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CrowdSPRING Offers a World of Artists at Great Prices

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Last Updated on August 2, 2019

Stick to your core competency and find others to handle those things that you know you are not good at.  This is a strong piece of advice and something that most businesses have to be forcibly reminded of from time to time, even large multi-national companies.  Most bloggers know their core competency well, but does that competency extend to artistic endeavors?  Let’s face it, not everyone can be an artist and few can be artists and good at something else.  So, where can one find a pool of artistic talent to take on spec work at a second’s notice?  CrowdSPRING is one such place, even if it only exists in web.

What CrowdSPRING Offers

CrowdSPRING has a pool of several thousand artists and designers from around the world that are constantly competing for spec work.  Buyers set a price point and a deadline and artists eagerly try to compete and underbid each other for individual jobs.  This has created a great deal of controversy as crowdSPRING has essentially turned the traditional model of buying artistic services on its ear while simultaneously opening the floodgates and allowing people from all over the world to compete for contracts.  This is a double edged sword though, as many trained professionals argue that many crowdSPRING artists do not really know the ins and outs of digital artwork.  The results are that customers who do not know how to buy digital art may be getting less than what they paid for.

Still, crowdSPRING also integrates powerful feedback and idea protection schemes into its very core.  These two aspects combine to help artists and clients alike grow without stealing ideas.  IP is a big deal over at crowdSPRING, and many artists have found this out the hard way.  While not all buyers may be capable of making the best artistic choices on their own, the feedback system should help one know which artists are truly trained and which are just trying to make a few dollars in their spare time.  If the comparison is between a self-taught digital artist who sells their work while honing their craft and someone whose core competency does not cover art, then the self-taught digital artist would seem to be the better choice.


Why CrowdSPRING is Great for Buyers

CrowdSPRING attracts buyers not only because of the aforementioned logic, but also because of the fact that most projects have at least 100 submissions from digital artists.  This means that one project can be posted and one can expect an average of 100 replies that are both bids and demos.  CrowdSPRING handles the entire transaction from placing the order, to contracts and escrow, and the eventual transfer of the art in question.

So, this is the time where it comes down to the brass tacks.  Is crowdSPRING worth it?  Our answer is that yes, crowdSPRING is absolutely worth it if one knows what they are doing.  The ability to gauge just how much time and effort would go into creating a piece of art, even something as simple as a logo, is difficult.  The tools are expensive to purchase, and time consuming to learn how to use.  On the other hand, singing up for crowdSPRING is incredibly simple, as is placing an order.  Many orders see the first responses in only a few hours, and after a few days there may be a hundred or so choices.

So, what could you be doing with all that time spent downloading, installing, learning software, and trying to make a logo?  Probably a lot…and probably something that is not quite so new and/or difficult.  Remember that sticking to one’s core competencies is a fundamental key to success, and that is ultimately what an outsourcing art serrvice permits smart bloggers to do: handle their own business and then pick the best designs from around the world.  Even if a blog was making so much money that hiring a digital artist was possible, crowdSPRING offers competition and different ideas from around the world.  A single designer is forced to live inside the limitations of their own creative mind, and that may be a limitation that a company should not have to work with.  CrowdSPRING deserves serious recognition for their work in turning the entire digital art field on its collective ear while simultaneously allowing bloggers to do what they do best.

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