Keto & Low Carb Bloggers Share Their Success Stories

Alicia Vikander used it to reach peak-badass for the filming of Tomb Raider. LeBron James used it to shed pounds quickly from his massive frame.

The ketogenic diet is attracting attention from those seeking to lose weight and improve their health and performance.

Keto is sometimes referred to as a low-carb diet or as a low-carb, high-fat (LCHF) diet. Within the wider realm of low-carb diets, advocates find (and create) overlaps with paleo, raw, vegan, Bulletproof, and other trends.

Bloggers and vloggers are in the lead, building community, attracting droves of readers — even launching their own products.

We interviewed 11 of the top keto and low-carb expert bloggers to find out why they started their blog, what has worked for them, and what they wish they’d known when they first started out.

Meet Our Panel of Blogging Experts

Each of our blogging experts has a fascinating story to tell.

It seems all of their lives improved after adopting their diet — and blogging.

Antya Markin, Queen Keto

Antya Markin grew up with a passion for Italian food and cooking from scratch. A self-confessed “carbo-holic” she recalls “I couldn’t even eat a salad without an entire box of breadsticks to go with it!”


Due to an inherited medical condition, Antya’s cholesterol spiked to dangerous levels.

She was given a life expectancy of “mid-30s, maybe the 40s with a bit of luck” — if she took statins. The statins produced negative side effects.

Antya’s breakthrough came with her discovery of the ketogenic diet.

She was able to free herself from her cholesterol and pain issues.

Now 55 and radiating health, she uses her creativity to publish inventive recipes for those who want the benefits of keto but would like a rich variety of dishes to choose from.


Lezlee Parrish, The Lazy Keto

Lezlee Parrish began her exploration of a ketogenic diet back in 2013 when she was struggling with depression and other health issues.

“I desperately needed to get my life back,” she recounts.


After losing 45 pounds, and undergoing some elective surgery, Lezlee continued with keto and began to see dramatic health improvements.

Through her blog and social media, Lezlee has become part of a vibrant keto community.

Two years ago, with encouragement from Suzanne Ryan of Keto Karma, Lezlee launched a successful Kickstarter campaign for her tasty Srirachoy sauce. (We can’t wait to try the “Spicy AF” version.) This sauce even has its own Instagram channel.

“I can honestly say that keto has given me my life back,” says Lezlee.


Luis Villasensor, Ketogains

Luis Villasensor is the founder of Ketogains website, Facebook group, and reddit forum.

He describes Ketogains as a “community-driven exploration into the pursuit of physical excellence via ketosis.”


The site features a blog, podcast, store, and Ketogains virtual bootcamps which start every 7 weeks.

The Ketogains FAQ links to an extensive reddit wiki.

Ketogains also offers one-time or ongoing personalized keto coaching.

The site is information-rich and focuses on the science backing kept and advice from fitness and nutrition experts.

The goal of Luis’s blog and related projects is helping others to achieve optimal brain and body health and performance via knowledge and coaching.


Chris Bair, Keto Chow

Chris Bair adopted a ketogenic diet in order to lose weight. He was successful in shedding the pounds and became healthier overall. He’s now “77% of the man I used to be,” he quips.


But he was struck by what the amount of detail required to become knowledgeable and get started successfully.

His “Keto Chow” — low carb meal replacement shakes that he sells on his website — was originally created for himself.

It was an easy and quick way to get the nutrients he needed, and sufficient electrolytes, in a tasty grab-n-go combination.

Keto Chow now has a 5-star average rating and comes in flavors like Salted Caramel and Root Beer Float.

Chris’s blog provides a guide to the basics of nutritional ketosis, recipes, getting started information, and plenty of helpful info on being successful with keto.


Libby Jenkinson, Ditch the Carbs


Libby is a mother to three and a registered pharmacist in New Zealand. Her blogging goal is to teach, inspire, and support those adopting a low-carb, high-fat (LCHF) diet.

It’s been 5 years since she discovered LCHF. “It led me to an incredibly healthy way to eat,” she says.

“There are no processed foods,” she explains, “only wholesome, clean foods that help me to lose weight and prevent the big 4 – heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s and cancer.”

Ditch the Carbs is the number 1 recipe website in New Zealand and Australia.

In addition to recipes, Libby’s site offers a How to Start section, Low-Carb FAQ, meal plans, and testimonials.

Readers can purchase her 4 low-carb books. And they can browse the “Free Stuff” section which also includes discount deals.

Libby’s blogging opened the door to write for Huffington Post, Buzzfeed and Diet Doctor.


