Keyword Discovery Review: Discover A Whole New World of Keywords

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Last Updated on August 3, 2019

In a way, keywords rule the web. As long as people are still using search engines, keywords will continue to play a huge role.

This doesn’t mean it’s time to rewind the clock to 2006 and start keyword stuffing your content. But, being aware of the keywords in your niche will help you shape a better perspective of what your readers want.

Keyword Discovery Tool review

Creating content blind without any keywords in mind might work. But, why make it that much more difficult for you to succeed?

Just like you need the right tools when you’re panning for gold, the right tools can help make finding the right keywords that much easier.

Below we take a look at a tool called Keyword Discovery so you can decide if it’s a good fit for your blog.

Is Keyword Discovery the Right Fit for You?

There are dozens of keyword research tools out there. A lot of them are actually pretty good. But, not every tool is going to be the right fit for your needs. Some are incredibly pricey, while others won’t give you enough keyword data to work with.

To choose the best tool, you need to know what your needs are when it comes to researching keywords.

Keyword research usually falls into two camps. The first casually includes certain keywords in their content. They know the biggest keywords in their space, but don’t spend a ton of time focusing on them. There’s more to successful content than just keyword choice.

Keyword discovery tool review
The right keyword is out there, somewhere. Waiting.

Then you have the second group. The keyword obsessed. This person will go to no end to find the very best keywords out there. Usually, they have multiple tools and will cross-reference between multiple platforms to determine traffic levels, competition, and what they need to create to outrank their competition.

If you’re part of the second group, or, at the very least, if you understand how important keywords are to your existing content strategy, then this tool is worth experimenting with.

Keyword Discovery: The Hard Facts

The data from Keyword Discovery is pretty crazy. A lot of tools simply get their data from Google’s results and call it a day. That isn’t very helpful as you have access to the same exact information.

Keyword Discovery takes a huge step forward, check out some of their benefits below:

  • They collect data from over 200 existing search engines, including the big players, like Google, MSN, and Yahoo
  • They offer buyer-oriented keyword data for sites like Amazon, eBay, and other large shopping networks
  • They offer country-specific keyword data for countries like the UK, Canada, Australia, and more

Keyword Discovery draws from one of the most robust data selections out there. They offer incredibly comprehensive results that could give you all of the keyword data you ever need.

Using Keyword Discovery to Mine for Keywords

The first thing you’ll notice is the deceptively simple interface of this tool. But, don’t let the simplistic interface fool you, this tool packs some serious power. Once you begin digging around you’ll see just how much keyword data is available.

keyword discovery tool
Keyword research is just like panning for gold. Except dryer, and you don’t have to go to California.

Keyword Research

There are numerous filters for each search, so you can easily specify exactly what you’re looking for. You can move between phrases that include your keyword, have related keywords, spelling mistakes, fuzzy keywords, industry specific, and a lot more.

Once you type in your initial phrase you’ll notice a list of additional phrases categorized by the total search volume. For each of the keyword results, you can click on the suggestion and the tool will generate a list of all the related keywords. This can be especially valuable if you want to create a comprehensive post surrounding a specific topic and want to highlight all the keywords in that space.

A lot of keyword tools will pull up some suggestions, but Keyword Discovery seems to pull up every single keyword out there. Plus, it’s incredibly fast. Instead of having to wait a half hour to see your desired results, it takes a matter of seconds.

There’s even a thorough analysis of your chosen keywords. For example, this tool breaks down the percentage of people that click on a search result after typing in that keyword, gives the keyword an effectiveness percentage, and shows you how many sites you’re in competition with.

All valuable information when choosing whether or not to pursue a chosen keyword.

Keyword Trends

You can further drill down specific keyword suggestions to see how the keyword performs over time and if there are any seasonal trends. For example, some keywords like “Halloween costumes” are only going to be popular a few weeks out of the year.

finding keyword trends
Find out which keywords all the cool kids are searching for.

Trend analysis can also be useful because it’ll let you see if interest in that search term is increasing or decreasing into the future. There’s no point creating a post around a keyword that’s seen better days.

Keyword Density

Another tool worth profiling here is the Keyword Density Tool. This lets you search for a competitor’s URL to see which keywords they most heavily optimize their site’s around. This will help you glean valuable information about which keywords bring them the most traffic, and potentially money.

A great way to discover hidden gems.

The above information only begins to scratch the surface of the features this tool has. Once you start searching for keywords you’ll be amazed at the level of depth this tool provides.

Multiple Price Points for Your Needs

Keyword Discovery offers two different price points, Professional and Enterprise. The professional plan will cost you $49.95 per month. While the enterprise level is much more expensive at $495 per month.

The professional subscription should be enough for most websites and gives you additional access to a suite of competitor analysis features like:

  • The ability to analyze keyword competitiveness
  • The ability to analyze keyword competitors
  • The ability to cross-reference selected keywords for competitor sites

If you need even more keyword data and have the budget for it, then the enterprise plan also provides you with the 10,000 results. Which is the highest number of keyword results out there today. You can view their in-depth plan comparison here.

In Closing

Whether or not you decide to invest in this tool comes down to your original needs for keyword research. If you’re just working on a simple side project and monetization or large traffic numbers aren’t a huge goal, then you’ll probably be fine with more basic free tools like Wordstream or the free version of KWFinder.

Check out Keyword Discovery »

However, if you’re planning on monetizing your site and search engine traffic is a big part of that, then it might be a good idea to invest. The price tag (assuming you’re choosing the professional version) is around the same cost as other paid tools but gives more comprehensive results.

Worst case you can play around with the free trial to see if this tool is something worth having in your keyword research arsenal.

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