How to Protect Your Blog Name on Social Media

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Last Updated on November 24, 2021

This is part seven of the One Week Blog Challenge series.

Be a TOP user on a bajillion social sites! OK, maybe just a user

One of the first things I’d recommend doing after launching your site (or even right after you come up with your brand name) is to go out and register your username on the top social media sites. This is great for both reputation management and to start participating in relevant communities.

One awesome tool to see if your brand name or desired username is available is (Knowem Review). It’s a free username lookup tool for hundreds of sites. You can also pay them to go out do the legwork for you on over 100 sites (which is great since it takes a LOT of time to do this manually). More on that later.

If you think hundreds of sites might be overkill (or would consume your whole next month) I would recommend you get usernames for these sites, listen in what I think is the order of most importance:

  1. Twitter
  2. Youtube
  3. Flickr
  4. Delicious
  5. Stumbleupon
  6. Facebook (not a username, but set up a page. You need at least 25 fans before you can choose a vanity username/URL for your page)
  7. Digg
  8. Ustream
  9. Reddit
  10. MySpace (I put it last on the list because I think it sucks – but hey, it’s still popular)
  11. A few top niche sites that are in your category (you can find them here: 10e20, Tropical SEO, Vladimir’s Alexa list, Dosh Dosh, KnowEm, Wikipedia)
  12. LinkedIn if you are an individual. More info on LinkedIn Marketing.

I used Knowem for earlier this year – the $99 plan. It saved me a lot of time, but I also had to click over 100 confirmation emails and unsubscribe to some of the newsletters a few of the registrations signed me up for.

This time around – for hotshotphoto I went with the $250 corporate plan for the full known service. They upload your photos, complete bios, and take care of all the email confirmations.

If you’re bootstrapping this thing and don’t want to spend the money, go ahead and register with the sites above yourself. It just takes a lot more time. At the bare minimum register for Twitter and Youtube and get a Facebook fan page together.

I manually registered my username for Twitter and since hotshotphoto was unavailable I ended up going with @hshot since brevity is so beneficial on Twitter (Hey, why not be one of the first to follow me?).

Here are some great articles to help you make the most out of these sites:

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