Site Builders for Bloggers

After choosing a host and a domain name for your blog, the next step is to actually dig in and create your website.

What will your homepage look like? What colors best represent your brand? Will you include an email signup form? Where will your logo go?

From choosing the right font to laying out your navigation bar, building your site requires making thousands of choices, which can quickly overwhelm many bloggers.

Do I Need a Web Designer to Build My Blog?

For many bloggers, the next step is to hire a website designer. But, an extremely experienced designer can be extremely expensive. Plus, it might take weeks or even months of back and forth edits.

Here’s the thing, though: you don’t need a web designer to get your blog up and running.

You might not ever need a site designer.

While a great designer can absolutely be worth the price for some bloggers, not every blogger needs a site builder.


Because there are hundreds of free or low-cost site builders that allow you to do it yourself! And it is probably simpler than you think.

Build Your Blog Using an Easy-to-Use Site Builder

From the simplest personal blog to the most complex ecommerce site, you can design the perfect website for your blog. Often for free or at a very low cost.

The best part is, you don’t even have to know how to code!

Some builders do allow you to dig into the coding if that is your thing, but most offer WYSIWYG editors (what you see is what you get), often called ‘drag and drop’ editors. This type of software allows you to easily create and move elements where ever you like to design just the right look.

How Do I Choose the Right Site Builder for My Blog?

Just like choosing a website host, finding the right site builder means comparing the different platforms to determine which offers the best balance of value and features to meet your needs.

So, whether you are looking to build a recipe-sharing site, create an ecommerce marketplace, or want to share your tips about building tiny houses, there is a site builder created with you in mind.

Ready to get started? Check out our most popular site builder reviews.

  • Virb: With over 20 templates to choose from, Virb offers a wide variety of options. Highly recommended for creative bloggers who need an affordable, no-frills site builder created with their needs in mind.
  • Adobe Spark: This is a free website builder designed to help create simple, one-page sites. Not ideal for most bloggers, but with tons of image and typography options, you can create a truly unique site.
  • WebStarts: This feature-heavy site builder helps bloggers create a beautiful, easy to use site without relying on an expensive designer. The free option is still quite useful and the paid plans are affordable.

Are you considering using a site builder we haven’t reviewed yet? Contact us to find out if a review is in the works.

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