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HitTail Review: Search Success Via The Long Tail

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Last Updated on August 2, 2019

There are so many factors that go into a successful blog, but we can all agree that search engine marketing is one of the biggest factors.

That being said, what is the best way to take advantage of search marketing?

Long tail keywords are the answer to search marketing success for blogs, and for many reasons.

  • Long tail is usually less competitive
  • Long tail has more purchase intent
  • There is more search volume in long tail as a whole than the popular keywords

But, even though long tail keywords are successful in search marketing, they’re not always easy to find. That’s why I was excited to find a tool called HitTail, which helps with finding long tail keywords.

What is HitTail?

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HitTail is a piece of software that you add to your website. Once installed on your website, it then analyzes all of the keywords for your incoming traffic.

Based on those incoming keywords and a special formula, HitTail recommends long tail keywords that you should be able to rank well for.

HitTail also allows you to easily see all of the keywords that brought traffic to your site. This is useful for planning out groups of keywords to attack.

What’s even better than all of this information, is that HitTail provides a service where they will write a 400 word article for the keyword of your choice for just $19. Although, we have not used this article writing service as of yet, we believe it may be of use to you.

My Thoughts On HitTail

First, I will say that much of the information that HitTail gives you, except for their suggestions based on their algorithm, could be found in Google analytics. That being said, HitTail does an amazing job of presenting the most important information in an easy to digest and attractive format. I’m a sucker for beauty.

When I first signed up with HitTail, I was primarily interested in getting ideas for new articles, regardless of whether the keywords were long tail or not. I just wanted to see what people were searching to get to Blogging.com, that way I could give them more targeted information. HitTail absolutely crushes this.

Below is a screenshot of keywords that people have actually used to come to Blogging.com.

HitTail KeywordsUsually search data is pretty secret, but I think it’s necessary that you see this data. Based on this list of keywords from HitTail that actually brought traffic to Blogging.com, I could write articles such as:

  • The Biggest Benefits of Genesis Framework
  • The Best Place to Host WordPress
  • What is the Best Hosting for WordPress
  • and More.

Essentially this gives me a never ending list of topics that I can write about. Pretty awesome, right?

What’s even cooler than this are HitTail’s suggested keywords. HitTail describes their suggested keywords as a highly filtered targeted list of keywords. That sounds cool, but what does it mean? Well, HitTail goes through all of the long tail keywords that bring traffic to your website, and then recommends the ones that are most likely to increase the traffic to your site.

This is what makes HitTail so much more powerful than any analytics software.

I think HitTail is an effective and affordable marketing tool that all bloggers should at least look at. There is also a 21-day trial. And as of now, HitTail is offering one year of free service if you write a review after trying their service.

I highly recommend that you get the free trial of HitTail, try it for 21 days, then write a review and get a year of free service!

What Do You Think?

I think HitTail is a great tool for bloggers and other Internet marketers. It compiles readily available information with HitTail proprietary algorithm to provide the most successful long tail keyword ideas.

What tools are you currently using right now for search marketing? Do you plan on trying out HitTail? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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