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Meet 5 Top Interior Design Bloggers (And Learn Their Style & Blogging Secrets)

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Last Updated on April 14, 2020

Interior design and style are a celebration of the individual and the well-lived life.

The style bloggers we interviewed have helped their audiences discover their own authentic style and transform their surroundings and lifestyle into an expression of their taste and values.

Meet Our Panel of Blogging Experts

Each of our blogging experts has successfully built their own interior design and lifestyle blog and brand.

Their uncommon wisdom and insight help others to live well — with style.

Diane Henkler, In My Own Style

in my own style

Diane Henkler has a genius for DIY decorating. When she decorated her first home, she had to work with a small budget.

Diane used creativity — and her background in the display trade — to create the style she wanted. Now she helps others do the same.

Her blog is diverse and includes topics like Insta-StyleEntertaining, and Organizing.

Diane’s guide — How to decorate so you feel at home — helps readers discover their own authentic style. She leads you through a series of questions like “How do I really want to live?”

Before you know it, you’ll be “creating a home that feels like you are getting a big hug every time you walk through the door.”

“With a bit of ingenuity and resourcefulness, I think anyone can create a home they love,” Diane affirms.

Diane also has a convenient “where did you get that” shop on Amazon where readers can find items featured in her photos.


Anna Kovalchenko, L’Essenziale

l'essenziale blog

Anna Kovalchenko is a Moscow-born interior design professional and a former writer for Architectural Digest Russia.

Extended stays in the Maldives and Seychelles lent a “rich and vibrant nature” to Anna’s sensibilities and style.

L’Essenziale is luxuriant and inviting: it not only portrays remarkable interiors but the blog itself beautiful itself — filled with extravagant imagery and elegant fonts.

Anna takes you behind the scenes via enticing visual tours such as Tour Mario Loprete’s Art Studio in Catanzaro.

You can also walk with Anna through a History of Styles.

L’Essenziale also features articles on inspiration, trends, design process, art, architecture, entertaining, and product reviews.

Popular DIY posts include how to Turn a trellis into a shoe rack and How to fit driftwood furniture into your home decor.

Stacey Bewkes, Quintessence

quintessence stacey bewkes

After a long career as an art director in New York City, Stacey Bewkes moved to Connecticut where two pivotal decisions shaped her future.

She co-founded an Italian startup that produced a line of original luxury goods.  And she launched Quintessence, an exploration of “living well with style and substance.”

Quintessence provides “the story behind the style” and has been described as a series of “mini-courses in the decorative arts and gracious living.”

The grand panorama of style captured by Quintessence includes art and architecture, food and wine, travel, entertainment, and interior design.

Stacey invites you to “Tag along as I attend exclusive events, meet design icons and tastemakers and connect the dots to bring you the story behind the style.”

The “At home” video series, created along with design author Susanna Salk, takes us into the homes of prominent tastemakers. Not surprisingly, the Quintessence YouTube channel has garnered almost 4 million views.

Liz Marie, Liz Marie Blog

liz marie blog

Liz Marie and her family relocated back to the “mitten state” — Michigan — after she completed her interior design studies and husband Jose wrapped up military service abroad.

Soon after returning to the Wolverine State, Liz Marie partnered with friends to open a vintage goods boutique called “The Found Cottage.”

Now she uses her blog to chronicle the transformation of the family’s “fixer-upper” farmhouse, including interior design makeovers, and their first forays into farm life.

Liz Marie’s blog keeps ahead of the seasons, offering, for example, fall decor inspiration. Top-notch photography gives us a view of her tasteful amalgam of rustic, vintage, and antique style.

Sample blog topics include Cozy cottage kitchen decor and Warm and cozy farmhouse decor.

Desiree Groenendal, Vosgesparis


Desiree Groenendal is a Dutch tastemaker making waves on both sides of the Atlantic.

“If you’re serious about interior design trends, Desiree is the one to watch,” says Bernard McCoy, MA! founder.

