Aweber Review: The Best Email Management System?

That’s what I hope to answer.

Let’s jump right into price. Aweber starts at $19 a month, up to 500 subscribers.

That’s not bad, at all.

I do have to say that they have a solid customer service team that you can actually reach by phone. It’s sad to say… but that’s becoming a rarity with a lot of digital service companies.

Aweber also has a pretty strong education system in place. I found quiet a bit of videos, how-to blog posts, and best practices.

They even host live webinars…

You can really tell that they want you to completely understand the in and outs of Aweber.

Another win for Aweber… is social proof.

I’ve noticed that many of the top sites and affiliate marketing heavyweights use Aweber.

You’ll even see them share tips on maximizing your Aweber email campaigns.

Aweber Offers Excellent Education and Support Options.

Aweber has also been around for a very long time. I don’t know about you, but I feel much more comfortable in paying a company that I know will be invested in improving its customer relationships and services offered.

I’ve seen and have heard nightmare stories of people who have lost so much time, effort and money into a service that just couldn’t make it… and just folded.

I honestly don’t see that happening to Aweber.

Setting-up Campaigns Quickly

One thing that I immediately noticed in setting up my first Aweber campaign, was how simple and logical it was.

Now, I’ve set up campaigns in other systems before.

So yeah, I’m not a newbie at all… but the way that Aweber was laid out, made this so easy.

I didn’t waste anytime at all.

Setting Up an Aweber Campaign is a Breeze

I just filled in my information and started uploading my email campaigns.

Aweber does have some notable competitors. With Mailchimp being one of it’s largest rivals. Mailchimp does have a free account option, but they don’t allow you to email any affiliate links.

So, I just can’t use Mailchimp anymore. I also feel that the Mailchimp backend is somewhat clunky… I’m pretty tech savvy, but sometimes I would get so frustrated using Mailchimp.

Overall Impression

In the end, everything boils down to reliability, integrity, and rock solid support.

Let’s not forget peace of mind. As an Aweber customer, you are invested in a service that will help you grow your business… and not become your latest roadblock.

For me… Aweber offers all the features that I need. The proof is in the puddling, with so many top marketers raving about Aweber, I’m sure that you’ll feel the same.

If you are looking to set-up email marketing campaigns, just stop thinking about it… and go with Aweber.

I’m a New Media Veteran who has worked at some amazing tech start-ups in Silicon Alley. My career transitioned into photography, with thanks to Complex & Interview Magazine.