Top 5 Real Estate Experts Tell Us How Blogging Helped Them Succeed

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Last Updated on April 26, 2019

Technology is changing what’s required to be a successful real estate agent and blogging is a big part of that.

Those with thriving blogs are outstripping their competitors who don’t realize that a good content strategy is critical to success.

Many marketing professionals advise that good content is the marketing discipline that delivers the greatest ROI for businesses.

Blogging can help your target market discover you, develop trust in you, and get a sense of the person behind your business — all precursors to doing business with you.

This is true for every business. So whether you are offering handyman services or have a boutique data analysis firm, learning how to create a good blog is foundational to your success.

Who Are the Top Real Estate Bloggers?

We talked to these top real estate bloggers to find out how they got their start and what success tips they have for other bloggers.

Here are the experts we interviewed:

Kyle Hiscock, Rochester Real Estate Blog

Based in Rochester, New York, Kyle Hiscock is part of a look-a-like father and son team with a combined 35 years experience and a marked digital edge.


Kyle’s commitment to smart use of digital shows in his communication-friendly website design and award-winning real estate blog.

His site features personal stories, team outings, real estate news, trends, market information, and more.

Kyle’s articles for other publications include “Why Clicking ‘Publish’ Isn’t Enough for a Successful Content Strategy” and “5 Common Real Estate Social Media Myths.”

His articles have appeared in industry-leading publications like Inman, RISMedia, and RESAAS, which recently recognized his blog as the best real estate blog.

Jeff Nelson, Live Gulf Shores Local

“I want my clients to be the most informed and to save or make the most money possible in a real estate transaction,” says Jeff Nelson.


His LiveGulfShoresLocal site — serving the Gulf Shores area of Alabama — has been featured in industry-leading websites like

Jeff’s approach is to provide buyers with a “wealth of information.”

Along with valuable information on loans, listings, and practical tips on buying and selling, Jeff offers personal recommendations on related services.

For example, he recommends Baldwin County-based Home Boss Inspection services based on years of positive results from dealing with owner Tim Lower.

Jeff also provides sellers with “maximum exposure” for their listings, via high search engine rankings.

Ellen Pitts, Harmony Realty

Ellen Pitts’ Harmony Realty focuses on real estate in the Research Triangle area of North Carolina.


She uses her blog to provide relevant and valuable content to her target audience.

Readers quickly discover that she’s a fount of time-saving critical information for home buyers in the Raleigh-Durham/Triangle area.

For example, see her: “4 Things You Didn’t Know About Zillow and Trulia.”  Spoiler: Zillow doesn’t have access to the Multiple Listing Service (realtor database) in the Triangle area. “The Triangle MLS refused to work with Zillow,” Pitts explains.

Her blog covers how to prepare your home for sale, market and trend information, and local lifestyle pieces on subjects like farmer’s markets and recreation.

Alex Beauregard, Toronto Realtor with Freeman Real Estate

Alex Beauregard knows Toronto like the back of his hand. He parlays deep local knowledge and real estate expertise into an engaging website and blog.


One glance at his homepage and you can see that Alex is SEO-savvy and uses keywords well.

He offers in-demand content like this Starter Guide for First-Time Home Buyers and his Top 5 Affordable Neighborhoods in Toronto.

Site visitors can learn about Alex’s selling process and buying process straight from the homepage.

Alex is more than meeting his goal of making his prospect’s real estate experience “enjoyable and rewarding” as can be seen in the testimonials displayed.

Smart use of digital is propelling Alex’s real estate business as he delivers “proven strategies” to secure the best price for his clients.

Stephen FitzMaurice, Real Estate Agent PDX

Stephen FitzMaurice’s website and blog provides “everything you need to navigate the Portland real estate market.”


The homepage features a video, strong testimonials, and a transparent commission rate.

It also features links to some of his most popular blog posts like What is a Principal Broker? and Portland Home Sellers: Closing Checklist.

His blog displays a clear mission and provides news on foreclosures and tips on home selling and buying.

Stephen’s profiles of Portland neighborhoods are a valuable resource for buyers who haven’t determined which area they want to settle in yet.

The Real Estate Agent PDX blog also serves as a general educational resource on the real estate industry.

Q&A With the Real Estate Blogging Experts

We asked each successful real estate blogger the same five questions.

Explore their answers to get on the fast track to what works and what doesn’t.


Why did you start blogging?

Alex Beauregard, Toronto Realtor with Freeman Real Estate

When I first began my career in real estate, blogging was a way to establish myself as an authority in a sea of competition and a way to communicate what I was learning about the Toronto Real Estate industry.

Kyle Hiscock, Rochester Real Estate Blog

Since the real estate industry has made a major shift over the past 10 years, I knew that being visible online was a must for my business. I decided that one of the best ways to obtain new business would be to be found online, everywhere!

Blogging provides the opportunity to show others that you’re an experienced professional in your industry, which is the primary reason I began blogging.

Jeff Nelson, Live Gulf Shores Local

I knew that in order to compete in an industry that has as much competition as mine (real estate), I would have to blog on a continual basis.

I try to put out a new blog post 4 to 5 times per week.

