Coding for Kids — How to Get Started

coding for kids

In today’s digital age, knowing how to code can be likened to being able to read. When we teach our children to read and write, add and subtract, we’re teaching them ways to interact with the world around us. Considering our world is becoming more and more digital, filled with smart devices that allow us […]

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Thesis 2.0 Basic 2-Column Responsive Skin

Thesis Responsive Skin Editor

I hope that y’all have been playing with Thesis 2 since it dropped October 1st, 2012. I have been playing with it the past couple of weeks and I’ve got to say that after actually putting some effort into Thesis 2, I’ve grown quite fond of it. That being said, I went ahead and created […]

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Thesis 2: How to Create a 3-Column Layout

Thesis 2 Sidebar Container

There’s no denying that Thesis 2 has a bit of a learning curve. But, after talking to Matt and Chris, I am pretty stoked about some of the stuff that is already in Thesis 2, and even more excited for what they have planned for the future. So, today I decided that it was time […]

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One Easy Way to Get More Traffic From Twitter

Twitter Card Tester

I love Twitter, but lately it seems like my my tweet stream has become a hot mess over time. There are so many tweets from so many different people that they all start to look the same. I’m much more of a visual person… This is why I like Twitter’s newish Twitter cards feature that […]

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11 Beautiful Fonts for Amazing Logos

Lot Logo Test

I can almost guarantee that you have heard the phrase, “Content is King”. Yea, sure that’s true. But, many bloggers truly take that to heart and forget about other factors that have an influence on your blog such as branding, usability, and design. I usually consider branding the hardest of these tasks since I am […]

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