SocialPilot Review: Social Media Afterburner for Your Blog

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Last Updated on August 4, 2019

SocialPilot bills itself as a social media marketing and scheduling tool for agencies and social media professionals. It provides a single interface for running up to 200 social media profiles simultaneously on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, Tumblr, Instagram and more, including scheduling posts across multiple platforms.

Some of the features on SocialPilot are clearly geared towards online marketing professionals, such as options to share social media account management across a team of people or with clients. However, many of the tools are useful for promoting a blog through social media, especially for anyone with little experience of digital marketing or social media promotion.


The scheduling calendar allows you to plan out your social media strategy and saves work posting to multiple sites with bulk uploads. SocialPilot also provides professional analytics and reporting so you can monitor things like how many click throughs you are getting for your blog from certain accounts, and the demographic of your audience. Content suggestions also help you keep up a steady flow of ideas for posting regularly.

SocialPilot offers an affordable plan aimed at bloggers and individual site owners which gives you full access to most of the core tools. You can also use the service for free to link a limited number of profiles, and you can sample all of the paid services with a 14 day no obligation free trial.

Handle all your social media in one spot

Running more than a couple of social media profiles can be time consuming. But bloggers are increasingly finding they need a presence on all of the main platforms to attract attention to their site and build up a following.

SocialPilot saves time and duplication by allowing you to manage all of your social media accounts in one place, without having to log in and out of different sites. The interface is clean and intuitive to use and connecting your profiles is simple.

socialpilot review for bloggers

The maximum allowance of 200 linked profiles is huge, so you have freedom to try as many different social media accounts as you like.

Bulk posts and scheduling

The main advantage SocialPilot gives you is that you can do all of your posting and updating on multiple social media accounts from the same place. All you have to do is create the content and click on the profile you want to post to. You can choose multiple destinations for the same post, which is ideal for letting followers on all of your followers know you have a new blog post, for example. Just add the link to SocialPilot, choose your accounts and it will post to all of them.

You can also choose when posts go live using the scheduling tool. This allows you to post in different time zones, for example, so your posts are fresh for international followers. You can schedule posts hours, days, weeks, months and even a year in advance, and use the in-built scheduling calendar to plan out a strategy over a given period of time. This means you can stockpile content and then drip feed it across your social platforms so you are regularly appearing in followers’ news feeds, keeping your profile top-of-mind.

SocialPilot media analytics

SocialPilot’s reporting tools make the key statistics about your social accounts easy to understand. The tools analyze everything on your linked accounts, not just content uploaded through SocialPilot. Choose an account, set a timeframe, and SocialPilot will show you things like:

  • How many people have seen your posts
  • How many likes, comments, and shares you’ve received
  • How many click throughs you’ve had
  • How many new followers you have

SocialPilot review for bloggers

Reporting is useful if you want to approach building a following on social media in a strategic way or if you want stats to demonstrate value to potential partners and affiliates for your blog. It is only available for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn.

Helping you with content

Part of the challenge of running lots of social media accounts is keeping content fresh. SocialPilot helps by making content suggestions. Choose a category relevant to your topic, and SocialPilot will find content that you can comment on, share or re-post. The categories tend to be quite broad, so you have to do some work narrowing the suggestions down to your niche. You can also add an RSS feed to SocialPilot and gather ideas for posts that way.

SocialPilot plans

SocialPilot can be used for free, allowing you to link up to three social media accounts. You can make up to 10 posts a day, and schedule up to 30 posts in advance. Posts cannot include video, and you only have access to community support through the SocialPilot blog and online guides.

While the free plan is great for getting a feel for SocialPilot, three connected social media accounts is limiting. The basic paid-for subscription aimed at bloggers and personal websites is reasonably priced, you can connect up to 10 accounts and make 50 posts per day. You can also queue up a maximum of 1,000 posts in advance, which is more than generous.

SocialPilot helps by making content suggestions.

This plan also includes basic content suggestions, analytics for Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, and you can connect up to five RSS feeds.

The other two paid for plans are really aimed at professional webmasters and marketing agencies. The limits of 100 and 200 linked accounts are only needed if social media marketing is part of your full time job, where you might run dozens of accounts for multiple brands and websites. These plans also give you extra options such as bulk scheduling, accounts for multiple team members and custom Facebook branding.


SocialPilot subscriptions are available either monthly or yearly,with annual plans offering up to a 20 per cent discount for paying in advance. Payments are accepted by credit card, and if you wish to cancel the service, you have to serve notice until the end of your next billing period.

How do I get on?

You can sign up for SocialPilot by registering with an email address, or you can use your Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn account. SocialPilot can be accessed via a web browser, on mobile through native Android and iOS apps, or it can be installed as a browser extension which gives you access to SocialPilot tools at all times while your are surfing the web.

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Choosing SocialPilot

SocialPilot is first and foremost a professional social media marketing service aimed at agencies and in-house business marketing teams, with subscription prices to reflect this. However, the availability of a free plan and a basic subscription shows SocialPilot recognizes that its tools will appeal to bloggers, and that it is keen to accommodate them.

socialpilot review for bloggers

The basic subscription package is reasonably priced and gives you access to the main features you will need for promoting a blog on social media. Although your are restricted to just 10 accounts, this is comparable with most similar services, and the maximum daily post and scheduled post limits are generous. Access to analytics for Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest is a big bonus, and makes SocialPilot ideal if you use those platforms and want to start managing your social presence in a more strategic and scientific way.

Paul has worked as a journalist, reporter, and teacher, and now works as a web content writer specializing in business and technology blogging.  Paul lives in Leeds, UK with his wife and young son.