Lisa MarcAurele, Low Carb Yum

After having her thyroid irradiated for Graves disease, Lisa turned to a low carb diet to help her manage her weight and health.


Lisa was working as a full-time engineer, had kids at home, and wanted to build up a collection of easy, quick recipes.

“I started this blog in July 2010 as a way to save low carb recipes and share my low carb diet recipes with others,” she explains.

Lisa shed the pounds and her overall health improved markedly. “My cholesterol levels and blood pressure are always better when I keep my carbs in check,” she says. “I also rarely get sick so I believe staying away from sugar has boosted my immune system.”

Her site offers low-carb, gluten-free recipes; meal plans, a free e-book — Low Carb Tricks and Tips, and a link to her Amazon Low Carb Yum shop.

The nicely organized shop features products she uses, including kitchen tools, low-carb baking staples, and nuts and seeds.

Lisa also provides how-to steps for those interested in creating a food blog.


Kim, Low Carb Maven

Kim, a “die-hard steak lover,” offers low-carb, ketogenic recipes with a “gourmet vibe.”


Attracting over a million unique visitors a month, Low Carb Maven also features product reviews, giveaways, and a Facebook support group.

Kim’s “savvy readership” includes individuals interested in “losing weight, mitigating diabetes, or pursuing a healthy lifestyle.”

She provides that audience with valuable content like The Beginner’s Guide to Keto Meal Planning, a newsletter, and a convenient U.S.-to-metric baking chart.

Kim partners with brands that produce products she likes and uses. Previous partnerships include Bob’s Red Mill, Butcher Box, and Finlandia Cheese.


Elizabeth McDowell, Meat Free Keto

Elizabeth is a certified holistic nutrition specialist who has previously worked with Whole Foods Market.


Her blog teaches readers “How to thrive on a vegan ketogenic or low carb diet.”

Meat Free Keto is a beginner-friendly site with sections dedicated to Vegan Keto Diet Basics and a Vegan Keto Quick Start Meal Plan.

Her recipes and articles cover popular topics like fat bombs, paleo, nut-free recipes, low-FODMAP recipes, and holiday recipes. Also on offer: meal plans and how to do vegan keto on a budget.

Keep an eye out for Elizabeth’s new book, which will be released October 2018: Vegan Keto: 60+ High-Fat Plant-Based Recipes to Nourish Your Mind & Body


Kyndra Holley, Peace, Love and Low Carb

Kyndra is a 15-year veteran of the restaurant industry and a born foodie. It was her own successful weight loss that inspired her blog.

“I set out on a mission to recreate all my favorite carb-laden, comfort foods into low carb versions,” she explains. “I started taking pictures of  these cooking adventures and thus the birth of my blog in July 2011.”


In addition to recipes, Kendra’s site provides helpful resources like “Low-carb, Keto 101” information, weekly meal plans, and product reviews.

Her popular books include 30-Minute Ketogenic Cooking, Craveable Keto, and The Primal Low-Carb Kitchen. She even offers low-carb craft cocktails in her Keto Happy Hour book.

She also has a Peace Love and Low Carb shop – which is an Amazon storefront.


Megan Ellam, Mad Creations

Megan Ellam became interested in low-carb cooking after being diagnosed in 2017 with insulin resistance.

“I cannot put into words how much better I feel since changing to the low carb lifestyle,” she says.

Her site is bristling with creativity.


There you’ll find a shop, with over a dozen books, including #KetoEggFast, Keto for Beginners, and specialty cookbooks like Keto Crackers and Cookies.  Plus: gorgeous cutting boards hand-crafted from pine and Tasmanian oak by partner Dave.

And of course, loads of tantalizing recipes that are easy to prepare. (We love the “Dude Food” section.)

Megan also offers memberships — which include weekly meal plans, 13-week challenges, live Q+A, over 200 recipes, community opportunities, discounts, shopping lists, and more.

This Australian-based blogpreneur has combined her passions — food, photography, and her partner Dave — into a thriving business.

Dr. Adam Nally, DocMuscles

Dr. Adam Nally, a/k/a Doc Muscles, is on a mission. His goal? To help you adopt the ketogenic lifestyle, get in shape, and feel “amazing.”


Adam is a board-certified Family Physician and Obesity Medicine Specialist with almost 20 years of clinical experience.

His experience was forged in a quest to overcome his own health crisis.

“I was on the same road my father traveled down before he died at 58 years old,” he explains.

Adam is the author of The Keto Cure and the host of KetoTalk with Jimmy & the Doc.