Desiree’s Vosgesparis is described as an interior design and lifestyle blog “where minimalism and Scandinavian simplicity meets industrial and black.”

You’ll find articles and images that reflect her personal style, including her own home projects, as well as design trends and news.

Desiree is the co-founder of w/ Style agency — a collaboration between Vosgesparis and BeeldSTEIL.

She collaborated with other bloggers to create the German-language book Wohnideen aus dem Waren Leben (Inspiration from the Best Interior Design Bloggers).

Desiree has received considerable media coverage. Examples include her inpirational workspace appearing in and her home being featured on the cover of the book Design Bloggers at Home.


Q&A With the Interior Design Blogging Experts

Each of our experts has taken a unique route to their interior design and lifestyle blog.

In their interviews, you’ll find insight and practical tips to apply to your own blogging venture.
best interior design bloggers

Why did you start blogging?

Diane Henkler, In My Own Style

I had written a book entitled, Instant Decorating in the 90s. It is no longer in print, but I wanted a new way to share my DIY and creative ideas with anyone who was interested. Blogging was the perfect way to do this.

Stacey Bewkes, Quintessence

As a creative outlet.

Anna, L’Essenziale

Initially, I started my blog to share the progress over my studies, when I was in interior design school.

Slowly, my blog has transformed into a diary where I shared all my ideas, inspirations and insights about interior design business.

It is great to be a part of the community and my blog is also a way to connect with like-minded people from all over the world.

Liz Marie, Liz Marie Blog

I had an interest in decorating from a very young age. When my husband was active duty, he deployed, and while he was away, I started painting and re-doing furniture for our first home.

I wanted to share my projects with friends and family back home in Michigan, and that is when I started my blog.

Desiree Groenendal, Vosgesparis

I started blogging way back in 2007, before that I shared my pictures of mostly still lifes I made at home, with other interior design aficionados in Picasa . . . a kind of early Pinterest.

We talked about interior design on a forum. When I discovered blogs I thought it was a great way to combine both the photo and text.

I chose my nickname from the forum as a blog name that time, not knowing I would still be here more than 10 years later!
motivation interior design blog

What’s your secret to staying motivated & inspired long term?

Liz Marie, Liz Marie Blog

Don’t compare any part of your journey to the middle or peak of others. I try to stay consistent with my blog post from sharing large before and afters, all the way to simple daily updates of the farm.

I truly enjoy blogging and sharing our story and that is a large part of staying motivate -loving what you do.

Stacey Bewkes, Quintessence

I am passionate about design and talented people who are also passionate about what they do.

Anna, L’Essenziale

I guess it is because I always try to test new ideas and my blog has never become a routine for me. For example, after a long time blogging strictly about interior design, this year I have included some lifestyle categories, like travel, cooking and fashion.

The financial part is also substantial — when blogging provides you a full-time income, with the freedom to travel and live anywhere in the world, it becomes a great motivation.

Diane Henkler, In My Own Style

Passion about the subject of my blog, decorating and creativity, as well as the desire to be my own boss.

Without these two driving forces, I don’t think I would still be blogging. Being creative and doing things in my own style is just how my brain is wired. Blogging is what I was meant to do.

Being a DIY blogger keeps me busy pretty much 24/7 which can bring burnout. When this happens I take a break for a few days, read, go shopping, or on a trip.

These small breaks help me find inspiration and get my blogging mojo back.

Desiree Groenendal, Vosgesparis

I think staying close to myself and just only blog what makes my heart beat faster and what is really close to me.


Liz Marie vlogs as well as blogs. Her videos chronicle her family’s renovation of a “fixer-upper” farmhouse and their first forays into farming.
successful interior design bloggers

What do you think had the biggest impact on making your blog a success?

Desiree Groenendal, Vosgesparis

I have always stayed close to myself and my personal taste, which is rather monochrome and minimalistic.

I think my specific audience loves my blog for that, they know what they can expect.

I only blog about certain kind of homes and design, which always show a bit of industrial and raw touch or a beautiful minimalistic wabi sabi kind of style.