Ellen Pitts, Harmony Realty

I wanted to answer many of the questions my clients often ask me about and to make it easier for people that are new to my area or thinking about moving here get a better feel for the different parts of my city.

Stephen FitzMaurice, Real Estate Agent PDX

My clients, especially those buying or selling a home for the first time, needed a lot of advice and education. I felt there was a need in the industry for more education and transparency from local real estate agent, so I started my real estate blog.


What’s your secret to staying motivated & inspired long term?

Kyle Hiscock, Rochester Real Estate Blog

Results! To get results it does take time, however, if you’re consistent with blogging you will see results which is a huge motivator!

Jeff Nelson, Live Gulf Shores Local

I’ve been inspired to keep going because I’ve seen results. In the beginning, I had to take it on faith of course.

I figured that it was working for other people in my field so it should work for me.

I’m a big fan of Google Analytics and I actually look at that each morning before I look at my email. It’s fun to watch your numbers grow and to see what is working and what’s not.

If you play by the rules, your site will grow.

Stephen FitzMaurice, Real Estate Agent PDX

We’ve paid special attention to the real estate articles that performed well and keep writing them, year after year, always with updated information. Repeat (updated) articles are always first on our calendar.

Ellen Pitts, Harmony Realty

Putting myself into the shoes of my readers and writing the blog for them and their needs, rather than just writing to hear myself write.

If I start hearing a specific question or concern over and over again, I know it’s something I should address on my blog.

Alex Beauregard, Toronto Realtor with Freeman Real Estate

There’s never a shortage of interesting topics in Toronto Real Estate. Whether I’m providing answers to confusing questions about buying a house in Toronto or communicating the latest market updates and negotiating strategies for sellers.


What do you think had the biggest impact on making your real estate blog a success?

Kyle Hiscock, Rochester Real Estate Blog

Consistency! I believe the most important key to success with blogging is being consistent.

You cannot write a blog post every 2 or 3 months and expect to see results.

Set a goal of how many blogs you’d like to publish per month and stick to it!

Writing new content cannot be a secondary task to complete, it must be a major focus!

Jeff Nelson, Live Gulf Shores Local

Every day, I’m trying to post what I think my readers will want to see. I believe the success has come from diligence.

My mission is to dominate search engines with my posts on real estate in my local market.

Ellen Pitts, Harmony Realty

Writing consistently.

Stephen FitzMaurice, Real Estate Agent PDX

Consistency. A lot of people blog in fits. You really need to be consistent, whether it is 1x a month or 1x a week, or in our case 2x a week. Then your audience can adapt to your flow.

Alex Beauregard, Toronto Realtor with Freeman Real Estate

I provide answers and information on topics I get asked most about. I try to post often, stay relevant and up to date.


What lesson about blogging do you wish you’d known before starting out?

Stephen FitzMaurice, Real Estate Agent PDX

Pay attention to keywords. This is not to “game the system” this is to know what real people are searching for so you can answer their questions and inquiries. There are lots of keyword search programs – go check them out.

Kyle Hiscock, Rochester Real Estate Blog

One thing I wished I would’ve known when starting my blog was the importance of creating great content, which I call EPIC content.

This is not a quick 400-500 word post about a topic, it’s a well thought out post loaded with helpful information on a topic!

Alex Beauregard, Toronto Realtor with Freeman Real Estate

I underestimated the amount of time it would take to research and write.

Jeff Nelson, Live Gulf Shores Local

I wish I would have found sooner. Today, it’s a big part of my posts.

Ellen Pitts, Harmony Realty

Nothing, really. I’ve enjoyed the learning process.


Best advice would you give a new blogger?

Kyle Hiscock, Rochester Real Estate Blog

Do not get discouraged if you don’t see results immediately, which is likely the case. It takes time for a blog to begin seeing consistent traffic and you should set that expectation right away so you don’t become discouraged!

Jeff Nelson, Live Gulf Shores Local

Study all aspects of your field and write about it . . . often. I do not consider myself a great writer but I force myself because it needs to be done.

My site is about 3 years old and it has close to 1,100 pages, 300 of those pages are showing up on the 1st page of Google. It’s all about diligence.

Ellen Pitts, Harmony Realty

Know your audience and write like you’re talking to them.

Alex Beauregard, Toronto Realtor with Freeman Real Estate

Blogging is a commitment, but an essential, integral part of your business strategy. Find a schedule that works for you, whether its a couple of mornings/week or one day/week and stick to it.

Stephen FitzMaurice, Real Estate Agent PDX

Other than consistency, I would say that you need to be a subject expert for people to pay attention and keep coming back. Don’t bother writing a blog (these days) unless you are a subject expert.

Final Notes and Resources

A big thank you to our intrepid (and fascinating) real estate blogging experts.

We strongly recommend you visit their sites and learn from their experience.

Know a real estate blogger who we should feature here? or Have another idea for a blogger interview? Please let us know!

Key Takeaways

Regardless of what business or industry you’re in, these lessons from our blogging experts will help you set out with the right expectations:

  • Consistency matters
  • Results don’t come overnight, but they do come
  • Blogging — done well —  is necessary for business success

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