One of Dr. Nally’s unique offerings is a membership that provides comprehensive onboarding to the keto lifestyle, including online courses, and (optional) personal medical care that focuses on prevention and wellbeing.

Adam is social media savvy too: live-streaming on Facebook, Instagram, and Periscope.


Q&A With the Keto Blogging Experts

We asked these blogging experts the same five questions.

There’s nothing like learning from experience, and their willingness to share theirs provides a unique opportunity to learn what makes for a successful blog.


Why did you start blogging?

Antya Markin, Queen Keto

My home-made keto recipes seemed to be a hit with everyone and over time I was encouraged to share them with the world.

Lezlee Parrish, The Lazy Keto

I had been doing Keto for about 6 months and was compiling a lot of recipes and thought it might be helpful to share them with others doing keto!

So I started an Instagram page and then later I created my website.

Luis Villasensor, Ketogains

Having a resource to inform people on how to do a proper keto diet for body recomposition.

Chris Bair, Keto Chow

Mostly I was just looking for a way to share my experience trying out nutritionally complete “future foods” – that later morphed into documenting my experience with a ketogenic diet.

Libby, Ditch the Carbs

It began purely as a hobby so I could collect all my low-carb family recipes in one place.

I then started writing articles to summarize the research I had done into why low-carb was such an effective way to prevent the big 3 – obesity, type 2 diabetes, and heart disease.

Elizabeth McDowell, Meat Free Keto

In 2012, there were very few other people eating the way I was eating (veg keto) and so I wanted to share my recipes and experiences.

Kyndra, Peace, Love and Low Carb

It first started as a hobby, born out of a need to lose weight. I started recreating all of my favorite dishes into low carb versions and documenting it. From there, it sort of took on a life of its own and turned into a passion-driven career.

Lisa MarcAurele, Low Carb Yum

I was looking to lose weight with a low carb diet and wanted a way to keep track of recipes I was making as well as my progress.

Kim, Low Carb Maven

There weren’t many recipes available when I started my low carb lifestyle, so I did a lot of experimenting.

I wanted to share the low carb recipes I was developing at home for my family — finding ways to reinvent old favorites and creating new ones.

We were enjoying the food and I hoped others would, too.

Megan Ellam, Mad Creations

I have always had a passion for recipe developing and missed working in an environment that allowed me to do that.

So I started blogging and sharing my recipes with as many as people as I can

Dr. Adam Nally, DocMuscles

Enjoyment of writing; need to provide a space for people to find answers to medical questions.



What’s your secret to staying motivated & inspired long term?

Kyndra Holley, Peace, Love and Low Carb

I started in 2011 and I just never gave up. I took a giant leap of faith and quit my job in 2011 to do it full time.

I definitely wasn’t ready financially or emotionally, but I just knew that I had to keep going.

It took literal blood, sweat, and tears to get Peace, Love, and Low Carb where it is today. I just refused to give up, no matter how hard things got.

It turned out to be the best decision I have ever made.

Luis Villasensor, Ketogains

The results from our clients and members.

Libby, Ditch the Carbs

I receive emails every single day from readers who have transformed their life through low-carb nutrition.

I have helped more people in the last 4 years regain their health via my website than in the last 25 years as a pharmacist dispensing their medication.

I am inspired each and every day by the people in my free support group who completely turn their life around.

There are even two babies who were born to women who were told they were infertile because of hormonal issues, which were resolved when they addressed their insulin resistance (caused by a high-carb diet).

Antya Markin, Queen Keto

The keto lifestyle can be simple. Think meat, fish, cheese, eggs, fibrous veggies, some fruit.

But most people miss the delicious, albeit terrible, foods they used to eat, so I set about recreating classic dishes that have been healthified and low-carbified, such as pasta, gnocchi, pizza, cakes, biscuits, etc.

I have an Italian heritage, so many of my re-inventions are based on high-end patisserie and real Italian traditional foods.

There are many keto recipe bloggers out there, but I guess I bring a different keto experience to discerning readers who want more than the usual bacon poppers or zoodles with marinara sauce.

Lisa MarcAurele, Low Carb Yum

I actually stopped blogging a couple years after I started the website (which is what Low Carb Yum started out as).

Then, a couple years later, I realized that my posts were being shared and helping a lot of people make it through a low carb lifestyle.

So what motivates me to keep it going is the feedback from the audience on how they have improved their health with the help of my blog.

Elizabeth McDowell, Meat Free Keto

The veg keto community is absolutely amazing. Every kind email, comment, direct message or random shout-out made me realize how many people are actually using these recipes and really keeps me motivated and inspired.

