cachefly cdn review for bloggers

Cachefly CDN Review: Velocity Hosting for Bold Bloggers

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Last Updated on August 2, 2019

If you take your blogging or website building seriously, then having a fast and high performing site needs to be one of your main concerns. By using a CDN –a “content delivery network” — you’ll be able to speed up your website by reducing the amount of work the server has to do to deliver your website.

One of the most popular CDNs out there is Cachefly. Below we take an in-depth look at this CDN, so you can decide if it’s the right fit for your blog or WordPress site.

cachefly cdn review for bloggers

About Cachefly

Cachefly was founded in 2002 by Matt Levine. It’s the world’s first TCP Anycast CDN network, as opposed to a traditional DNS load balancing that most other CDN’s use. Cachefly’s clientele includes Adobe, Toyota, Bank of America, ArsTechnica, as well as some other heavy hitters.

Based upon its current customer list alone, you can trust your site will be in good hands with this network.

Overall Features

Cachefly packs a lot of features into a very simple and intuitive design. Just looking at the dashboard you may be surprised at what this tool can do.

It offers you a quick and easy distribution of large site files and is built to handle large surges in traffic without any site disruptions. It’s also equipped with real-time server analysis, so you’ll know if any issues arise with your servers. Another cool feature is gzip compression, which allows you to compress your data for even faster performance.

cachefly CDN for bloggers

If you have other people managing your site, then you’ll benefit from the child FTP account configurations. These allow you to create FTP accounts that are restricted to specific directories.

Below we look at a few of the most compelling features that really make this CDN stand out.

Video Format Support

Video can be very resource heavy and cause your website to come to a crawl. Cachefly remedies this and offers a great feature that enables fast video streaming.

You’ll be able to post any relevant videos, webinars, or other recorded material. Plus, all video formats are supported. If your site relies heavily on video content, then this feature is a must-have.


What’s the point of having a speedy website, if it’s not secure?

This CDN is packed with security features to help keep your site safe. You’ll have complete access to token authentication, so you can choose the content you want your visitors to see. Plus, there’s a built-in SSL certificate, so you can avoid the costs of having to get one yourself, and you can keep any information exchanged between your site and its users completely private.

Finally, there are ProtectServe downloads. This feature allows you to restrict or give access to subscription content, which can be great if you’re using gated content as a way to monetize your site.

Server Distribution

One of the best ways to determine if a CDN is actually reliable is based on its ability to distribute content around the globe. If you’re using a CDN then your visitors will be served a version of the site from the server that’s closest to them, which greatly reduces page loading speeds.

Cachefly has a rather large network of over 40 different servers. These servers are strategically located in crucial high traffic regions of the globe, including all across Europe, North America, Asia, and Australia. The only country not covered is Antartica. So, if you have a worldwide audience you can rest easy knowing that your website is performing quickly, no matter where your viewers may be.

Support Team

You’ll find a variety of support options when you run into any technical issues. For starters, there’s a user guide that will walk you through getting used to the customer portal, plus there’s a knowledgebase that offers both product documentation and setup tutorials. The knowledgebase could be a bit more extensive, but it should answer your most common questions. If not there’s always the speedy support team which is available 24/7. You’ll be able to contact support via phone, email, support ticket, and live chat.

Is Cachefly Easy to Use?

It’s incredibly easy to setup and start using. Plus, it requires very minimal HTML modifications, so you can get this tool up and running without extensive programming knowledge.

Once you sign up, you’ll be taken to your customer dashboard. Here you’ll be able to manage your account settings, view site statistics, access customer support, and manage your delivery options.

If you’re running a WordPress blog or website, then you can install a couple of the recommended plugins, which will integrate Cachefly with your existing WordPress site. All in a couple of clicks.

Who is Cachefly Best Suited For?

A CDN is a must have if you have a worldwide audience, and Cachefly can fill that need. Some of the biggest sites in the world rely on Cachefly to power their sites and ensure high uptime, performance, and loading speeds, so you know the CDN is very high-quality.

If you’re running a site that’s been experiencing extreme growth, or already receives a ton of traffic, then investing in this tool makes sense, especially if your site is primarily based on static content, as the dynamic content serving support isn’t currently supported.

The Cachefly team also tries to create a custom CDN environment for each new site brought into its network. This isn’t a stock solution, but instead built for site owners who want a CDN that’s optimized for their website.

If you demand the most from your site, want to provide your visitors with the best experience possible, and you have the budget for this tool, then you can’t go wrong.

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Who Should Stay Away From Cachefly?

If you’re a blogger who’s just starting out, or you run a website that doesn’t get much traffic, then using a CDN probably won’t make that much of a difference. Plus, there are cheaper options available if you do run a smaller site with minimal traffic.

Cachefly is packed with features, but to get the most value out of those features, you’ll want to be running a large and traffic-heavy site first.

That being said, if one of the Cachefly server locations does serve one of the main locations of your existing traffic, then it might be a worthwhile investment. However, it’s something you’ll want to spend time considering, you can always upgrade your CDN once you notice website performance and speed lagging.

Beyond running a smaller site, you may also want to stay away from Cachefly if your website utilizes a lot of dynamic content. Currently, there’s no feature that supports dynamic content acceleration so your loading times may suffer as a result.

Final Thoughts on CacheFly

Overall Cachefly is one of the most commonly recommended CDNs out there. They have a solid record, stellar support, and have been in business for over a decade. Using this CDN will improve your sites speed, performance, and security, so you can’t really go wrong.

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Site owners with a smaller budget may want to look elsewhere, as well as those who serve up a ton of dynamically generated content. But, if those conditions don’t apply to you, then it’s definitely worth a test drive.

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