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7 Top Investment Experts Reveal How They Created Successful Blogs

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Last Updated on August 6, 2019

Is blogging a trivial pursuit? For some, sure. But the successful bloggers we interviewed developed blogs that became core drivers of business growth.

Often it was through these blogs that audiences first became aware of the investing experts, learned what they had to offer, and came to trust them.

Let’s find out how our bloggers did it.

First, Meet Our Panel of Investment Bloggers

Each of our blogging experts has an impressive background in investment and finance.

Some were self-taught while others hold advanced degrees.

Sophia Bera, Gen Y Planning

Sophia Bera and her team at Gen Y Planning close the gap between traditional financial planning firms and the needs of young adults in their 20s and 30s.

gen y planning

Their goal: Helping clients “live their ideal life.”

Sophia is a Certified Financial Planner with a bevy of accolades, including being named among the “Top 40 Under 40” by Investment News.

The Gen Y team advises on big decisions like the purchase of an advanced degree or house, handling student loans, and navigating key life events like getting married and having kids. Her blog reflects those topics.

Sophia’s new book has a 5-star average rating on Amazon: What You Should Have Learned About Money But Never Did.

Shailesh Kumar, Value Stock Guide

Shailesh’s steel processing business was hit hard by the 2008 financial crisis. Credit dried up. He was turned down for a bank loan.

The banker told Shailesh that if he were running an investment business he’d be approved. Why?

value stock guide

“I reviewed your personal tax returns going back 5 years,” said the banker, “and I have not seen anyone making such consistently profitable investments, year after year.”

Shailesh spent a year winding the steel business down and turned his attention toward his first love: investing.

“It took me a year before it finally dawned on me that I can use my skills and passion for investing to help others,” he said. Now he does just that with his Value Stock Guide membership site and blog.

Shailesh brings to the table years of experience advising Fortune 100 companies and overseeing some $700 million in annual client capital.

Oliver Hauschke, Invest Like the Best

Oliver Hauschke discovered his passion for investing as a teenager. He purchased his first shared for 200 Deutsche Marks and still holds them.

invest like the best blog

In the 25 years since there’s been an explosion of information available on the internet about investing — much of it misleading or complicated.

Oliver launched his blog to provide quality, easy-to-understand information distilled from the strategies of top investors like Warren Buffett, Charlie Munger, Joel Greenblatt, Howard Marks

Oliver is also the founder of the Bridge2Fortune Academy  which offers online courses and one-on-one coaching.

“I lost money in the dotcom bubble by doing what everyone else was doing,” Oliver recalls, “and I made money right after the subprime crises by following the principles I learned from the successful value investors and swimming against the tide. Knowledge and patience became the keys to my own success.”

Jeffrey A. Miller, Dash of Insight

Jeffrey Miller has a varied and deep background in investing and economics. As a public policy analyst with a Ph.D., Jeffrey taught advanced research methods at the university level.

dash of insight blog

He went on to become a strategic advisor to early-stage companies.

Decades ago, Jeffrey began working for market makers at the at the Chicago Board Options Exchange. He parsed out pricing model anomalies and developed new forecasting techniques. By “merging these quantitative techniques with specific company analysis” he also “generated trading ideas from sell-side analyst reports.”

Soon afterward he launched a futures and options research consultancy for professional traders at the Chicago exchanges.

Jeffrey is now a recognized expert on the impact of news events on markets, computer-based trading, and economics.

In 1998 Jeffrey created, with co-founder Vince Castelli, NewArc Investments. NewArc’s goal is to put their advanced trading strategies and skills in the service of individual investors.

Jeffrey also serves as an Expert witness and consultant with Capital Markets Research.

Jeffrey’s Dash of Insight blog has a helpful “Individual Investors; Start Here” section and a curated selection of the best resources and ideas for individual investors.

Rohit Chauhan, Understanding and Applying Value Investor Principles

Rohit Chauhan discovered value investing after reading the book The Warren Buffet Way. He soon devoured works by other value investment greats, like Benjamin Graham and Philip Fisher.

understanding and applying value investor principles

Today, through his blog Understanding and Applying Value Investor principles, Rohit chronicles for readers his exploration of the “value investing approach to picking stocks, which involves buying them at a discount to their fair value.”