Plus, it’s food and health, which are two of my favorite subjects.

Megan Ellam, Mad Creations

I am very passionate about the ketogenic lifestyle and really it is my followers that help keep me motivated.

Without their support and feedback, it would be a lot harder

Kim, Low Carb Maven

I find motivation in my love to cook and create in the kitchen, but I have to do it spontaneously or it isn’t fun.

Many bloggers have their editorial calendars planned months in advance. I find planning stifles me. I need to wing-it or it feels like a job.

I’m inspired by regional cuisine, my mother’s recipes, and my taste buds.

Lezlee Parrish, The Lazy Keto

Honestly, it’s the community that keeps me going. Everyone is so supportive of one another and it’s just so inspiring to me.

Dr. Adam Nally, DocMuscles

Engagement with audience

Chris Bair, Keto Chow

Dunno, I just keep posting whatever new and interesting comes along!

Hot! Seven of Chris’s Keto Chow flavors are sold out. Bookmark our free Blogger’s Guide to Selling Online to get information on how to sell your own products online.



What do you think had the biggest impact on making your blog a success?

Lezlee Parrish, The Lazy Keto

Probably the simplicity of my recipes.

I hate finding a good meal idea online only to find it requires 10+ ingredients and some you may have never even heard of! So I strive to make my recipes as simple as possible. Hence, The Lazy Keto!

Keto doesn’t have to be difficult to be a success.

Luis Villasensor, Ketogains

Keeping it evidence and science-based.

Chris Bair, Keto Chow

Well, it was pretty small until I started using my blog to document product development of Keto Chow. It’s something I’m passionate about so it just kinda happened organically.

Kim, Low Carb Maven

I can’t attribute my success to any one thing. I think that persistence (publishing regularly), continuing to improve (photography, styling, writing, SEO), and befriending bloggers in my niche have all contributed greatly.

Antya Markin, Queen Keto

Number 1: PASSION!. Number 2: TIME!

A lot of time was needed to start the blog site from scratch, especially as I had no prior web knowledge or help from anyone.

Nowadays most of my time is devoted to my recipe development, sourcing new low-carb products, testing, etc. etc.

I work totally on my own and do absolutely everything, including site maintenance and photography.

It can be overwhelming at times. I couldn’t do any of it if I had a ‘day’ job. My keto-husband has got used to it – he loves being my initial tester.

Kyndra Holley, Peace, Love and Low Carb

Being authentic and genuine with my readers. I believe that transparency is the key to connection.

Instead of only sharing the highlight reel of my life and weight loss journey, I shared the good, the bad, and the ugly, in an attempt to help people feel less alone.

Being candid and staying true to my integrity, mission, vision, and values, has been key.

Libby, Ditch the Carbs

Integrity. I refuse sponsored posts so I can remain independent and trusted.

This was a difficult financial decision to make, but I believe my reputation is key to my amazing readers placing their trust in me.

Megan Ellam, Mad Creations

Consistency and determination. I plan each week with everything from marketing, recipes, social media and track my conversions to see what works well and what doesn’t.

Lisa MarcAurele, Low Carb Yum

The popularity of the keto diet in recent years has certainly had the biggest impact on the success of Low Carb Yum. And, all the success stories of my readers in their weight loss journeys has certainly kept the momentum of the site going.

Elizabeth McDowell, Meat Free Keto

I think perseverance is the main thing. I’ve been blogging for over 6 years now but it definitely took some time to get going.

Dr. Adam Nally, DocMuscles

Consistency providing answers.

Lisa’s recipe videos are featured on YouTube and on her Low Carb Yum blog. Shot from above, these appealing videos feature upbeat music and no talking. Viewers on YouTube will find a link to the recipe placed below the video.



What lesson about blogging do you wish you’d known before starting out?

Megan Ellam, Mad Creations

Find your target market and cater to them. My way isn’t always right.

After looking at who I was aiming to capture the attention of and changing my style my business took off in a positive direction.

Libby, Ditch the Carbs

It’s tough! You have to be the writer, photographer, developer, email marketer, author, researcher, financial controller, social media whiz, and the coordinator of all things.

Lezlee Parrish, The Lazy Keto

Oh, my! it is definitely a full-time job!

When I started out I never wanted to be one of those blogs/accounts that doesn’t respond to anyone. So, I strive to make time to reply to messages and comments.

We’re all here to help and learn from each other, so I try my best to always be available.

