Raven SEO Tools Review: Jack-of-All-Trades, Master of Most

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Last Updated on August 4, 2019

Starting and running a blog can be simple affair until you start trying to compete with the “big boys” on competitive keywords.  Whenever this stage is reached the number of tools required to give you a competitive advantage can increase dramatically.  Luckily, there are a handful of nearly complete solutions that can handle the tasks that would normally be accomplished by several other tools, and
Raven SEO is one of those solutions.

The question is: will the black bird’s offerings be right for your needs?  Perhaps, and perhaps not…it really depends on your specific situation.


Raven Breaks the Unwritten Rule of Jack-of-All-Trades Tools, Thankfully!

The old expression states that Jacks-of-all-trades are masters of none, and the theory is sound.  After all, how can one tool manage to incorporate features of several other tools and manage to compete with many specialist tools?  Conventional wisdom would say that a tool that handles everything, such as keyword research, link tracking, competition tracking, blog and text SEO analysis, reporting, and project tracking in one seamless package would only be able to offer those features at a reasonable quality level.

Raven SEO Tools actually proves that this argument might be limited in scope because they fail to consider the fact that some elements from one of these aspects can directly relate to performance in another.  This synergy has ultimately carried Raven SEO to amazing heights in terms of quality, and it is hard to consider ever going back to using a tool that only handles keyword research, or tracking.

Amazing UI

With so many aspects of managing and marketing a property integrated into a single tool, it is easy to believe that getting lost would be easy or even inevitable.  Fortunately, we never found that to be the case; so long as we knew where we were going, we could get there with ease thanks to a well-designed user interface.  There were even some instances in which Raven SEO took us to places we had always wanted to go in a very organic way, but few other products even offered.

A great example of this is the ability to start with keyword research, and then immediately start investigating the competition.  This is nothing new, but Raven SEO takes it a step further and allows for immediate link building and social networking aspects to start kicking in.  Want to see not only what a competitor is doing in the field, but want to start branching out and making contacts, build links, and join conversations?  Raven SEO has integrated tools to make all of this happen seamlessly from a WordPress install while simultaneously allowing these events and more to be tracked and monitored in real time.

What Can’t Raven SEO Do?

Every website has different needs, but our reviewers handle a variety of different websites that use very different models yet came up with one unanimous conclusion: Raven SEO would actually help them save money and streamline their efforts.  While that is far from saying that there are not situations in which other websites might find themselves needing more/something different than what Raven SEO offers, the bottom line is that this all-in-one package has a lot to offer.

Everything starts with a website setup wizard, but the competitor/keyword research functionality, competition manager, keyword manager, bevy of analyzers (everything from quality to design), link management, contact manager, website directory, content and blog management sub-systems, persona/social media module complete with monitor, SERP/keyword tracking, analytics, event manager, and powerful reporting systems are just the tip of the iceberg.  There really are not too many things that Raven SEO cannot do, and that serves as a great basis for a recommendation in and of itself.  Add to this a free trial, and it is hard not to like the black bird of the SEO world.

How Much Does it Cost?

Raven SEO has a Pro and Agency plan. The PRO account costs $99 per month, covers an unlimited number of websites, adds white labeling, a sub-domain at raventools.com, increases the keyword SERP tracking to 1000 words per engine, increases the Site Finder and Backlink Explorer reports to 20 and 40 per month respectively, pumps the link manager record count up to fifty-thousand, and handles 50 social monitor searchers.  The AGENCY plan costs $249 per month but offers unlimited users, and increases the keyword/SERP tracking to 2500 keywords, more than doubles all of the reports, and triples the number of links in the link manager while simultaneously handling 50 social monitor searches.

Bottom Line

When we saw how good Raven SEO was at handling such a wide variety of tasks, we immediately had once concern: it was going to be too expensive.  We were pleasantly surprised and happy to be proven wrong.  Best of all, one does not have to jump up to different package levels, but they can add features a la carte if they so desire.  A slick interface, more features than most people could ever use, and pricing made to please has us at a loss for finding points to complain about when it comes to Raven SEO.  Check out the free trial and see where a set of jet-black wings can take you today!

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