The blog also focuses on analyses of Indian companies and industries.

Along with Kedar Ghaisas, Rohit formed the investment advisory firm, RC Capital Management.

The two principals are both engineers with MBAs and 20 years of senior experience in Indian companies.

Brian Preston, The Money Guy Show

Brian is the founder and host of The Money Guy Show, which is both a podcast and a blog. The podcast is consistently listed as among iTunes’ most popular investing podcasts.

Both Brian and his co-host Bo Hanson are financial planners and wealth managers who are CPAs and CFPs.

money guy show

The Money Guy site features the podcast episodes, a blog filled with actionable advice, and the Smart Money Club: a membership-only (but it’s free) subscription to premium content to help you navigate trends and build wealth.

Frequently cited by media, Brian has appeared on cable news, writes a column for US News, and has been featured in Newsweek, Forbes, The Wall St. Journal, and other publications.

He’s also the founder of Abound Wealth Management, LLC, which has been recognized by Advisory HQ as one of the Top 10 “Best Financial Advisors” in the Nashville and Memphis area.

Jason Rivera, Value Investing Journey

It was the sudden onset of a health issue — bouts of dizziness — that led Jason Rivera to seek a new way to support his family. He decided to revisit his fascination with investing and became a successful self-taught value investor.

value investing journey

He subsequently founded and became CEO of Rivera Holdings and launched the Value Investing Journey blog.

Jason’s focus is on small, obscure, and undervalued companies.

The Value Investing Journey blog seeks to simplify learning to value invest. It offers more than just blog posts. The Recommended Resources section offers a reading list covering topics like behavioral finance, mental models, and competitive advantage.

Blog visitors will also find a 6-week Value Investing Masterclass and links to coaching and investment services.

Visitors can also download Jason’s book: On Float: Learn About the Immense Hidden Power of Investment Float to Gain a Huge Advantage Over Other Investors.


Q&A With the Investment Blogging Experts

We asked these blogging experts the same five questions.

Their answers provide clarity on what goes into the creation — and development — of a successful blog.

start investment blog


Why did you start blogging?

Sophia Bera, Gen Y Planning

I wanted to build an online business and help millennials with their money.

Blogging seemed like a great way to educate my future ideal clients!

Jeffrey A. Miller, Dash of Insight

As a financial advisor, I had a first-hand look at the problems faced by the average investor.

As a former professor, I come from a tradition of sharing knowledge. I had a message, and I hoped people would find it helpful.

Shailesh Kumar, Value Stock Guide

It started out as a way to record my investment activity and keep myself accountable.

Over time I realized I have much value to add to other investors who are looking for new ideas and guidance to invest profitably.

The investment world is full of bad advice and anything I can do to make a difference is worthwhile.

Oliver Hauschke, Invest Like the Best

I started blogging because I love investing in companies and I thought I could tell people something about my experience of over 25 years as a private investor.

I started in Germany — a country where people don’t like the stock market — in 1990 at the age of 18 with 200DM.

I think, if I could build a fortune, everyone could do it. So, I try to tell people about it.

Jason Rivera, Value Investing Journey

I wanted to journal my thoughts online so I could go back and learn from my mistakes and see how much progress I’ve made after days, months, and years.

Rohit Chauhan, Understanding and Applying Value Investor Principles

I wanted to document my journey as an investor.

Brian Preston, The Money Guy Show

Wanted to educate others on the awesomeness of smart financial decisions. Felt that there was an empty void of good objective financial advice.

Video Above: Brian Preston of The Money Guy Show with co-host Bo Hanson. 

investment blogger motivation


What’s your secret to staying motivated & inspired long term?

Brian Preston, The Money Guy Show

Determining what you define as success.

Making money was not the initial intent of my content. It was not until three years into the process that it started generating revenue. I viewed this as a positive side effect of a great passion project.

Sophia Bera, Gen Y Planning

Be consistent and ask for help. I have a content manager who helps with the blog and a virtual marketing assistant who schedules my social media and helps with my newsletter.

Without them, nothing would be consistent because I’d be the bottleneck.

Shailesh Kumar, Value Stock Guide

Value Stock Guide has been profitable since month number 3. A lot of bloggers start blogging their passions, which is great, but the passion needs a fuel to keep it going.

