers so you can use the resources available on all of servers. Because of this, your website can easily scale without crashing or affecting other websites. The same goes for other websites sharing resources with your own.


Site Builder and Hosting Plans

Here are the features you can expect from each uKit plan:

  • Plan 1: basic tools and features necessary to get your blog built and functioning
  • Plan 2: advanced statistics for monitoring site visitor behavior, premium design options, and access to the online chat support team
  • Plan 3: a shopping cart and checkout functionality for creating an e-commerce site
  • Plan 4: access to the HTML code editor and custom color schemes.

Each plan provides automated weekly backups of your entire website. If you want to create a manual backup, you can create up to ten using the uKit dashboard. However, make note that uKit has the right to delete any unnecessary manual backups in order to save space.

ukit review for bloggers

Is uKit a Good Fit For Bloggers?

Deciding whether uKit is a good fit for your blogging needs is easier when you know what features and tools you get with your purchase.

Website Builder Templates

The uKit website builder comes with 200 pre-made design templates that you can use to build your blog. They are fully responsive and mobile-friendly, so your website renders seamlessly on any device or screen size. In addition, all designs differ when it comes to overall structure, design, images, and color schemes, so you won’t have to worry about your website ending up a lookalike of someone else’s.


With 37 industry/topic categories to choose from, such as automotive, electronics, health, and architecture, there is no reason why your personal blog can’t have the perfect layout for your specific niche. Each design is built with user navigation in mind, has built-in SEO features for better search engine rankings, and even has a smart wizard to help with blog creation.

Premium Designs

In addition to the pre-designed templates, you also have the option to purchase individual premium designs to add additional visual appeal to your website. Premium designs are intended to save you time and effort when it comes to your website building since they are more “ready-made” than the free design templates all uKit customers receive.

SEO Tools

As mentioned earlier, uKit includes built-in SEO tools so your blog can be indexed and ranked appropriately in Google search results.

ukit review for bloggers

Integrated Widgets

uKit comes with a number of built-in widgets that you can utilize to extend the design and functionality of your website. For example, share your online shop’s products using the SoundCloud or SlideShare widgets.

Additionally, increase user engagement and build a bigger email list by integrating with LiveChat and MailChimp widgets. Lastly, utilize the power of social media by adding social media networks like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to your blog.

How to Get uKit Support

uKit provides plenty of self-help when it comes to using its website builder. In fact, here are a few ways to glean support from uKit:

  • Reference the regularly updated blog that contains useful information about the uKit website builder
  • Use the extensive knowledgebase with helpful articles on a variety of topics
  • Submit your request or query via the contact form.

The uKit Promise

uKit offers customers a 14-day free trial with the basic website builder plan. After the 14 days is up, the website you created is then saved for one calendar year. You can then sign up or upgrade at any time and publish your website in its entirety.

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Additionally, uKit has a 100% money-back guarantee up to 14 days after you purchase a plan, so it’s a great way to try this out without any serious commitment.

Try out the uKit Website Builder

If you’re a blogger looking for a website builder that comes with a built-in hosting solution, uKit may be the right choice for you. With the free trial and money-back guarantee, you have nothing to lose by checking uKit out. You’ll want to test-drive the tools: the drag-and-drop interface, beautiful font styles, and layout options to help you design a standout website. And don’t forget the additional tools and features to help with SEO, blog subscriber growth, and garner more conversions.

ukit review for bloggers

With uKit, anyone can build a blogging site for any type of niche they desire.

Brenda Barron is a writer from southern California. When not writing about blogging and business, she’s spending time with her family and knitting.