Luis Villasensor, Ketogains

How to engage the audience more properly.

Chris Bair, Keto Chow

Get a scalable/performant platform, learn how to take good photos.

Kim, Low Carb Maven

Having a food blog is more than taking a picture and writing a recipe.

It’s important to make connections with your readers. I don’t have a large personality or share much about myself or family in posts, but I manage to connect with readers in comments, on Facebook, and in Newsletters.

This builds trust and repeat traffic.

Dr. Adam Nally, DocMuscles

Importance of writing regularly.

Antya Markin, Queen Keto

Firstly, I wish I had started out with an SSL certificate for the blog. Instead, I will soon have to embark on a demanding and challenging technical conversion and I’m not looking forward to it.

Secondly, I wish I had invested time to learn about photography before I dived in. I’m still rubbish at it, but I’m getting better. Some of my earlier recipe photos are cringe-worthy!

Lisa MarcAurele, Low Carb Yum

I wish I knew about search engine optimization and the importance of good quality photos when I first got started.

Elizabeth McDowell, Meat Free Keto

Don’t get caught up in metrics and start judging the success of your blog based on views/visitors/comments.

Obsessively checking your visits every two hours doesn’t really accomplish anything in the end (I’ve been there). Just keep chugging along.

Kyndra, Peace, Love and Low Carb

I wish I would have started to learn more about SEO earlier on.

You leave a lot of money on the table when you are not appeasing the Google gods. I just didn’t know any better because everything I have done to build my blog has been self-taught.


Libby’s blog also features YouTube video embeds. This one is her “channel trailer” – a video that introduces viewers to her blog and low-carb diets.



Best advice would you give a new blogger?

Dr. Adam Nally, DocMuscles

Just start writing about what you love and then don’t give up.

Chris Bair, Keto Chow

Find something you’re passionate about, interested in, and are going to stick with so your blog doesn’t have 15 posts and then just lay there dormant for a few years collecting dust!

Lisa MarcAurele, Low Carb Yum

Spend the time to learn all you can before jumping in.

It isn’t as easy as just writing a post a few times a week. There’s a lot of technical things that happen behind the scenes as well as learning how to promote content so that your target audience actually sees the site.

And, it’s a lot of work to get traffic to a blog so be prepared to put a lot of hours in. However, it can be very rewarding once you’ve passed that initial stage.

Lezlee Parrish, The Lazy Keto

Just to be present and put out content. Whether it’s big or small, fancy or simple. It will be helpful to someone. Even if it’s just one, it’s all worth it.

Luis Villasensor, Ketogains

Read, learn, and always stay in the loop of the latest topics of your sphere of influence.

Antya Markin, Queen Keto

Read. Learn. Practice. Ask questions. Prepare. Make time. Enjoy.

Elizabeth McDowell, Meat Free Keto

Stay passionate! It’s this fire and joy for the subject at hand that will keep your blog interesting and worth visiting.

If you find yourself becoming bored with the subject matter, then your readers will be as well. Give yourself a break and find an angle that inspires you to post about.

Kyndra, Peace, Love and Low Carb

Don’t give up!

If you really want to do this as a profession, or even as a passion project, or side hustle, you have to treat it like it is a career while it is still a hobby.

Just keep going!

Megan Ellam, Mad Creations

Plan what you want to achieve in the first 12 months.

With a clear picture, focus, and monthly goals you can achieve whatever it is you want to achieve.

Kim, Low Carb Maven

Establish a supportive network of bloggers in your niche who are blogging at the same level or a little higher than you.

You can learn a lot from each other and help one another grow.

Libby, Ditch the Carbs

There is no quick answer to anything in blogging — every problem requires time or money. You just have to choose which one.


Final Notes and Resources

A big thank you to our interviewees, who persevered to accomplish more than they imagined was possible.

We encourage you to visit and become familiar with their blogs. You’ll learn so much by experiencing their work first-hand.

Key Takeaways

Our bloggers were motivated by their own personal experiences to make success on the ketogenic/low-carb path easier and more enjoyable for others.

Some of their creative ideas included:

  • Providing quick-start guides to help newbies get onboard with the diet.
  • Making it easier to maintain the diet by providing quick and delicious recipes or, in Chris’s case, grab-and-go shakes.
  • Creating a connection and two-way conversation with readers via comments, social media interaction, forums, and opportunities to share testimonials.

Regarding your own blog — no matter the topic — ask yourself: “What might make my target audience’s life easier or more enjoyable?”

Next Action Steps

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We’re here to help and we can’t wait to see what you create.

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