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Readymag Review: Free Tools Let You Try Before You Buy. We Investigate Who Will Benefit Most

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Last Updated on August 14, 2019

Readymag’s philosophy is “Everyone can be a publisher.” That’s why they started building a user-friendly online publishing tool back in 2012. Their mission was to bring the power of beautiful web design into the hands of people who don’t know programming.

With Readymag’s tools, you can create a variety of products from small websites to online magazines.

Readymag can be used to create micro sites such as portfolios and landing pages. Their site creation works by drag-and-drop and is responsive on all devices. It is best used for styling content or publishing your creative work. They do not have any blogging features, as it is mainly a tool for design and creation rather than written content production.

What Can You Do with Readymag?

Readymag provides tools that let you create many different projects to publish online. When you sign up, you have access to their templates which provide a layout and design to get you started. Or, you can start with a blank page and create your design from scratch.

They have templates for small websites, presentations, photo stories, and long-read articles. Then, you can edit the template and add animations. Their design tool allows you to edit each widget on the template such as the text and pictures. You can also add buttons, shapes, social media, slideshows, forms, or videos.

readymag review

Readymag works more as an online tool than a service. They do not provide a customer service phone number nor do they have a live chat for assistance. They do have a Facebook page where they encourage you to ask your questions. But, for the most part, you’ll be on your own if you have questions about the product.

Different Plans to Choose From

Readymag offers four simple plans to make your decision easy. Their free plan gives you the basics to get you started and try out the platform risk-free for as long as you want. This plan allows you to create an unlimited number of projects but limits the number of pages on these projects. With their free plan, you will have to display Readymag branding on your projects. They can also only be viewed under the domain.

Readymag offers discounts for subscribing on an annual basis rather than monthly. They also have educational discounts available for students.

The Basic Plan for Smaller Projects

Their paid plans open you up to use many additional tools. The basic paid plan does limit your project views to 25,000 views per month, but that is enough for most smaller projects. If you build a website and experience higher traffic, Readymag will contact you to adjust your pricing. You can purchase an extended view limit on your plan without scaling up to another higher-priced plan.

In addition, the basic plan allows you to have one collaborator, enabling you to share tools and projects with another person. You can also password-protect projects so only you have access to them.

In addition, you will get:

  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Domain mapping
  • Removal of Readymag branding
  • Uploading of your own web fonts
  • Customizable SEO features.

More Tools for Advanced Users

Readymag’s second paid plan is better suited to people who are well-versed in designing. In addition to the features of the basic paid plan, this one includes:

  • More collaborators
  • Custom social media sharing settings
  • Insertion of your own HTML, Javascript, or CSS code
  • Export of your code for self-hosting.

Their highest-level plan is offered upon consultation. This is a customized plan and will be developed according to the features and limits your company requires. This is primarily targeted at media companies and enterprises.

Custom Domains for Each of Your Projects

Readymag allows you to set up your own domains for any of your projects. Note that you cannot do this with their free plan. This also requires you to first purchase a domain name elsewhere. If you don’t have one already, Readymag partners with so you can purchase your domain name and have it automatically set up for your Readymag account.

View Your Readymag Analytics

Google Analytics can be easily integrated into your Readymag account. This will let you track your visitors, view useful stats, and learn valuable insights about your audience. You will only be able to connect Google Analytics to an active paid plan.

Readymag makes it easy to set up this tracking for your projects. Simple guides on how to do this can be found on Readymag’s website. You won’t have to figure out how to input your Google Analytics tracking code into the HTML for your website.

SEO Features and Social Sharing

Readymag is designed so that all of the projects you create can be properly indexed by search engines. This means that the entirety of your project is read by Google’s crawlers so that it can be ranked. You can also edit the meta descriptions, page titles, keywords, and custom URLs for each of your projects’ pages. This will help you optimize your projects for search engines so they can show up to more people.

Features for sharing your project on social media are included as well. Readymag lets you customize the appearance of article snippets on Facebook and Twitter so you can control how your project will look when you share it.

More Control for Advanced Users

With higher-level plans, Readymag allows you to write your own code for your project. For example, you can inject custom HTML code if you want to create your own widgets. Or write CSS code to adjust the design of your page.

Readymag hosts your projects for you in Amazon Cloud. However, if you want to have control over your hosting environment, you will want to look for solutions from external hosting companies. Some of Readymag’s plans allow you to download the source code of your projects so that they can be hosted on different servers.

You can also combine your project with an existing website and have it hosted on the same server. This can be useful if you already have a blog or small website and you want to display your projects on it. Or, for example, you may want to design your blog’s home page with Readymag. You can also design forms and article pages to implement onto an existing e-commerce website.

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A Useful Tool for Project Creation

Readymag is a project creation platform that lets you design magazine-style pieces, portfolio websites, and presentations. The platform is not meant for blogging purposes. However, you can embed your projects onto an existing blog if you want to show off something you’ve created to your audience. This tool is ideal for bridging the design gap for bloggers who want to design beautiful ebooks, websites, and more.

Readymag’s free plan allows you to create projects with some limitations. This is a good way to see if their tools work well for your projects before you pay for their services.


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