Wordtracker Review: A Good Looking Guide to the Keyword Search Jungle

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Last Updated on November 12, 2021

Here’s the problem that a lot of bloggers and businesses run into when posting content: the writer(s) put together articles based on keywords and phrases that they think are going to be a massive hit based on their product and/or service only to find out that almost nobody is searching for that particular keyword/phrase.  What happens next depends on the tenacity of the individual(s) involved, but some give up and write monetizing a web presence off, while those who know that good things come to those who try again and again find products like Wordtracker.

Wordtrack Does What it Says on the Can

Those who are new to posting and blogging for SEO purposes usually find that getting the knack of using the best keywords and phrases is not that different from golf: easy to grasp the fundamental of, but extremely difficult to master due to the hundreds of nuances and considerations that need to be taken into account.

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This is where Wordtracker comes in handy, as it offers a helping hand in determining what to write about, or how to tweak an article to the point where it will get more traction with searchers.

Unfortunately, Wordtracker does not do a comprehensive article review like Scribe, which would be an amazing and very logical add-on.  Instead, Wordtracker is more of a research and planning tool rather than a writing tool that lets users perform tasks that are basically broken down into three categories: find, save, and manage.  In other words, one can see what’s hot by searching, save their search to see how it performs or just to remember it later, and then manage their word/phrase tracking needs.

Three words to live by: find, save, and manage.
Three words to live by: find, save, and manage.

How Wordtracker Could Help a Startup

Startups often face the steepest uphill climb.  Getting to the point where content can even be seen on the first few pages of a search engine result list can take a while, but imagine someone with a topic as competitive and open as nutrition.  Where would such a company start?  The obvious answer is that companies tend to start by linking their product to the word in any way that they can, but this only helps people who know what they want find the content.  For example, if a company was to sell a new protein shake called Juicy Muscle Drink, and try to link that to nutrition and protein, they would probably not get very far.

Instead, that same company could fire up Wordtracker and see a list of nutrition related searches.  As it turns out, athlete nutrition is near the top of the list and that might be a good place to start.  Instead of blindly writing about how Juicy Muscle Drink is great for the average person, it might be better to write about how Juicy Muscle Drink fits into athlete nutrition.

It’s The Searches Silly!

Wordtracker in action.
Wordtracker in action.

By letting one do research on what is being search for, Wordtracker presents an ideal way to start promoting a product and/or service, because ultimately what matters to customer is just that: what matters to them.  For those that are wondering if that was a typo, no it was not.  Reaching customers starts by finding out what they want and like before bridging a gap to what a business has to offer.  This age old lesson has been told by experts such as Dale Carnegie and dozens of others down the road, but many businesses and ventures get into the mindset that what they have is what people want.  While that might be true, the people need to know that they want it and the only way to get their attention is to talk about things that people are already interested in and then link those things to whatever one has to offer.

Refined User Interface

One of the nice things about Wordtracker is that the included user interface has gone through plenty of revision over time, and is now very streamlined.  Some companies are constantly adding new bells and whistles to products, but ultimately there is only so much that one can do with a keyword tool.  Instead of trying to make a keyword tool that does things other than keywords/phrases, the staff at Wordtracker spent time creating a more elegant user interface.  While the project management and keyword search parts of Wordtracker are separate, the entire user Interface is easy to navigate and presented in a pleasing low-contrast layout.

Project management allows for individual projects to be managed independently of one another, but it is possible to use keyword searches on multiple projects.  This can be ideal for anyone that owns or plans on owning multiple sites dedicated to a single topic that has a reasonable range and/or scope.  Additional tools, including an API are available for those that are truly interested in making the most profound impact possible with each keystroke.

One of the most amazing features about Wordtracker is their Academy.  The Wordtracker Academy is a website dedicated to understanding keywords and their importance in the online realm.  While the Academy is free, it is such a gold mine of data that Wordtracker really should consider charging for it.  The articles, many of which come complete with professional video, are eye-opening to many, and there is a chance that even veterans will discover that they may have forgotten something about keywords and phrases along the way.

How Much Does Wordtracker Cost?

Monthly and annual pricing options are both available, as are corporate accounts.  An annual Wordtracker plan costs $449 while a monthly plan costs $69, which makes the annual plan seem like a bargain.  Both plans are backed up by a 30-day, 100% money back guarantee and a 7-day free Wordtracker trial is available.  With nothing to lose, it is hard to justify not trying Wordtracker today.  Chances are that it will take one’s game to a whole new level.

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