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Scribe SEO Review: Plugin for Better SEO

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Last Updated on May 20, 2017

If you have been looking for a way to keep up with the latest SEO best practices, then you almost certainly need to take a look into a great WordPress plug-in known as Scribe SEO.  Is Scribe SEO right for you and your needs?  Well, that really depends on what those needs are.  In order to make a reasonable assessment as to whether Scribe SEO is a good fit for you, it is important to understand just what Scribe SEO and how it works.

What Scribe SEO Is and Does

Scribe SEO is a WordPress plugin, but it is also fundamentally a client/server setup that transmits the text body, title, and meta-description to Scribe SEO’s servers in order to generate a reasonable evaluation and provide useful feedback.  This might sound a little alarming at first, but there is a very good reason for this arrangement: SEO changes constantly, and thus it is not at all practical to create a WordPress plug-in or other static piece of software to evaluate search engine rankings.  By the time such a software package was installed, it could very well already be obsolete.  The data is transmitted to and from Scribe SEO’s securely, which should allow security-sensitive bloggers to rest assured that their content will not be scraped or scooped.

Putting security and logistical issues aside, here is what Scribe SEO does in practice: it provides feedback on a piece of content from a search engine’s perspective.  This includes a detailed analysis of keywords, links, anchor text, title text, and the meta-description.  The results of this analysis become available only after all fields are filled out and the ‘analyze’ button is pressed.  Initially only a SEO Score in the form of a percentage displayed in large font and basic checklist are presented, but this is more of a general overview; it is possible to find more information on keywords, tags, and SERP along various tabs on the Scribe SEO popup window.

The individual items on the checklist either praise the success of text if it meets the criteria or offers advice on how to adjust the text to improve SEO ranking.  It is possible to click on the individual tabs for more information on any specific problem area, but the SEO Score default tab is very informative as-is.

What Scribe SEO Cannot Do

Scribe SEO cannot turn poor content into great content, but it can make any content more SEO friendly.  It can sometimes be tempting to worry too much about search engine optimization, but at the end of the day it is important to note that search engines are not viewers.  This means that striking a balance between readability and SEO performance is important, and in many cases there does not need to be a trade-off.  The bottom line is that users who learn how to create more SEO-friendly content by monitoring Scribe feedback will eventually learn to write better content in general, at least in theory.


Who Needs Scribe SEO

If you do not want to get deep into SEO, then Scribe SEO might be for you.  After all, it is possible to spend an incredible amount of time just catching up on the most recent SEO information out there.  Sorting the falsehoods from the truths is even harder, and that is one of the biggest appeals of Scribe SEO.  Another good use for Scribe SEO is for those organizations that have too many bloggers to train on even the basics of SEO.  Again, SEO is incredibly complex and even teaching the basics can be very time consuming.  In situation where content writers are being hired on an individual basis instead of a group basis, it almost does not make sense to teach SEO in a traditional manner other than to gloss over it and let a utility like Scribe SEO teach the fine points.

The Cost

Unfortunately, Scribe SEO is not free.  Given the amount of research and effort that goes into constantly tweaking code that evaluates texts, this is not entirely unexpected.  As a result, Scribe SEO offers four different plans: Starter ($17 per month), Publisher ($27 per month), Professional ($47 per month), and Advanced ($97 per month).  With the exception of the Starter plan which is limited to a single website, all Scribe SEO plans work on unlimited websites.  Other than this, the primary difference between the four plans is in the number of monthly evaluations.  The Starter plan has 15 evaluations, the Publisher plan has 30 evaluations, the Professional plan has 120 evaluations, and the Advanced plan has 300 evaluations.

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