I am passionate about helping people invest better. This passion has been validated in the marketplace as something of great value to other investors, and something that they will pay for.

In addition to the monetary income from the site, the other thing that drives me is the emails and calls from my readers and members telling me how much difference I have made in their financial life.

Jeffrey A. Miller, Dash of Insight

I enjoy writing, and I still have a long list of topics. Sometimes I might not feel like it, but reader response by comments and by email is a big source of encouragement.

When I started, I did not realize that people would miss me and react if I took some time off.

Rohit Chauhan, Understanding and Applying Value Investor Principles

I have a passionate interest in value investing and hence continue to write on this topic

Jason Rivera, Value Investing Journey

By focusing on the long-term and not worrying about how many people view the site on a daily basis.

When I first started the blog it was for my personal benefit only . . .  I would journal my thoughts on my investment analysis, learning, etc, get feedback, make the necessary changes, improve, and then repeat this process.

The blog has now evolved to me working towards helping others learn these same skills almost exclusively now.

I have a deeper purpose that I’m working towards by working towards helping millions and billions of people learn valuable financial literacy and investment knowledge and skills.

To me, this is the number one reason I keep doing what I’m doing every day because I want to help as many people as I possibly can.

If it was still a purely selfish based blog only focused on my improvement I would have quit a long time ago.

So having a larger purpose outside yourself is ultra important to long-term success. Not only in blogging but in all aspects of life in my opinion.

Oliver Hauschke, Invest Like the Best

I just love investing and I love to write, too. So writing about investing needs no motivation. I would do it either way.

But what’s really gives me power is that people seem to like what I’m writing. I appreciate it very much. If one or the other receives some valuable information, I’m happy.


bridge2fortune academy
Visitors to Oliver Hauschke’s Invest Like the Best blog will learn about his online Bridge2Fortune Academy. Pictured: “The Secret of Knowledge” course.


successful investing blogs


What do you think had the biggest impact on making your blog a success?

Sophia Bera, Gen Y Planning

I made connections with reporters and freelance writers early on who would quote me in articles and then link back to my site.

Many of them now work for major financial publications and have been emailing me directly for years because I was helpful early on.

It’s really fun to have great press contacts!

Shailesh Kumar, Value Stock Guide

I will have to say it is persistence.

There were times when nothing seemed to be happening. The pipeline seemed to be dry and I did not know when the next client will sign up. Having faith and keeping on has made all the difference.

Oliver Hauschke, Invest Like the Best

People who read my blog know better than me. But when I have to guess, it’s because I’m talking about the things that happened to me, good or bad.

The most read blog post I wrote was about the loss of 98% of my investment during the dot-com bubble. I’m talking about my failures in hope others could learn from them.

And I’m talking about what I think is relevant for the average private investor to help him succeed over the long run, not for the trader who wants to make the big fast money.

Jeffrey A. Miller, Dash of Insight

My balanced message. I look at all sides of matters affecting the market.

I seek what actually works, not what is popular.

Even in this age of sharp opinions, there are many who appreciate unbiased, critical thinking.

Brian Preston, The Money Guy Show

It is real and transparent. My audience feels that they know me and we could be friends.

You don’t build that without sharing a portion of your true self.

Jason Rivera, Value Investing Journey

 Working towards helping others. People like learning from others mistakes, successes, and failures.

I’m very open and transparent with everything on the blog. This includes my results over the last 6+ years investing real-world money for myself and others…

Almost no other value investing or finance blogs do this. It also includes me talking about my family, how I deal with depression, what I’m struggling with, successes and failures I’ve had, etc.

Being open, authentic, and transparent is huge in blogging and all content creation.

Rohit Chauhan, Understanding and Applying Value Investor Principles


lessons in investing blogging


What lesson about blogging do you wish you’d known before starting out?

Sophia Bera, Gen Y Planning

“Done is better than perfect.” – Sheryl Sandberg.

Shailesh Kumar, Value Stock Guide

You need to differentiate from the millions of other sites competing with you.

Find your own voice, state your convictions, and stay consistent. You will not attract everyone, but you will attract the right people to your blog.

Oliver Hauschke, Invest Like the Best

That’s really difficult because I’m still learning about blogging. But if I had known earlier how fun it is and how people like what I have to say, I would have started earlier.

