iDevAffiliate Review: A Good Way to Start an Affiliate Program

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Last Updated on November 14, 2019

So many promotional strategies rely on affiliate marketing for a good deal of their efficacy, and the whole idea seems very easy on paper: plan a campaign, get affiliates on-board, pay them for their results, and everyone makes a lot of money. Unfortunately, the actual mechanics of the situation are often far more complex than that, and it behooves anyone planning an affiliate marketing program to look into a system that is designed specifically for the task of managing and maintaining statistics. iDevAffiliate is one such package, but it is not right for every campaign.


Buying is Forever For At Least a While

One of the best things about iDevAffiliate is that once it is purchased, the entire transaction is done. Some earlier affiliate tracking systems were hosted solutions that required monthly fees, and ultimately made the entire process of tracking affiliate data and statistics far from appealing. There is, however, a significant catch: iDevAffiliate only offers one year of upgrades with each purchase. This might mean that future upgrades, something that is inevitable in an environment as dynamic as the Internet, will require the purchase of a whole new iDevAffiliate suite. Free upgrades for life is unreasonable, but it seems equally silly to arbitrarily set a date as that is certainly something that only serves the interests of the developer. Instead, it would have been nice for iDevAffiliate to offer periodic versions with a minimum of 1 year of support/free upgrades. Thus if someone were to purchase today and a new version is released in four months, it would be nice for the user to get a free upgrade and support until the end of the new version’s lifespan.

The iDevAffiliate Admin Center
The iDevAffiliate Admin Center

Upgrade and support issues aside, iDevAffiliate does a lot of things very well. Let’s take the hypothetical example of a startup that plans on selling a handful of products but needs to find effective ways to pay their affiliates in order to ensure effective promotion. As with anything, there is certainly a risk of the initial investment in inventory proving to be a liability if the affiliate campaign goes sour, so payment options such as pay per click, pay per lead, and pay per sale are all important. After all, some affiliates might be more worried about driving traffic than they are about selling a product or service that they themselves have never tried.

iDevAffiliate has all of these bases covered, and in more ways than one! This is where iDevAffiliate truly shines, especially when it comes to the bottom one: pay per sale. While pay per click and pay per lead rates can all be set, there are multiple pay per sale options. If the same company were to want to set up multiple tiers, iDevAffiliate has that covered too, as up to 100 payout levels can be created as can multiple payout styles.

Here is How iDevAffiliate Works

Stepping back to our example for a minute, of a company trying to sell its products and/or services via affiliate marketing, it might be worth examining two scenarios. In both scenarios the people and the product will be the same, as will the idea of using affiliate marketing. The only difference between the two scenarios will be that those in Scenario A use iDevAffiliate, while those in Scenario B decide to develop their own solution.

A Tale of Two Scenarios: Scenario A

In Scenario A, the company decides to opt for and install iDevAffiliate prior to the start of their campaign. They want to sell only a few basic products and have very simple affiliate marketing needs including only a handful of basic payment gateways. Total install and testing time: probably less than 10 man-hours, even with worse case scenarios. After this, it should all be smooth sailing and the company can show affiliates that they have a professional-looking affiliate program that can generate revenue. No muss, no fuss. Affiliates hop on board and the marketing begins.

As the clicks, sales, and leads come in, the affiliates can view their stats and see that they are making money. This inspires them to further acts of promotion, and more money for the company. Everyone is happy, and no serious problems should crop up since iDevAffiliate is thoroughly tested and comes with all the tools and help needed to get up and running ASAP. Now let’s look at Scenario B.

A Tale of Two Scenarios: Scenario B

Going from idea to execution is proving tough as the coders continue to crank away on making the whole affiliate management suite work. After perhaps 50 to 100 man-hours, a very rough system is up and running, but the system is far from good looking and does not attract a lot of affiliates who tend to view the whole operations as fly-by-night. Lacking affiliate support, the sales do not go well and recouping the initial expense of developing and deploying an affiliate management system proves difficult. Worse, the home-made system does not work all the time, and some affiliates are complaining. This may lead to the worst possible scenario: having affiliates not only jump ship, but badmouth the program and the company to their viewership and constituents.

Here's whataffiliates see
Here's whataffiliates see


While these hypothetical situations may seem a bit extreme, just ask anyone who has been around the block a few times and they will probably be willing to share that one gets what they pay for. If one runs a shoddy looking site and/or affiliate program, they will not get the kind of support that will drive them to success. This is why iDevAffiliae is such an integral part of running affiliate marketing campaigns.


One of the many strong points about iDevAffiliate is that it comes with a very impressive and well-laid out admin center that features all kinds of reports and graphs. Activity graphs, charts, and more can all be printed and examined directly from the web interface, or the data can be exported into a CSV file for use in virtually any kind of spreadsheet or database system on the planet.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that iDevAffiliate allows businesses to go about their work of making, promoting, and selling their products rather than worrying about the actual nuts and bolts of their affiliate marketing platform. There are other software systems to help grow your affiliate program, of course. But unless your business already has such a solution or sells such solutions, there really are not many reasons not to give iDevAffilait a try.

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