Stacey Bewkes, Quintessence

Original content.

Anna, L’Essenziale

I think it is because I constantly focus on the usefulness of my content for other people.

For example, if I learned something about interior design business which helped me, I share it with my readers and many people find it interesting or applicable in their job as well.

Diane Henkler, In My Own Style

A few things.

1. I started back in 2009 when there were only a handful of DIY and Decor blogs.
2. I wrote detailed step-by-step photo tutorials that were easy for readers to follow.
3. I went to a blogging conference in my 3rd month of blogging and learned so much that I then implemented into the blog.

I still go to as many blogging conferences as I can, since things in the online space change all the time and as the sole person behind my blog, I have to stay educated.

Liz Marie, Liz Marie Blog

Support. From the beginning, my friends and family have supported this weird little girl and her blog, and without them, I would not have had the strength to start the blog and keep coming back.

Video above: Fashion editor Diana Vreeland contended that “Few things are more fascinating than the opportunity to see how other people live during their private hours . . . ” The “At home” video series by Stacey Bewkes and Susanna Salk takes us into the homes of prominent tastemakers.
lessons for interior design bloggers

What lesson about blogging do you wish you’d known before starting out?

Stacey Bewkes, Quintessence

How much work it is.

Anna, L’Essenziale

The main lesson is being consistent and being able to motivate yourself. There is nobody who will tell you in the morning “Today you need to post an article.”

You will need to put a discipline into your blogging routine from the beginning and treat your blog like a magazine — with a consistent schedule, strict editing and constant searching for new interesting topics.

Diane Henkler, In My Own Style

Search engine optimization.

Liz Marie, Liz Marie Blog

Reach out and find other bloggers in hopes of creating a little support group.

I have one now but didn’t at first, and they are a great team of other bloggers that we all chat and bounce ideas off of, or get insights into industry changes.

Desiree Groenendal, Vosgesparis

Choosing the right platform maybe, and all these technical things. I use no SEO tools at all. But then when I started there also was no social media like Facebook and Instagram or Pinterest, we had blogrolls and just shared our pictures and stories.

Video above: Anna Kovalchenko of L’Essenziale uses video to help others launch their own interior design business.
advice for interior design bloggers

Best advice would you give a new blogger?

Anna, L’Essenziale

Don’t be discouraged if you don’t see instant results in terms of traffic, amount of followers or income. Don’t be lazy and always move forward.

Statistics show that most bloggers give up when they are just about to succeed.

Diane Henkler, In My Own Style

Go for it, but know it is a lot of work. The learning curve can be steep and overwhelming.

Don’t let it get you down, keep learning and doing and pretty soon, it will all become second nature.

Also realize that there are many tech, design and virtual assistant services that can help you get up and started. Just do a search on Google or on Facebook to find them.

Stacey Bewkes, Quintessence

Don’t try and copy what others are doing — you have to be your best authentic self.

Desiree Groenendal, Vosgesparis

Don’t compare yourself to others . . . as everyone is unique and has its own voice.

Liz Marie, Liz Marie Blog

Share-Share-Share. Be consistent and share authentic content.

One of my favorite comments are when blog readers tell me they work my blog and newest post into their daily routine (i.e. I wake up every morning with a cup of coffee and pull up your blog).

It is a testament to how consistency pays off, and an element of motivation for me to keep posting.

Final Notes and Resources

A big thank you to our interviewees for sharing their experiences and creative gifts through their blogs.

We encourage you to visit and become familiar with their blogs. There’s much you can learn simply by observation.

Key Takeaways

Throughout our blogger interview series, we have seen certain key lessons repeated, regardless of the topic of the blog.

Key themes that resurfaced in these interviews include:

  • Blogging is a marathon, not a sprint. Don’t expect instant results. Perseverance pays off.
  • Learn from others, but find your authentic voice.
  • Reach out to the blogging community to learn more.

What Next?

Bookmark and come back for more blogger interviews. (We’ve got plenty in the pipeline.)

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