Jeffrey A. Miller, Dash of Insight

It took a while to find my “voice.”

I had to realize that I was not giving a lecture or writing for academics. I could present an important message in a simple and friendly form. At an early stage, I switched from “we” to “I.”

Rohit Chauhan, Understanding and Applying Value Investor Principles

The payoff is usually not financial, but there are other benefits which accrue over the long term.

Brian Preston, The Money Guy Show

You have to be consistent and publish content even when you don’t feel like it.

To grow an audience you have to honor your commitment and consistently provide new material.

That sounds easy, but after a short period of time (especially if initial growth is slow) you may find yourself burned out. Stay strong and keep moving forward!

Jason Rivera, Value Investing Journey

The huge amount of time it took me to become a decent writer.

I was an awful writer for my entire life up until about 2 years into blogging.

But off the strength of one of my investment analysis articles I’d posted on the blog and Seeking Alpha I got hired by a prominent investment newsletter who taught me how to write well.

I’ve continued to refine the craft over the years and have gotten infinitely better, but when I go back and look at any of my early posts on the blog I cringe.

Learning how to write well is an ultra-valuable skill I wish I would have taken the time to learn earlier that would have helped. But I may not have even started the blog if I knew truly knew how awful my writing was at the start.

Naive optimism helps a lot in the beginning of doing anything.

investing blogger books
Books are a popular way our investing bloggers reached new readers. Pictured: books by Sophia Bera, Shailesh Kumar, and Jason Rivera.


advice for investing bloggers


Best advice would you give a new blogger?

Shailesh Kumar, Value Stock Guide

This is a marathon, not a sprint. Giving up is easy.

If you stick to it and give it your all, you will learn and adapt your business model and eventually, you will create your own identity and everything will start clicking.

It will take time and dedication, but the results are well worth it. All the best.

Jason Rivera, Value Investing Journey

Write blog content and create videos every day. Even when you don’t want to. Even when you don’t feel like it.

Just do it. Even if you have to sit at your computer for 30 minutes doing nothing until you force yourself to write or produce content. Just do it.

If you can do this consistently over a long time period you’ll create a following, have a successful blog, and help people potentially worldwide.

My team and I were analyzing our results from our blog traffic and in the last 6+ years we’ve now reached 183 of 195 countries around the world, and via our programs, courses, books, videos, etc., have helped tens of thousands of people worldwide.

I would have never dreamed of this years ago when we were getting 0 or 1 or 2 viewers per day. You can make an impact on people’s lives. You just have to do it consistently for a while to do so.

Brian Preston, The Money Guy Show

Be patient on building your tribe. All successful bloggers started at zero too. Keep writing and your audience will grow.

Oliver Hauschke, Invest Like the Best

Don’t blog to blog. Write about what you love and talk about your own experience. Be authentic.

Jeffrey A. Miller, Dash of Insight

Identify your audience. Who are you really trying to reach? What can you write about that they will find useful?

Rohit Chauhan, Understanding and Applying Value Investor Principles

Write on a topic which you love and assume you will not get paid for it for a long time.

Sophia Bera, Gen Y Planning

Just start and then keep going. If blogging isn’t your thing, but you enjoy video, start a YouTube channel.

Video above: Sophia Bera appears on Break the Twitch, a popular YouTube channel focused on intentional living. 

Final Notes and Resources

A big thank you to the entrepreneurial bloggers profiled here. Their investing wisdom and personal career paths are inspiring.

We highly recommend that you spend time exploring their blogs. You’ll learn a lot from direct observation.

Know an investing blogger who we should feature here? or Have another idea for a blogger interview? Please let us know!

Key Takeaways

Everything can be done well or poorly. That’s true for blogging too.

A good blog can earn you trust and engagement: both are required for succeeding online.

  • Our bloggers use various tools including social media, podcasting, video, books, to reach, inform, and draw their audience. What tools might be appropriate to advance your business objectives?

What Next?

Bookmark and take advantage of our free resources, like our Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a Podcast,  and our interviews with other blogging experts, like startup bloggers.

Let us know how you’re doing with your blog project.  We’re on a mission to create more successful bloggers, and we love hearing from our readers.

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