geeky blogs to read

Nerds Rule! 30 Of The Best Geeky Blogs You Should Be Reading

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Last Updated on May 21, 2019

If you’re a geek, you likely spend a lot of time on the Internet. Why not make the most of your time with some of the freshest geeky blogs around?

geeky blogs to read

The following is my list of the top 30 geeky blogs you need to check out to stay entertained and updated on all things geeky.

Boing Boing screenshot

Website: Boing Boing

This “directory of wonderful things” started in 1988 as a ‘zine. (Remember those? They were kind of like blogs in paper form. Wait, you don’t remember paper?) Boing Boing covers a number of topics that geeks love, including internet memes, science fiction, movies, music, and other cool nerd stuff. Contributors include founder Mark Frauenfelder, Xeni Jardin, science fiction author Cory Doctorow, and others.

The site is also a focal point for activism about online freedom, like opposition to the DMCA.


Fivethirtyeight screenshot

Website: FiveThirtyEight

This site is best known for its predictions of US presidential elections based on opinion polls, but Nate Silver’s true love is statistics. The site covers topics like sports and medicine through a probabilistic lens, which makes for always-fascinating reading.


xkcd What If? screenshot

Website: xkcd

While xkcd is best known as a geeky webcomic, creator Randall Munroe also maintains a blog, which he calls a “blag.” It hasn’t been updated for a while, but Munroe’s “What If?” series was extremely popular. The What If? blog takes Munroe’s humourous approach of the comic’s trademark “romance, sarcasm, math, and language” style and applied them to hypothetical science questions, with hilarious results. The blog was popular enough to be published in book form.

The Worst Things for Sale screenshot

Website: The Word Things for Sale

Have you ever looked at items on Amazon and wondered, “Who on Earth would buy that?” Well, Drew Fairweather, creator of the popular webcomics Toothpaste for Dinner and Married to the Sea, set out to answer that. The Worst Things For Sale catalogs the most ridiculous items sold on Amazon, and the most ridiculous reviews. Whether too expensive or too weird, Fairweather demolishes terrible products his trademark snark. A chemist by training, he takes a particularly harsh view of quack medicines.

Paul Graham Essays

Paul Graham essays screenshot

Website: Paul Graham Essays

Although Paul Graham is not quite a blogger, his essays are extremely influential in the startup world.

Daring Fireball screenshot

Website: Daring Fireball

Jonathan Gruber hosts one of the premier Apple-related tech blogs with his opinionated analysis on everything from the Mac to Apple’s mobile devices.

Krebs on Security screenshot

Website: Krebs on Security

Brian Krebs has established himself as one of the world’s foremost security experts

Ars Technica screenshot

Website: Ars Technica

Ars Technica distinguishes itself from a lot of the other tech sites by its in-depth reporting, going into the nitty-gritty technical details of new products. The site has also done some lengthy series on the history of some failed tech products like the Amiga and the OS/2 operating system. This is a tech site for those who really know about tech.

Gizmodo screenshot

Website: Gizmodo

Part of the once-mighty Gawker empire, Gizmodo has been a mainstay of tech news and gossip for a long while. Anyone who wants to keep abreast of the latest technology trends with a quirky take should definitely follow this blog. It also has some interesting subsites like Paleofuture and io9.

Smarter Every Day screenshot

Website: Smarter Every Day

While best known as a series of YouTube videos, engineer Destin Sandlin has created a dedicated audience for his explanations of science and technology. The videos are also posted on the Smarter Every Day website, making it a prime example of a vlog.

Vox screenshot

Website: Vox

While best known for its political coverage, the site has a number of science and technology stories that offer an offbeat take on the world around us. Topics include badly designed doors and why hip-hop artists seem to like Grey Poupon mustard so much.


Trivium screenshot

Website: Trivium

Created by Leah Neukirchen, who’s credited with inventing the tumblelog, this blog consists of links with short descriptions of their contents. Hey, that sounds like a great idea. Most of the links involve a heavy amount of math, science, and computing, which is appropriate for a software developer.

EFF Deeplinks Blog

EFF Deeplinks screenshot

Website: EFF Deeplinks Blog

This blog is fighting the good fight for online privacy, like its parent organization. The Electronic Frontier Foundation’s blog keeps citizens abreast of threats to online freedom.

Reddit blog

Reddit blog screenshot

Website: Reddit Blog

The blog for “the front page of the Internet” announces major changes to the popular link-sharing site, with its trademark sense of humor.

Weather Underground Blogs

Weather Underground blogs screenshot

Website: Weather Underground

Weather Underground not only serves up great, accurate weather forecasts, it also has a vibrant community of weather enthusiasts sharing their observations. The site’s meteorologists, including founder Jeff Masters, also weigh in on topics ranging from the latest hurricane bearing down on a coast to climate change.

Hackaday screenshot

Website: Hackaday

This site features different tips and tricks for those taking a DIY approach to technology, as well as news about cool projects other people are doing.

Microsoft Developer’s Blogs

MSDN screenshot

Website: Microsoft Developer’s Blogs

Say what you will about Microsoft, but as one of the world’s biggest software companies, it still manage to attract top developer talent. You can see it in the quality of the blog posts here. While the company might not give away the Windows source code, the developers who post on the company’s various blogs give a lot of insight into what goes into Microsoft products.

Joel on Software screenshot

Website: Joel on Software

Fog Creek Software founder Joel Spolsky gives his opinionated advice on software development in this blog. He is an ex-Microsoftie, so he has a lot of experience on the inside. He has also managed to publish a good chunk of this blog in book form.

Nerdist screenshot

Website: Nerdist

This is another great geeky blog not to miss. It discusses topics dear to the hearts of nerds everywhere like science fiction and technology. It also has a popular podcast.

Wil Wheaton’s Blog screenshot

Website: Wil Wheaton

Although best-known for playing the much-maligned character Wesley Crusher on Star Trek: The Next Generation, Wheaton is a real-life geek. He’s been blogging since the medium started in the early ’00s, posting on everything from his computers to his personal life. And yes, he hates Wesley too.

Lifehacker screenshot

Website: Lifehacker

Formerly part of the Gawker empire, Lifehacker appeals to the DIY spirit. Posts help readers get the most out of their lives, ranging from tweaking their web browsing to upping their cooking skills. You’ll learn something new on this blog every day.

Wired screenshot

Website: Wired

While best known as a magazine, Wired hosts several blogs, such as the popular Threat Level blog focusing on security. You’ll get the latest in tech news, science news, and geek culture.

How-To Geek screenshot

Website: How-To Geek

This site caters to true tech enthusiasts, those who try to bring the best performance out of everything from their smartphones to their PCs. This blog offers plenty of tutorials on things like privacy settings and how to tweak the latest version of Windows to your liking. It’s great for those who are way above the “For Dummies” books in their skill levels.

The Mary Sue screenshot

Website: The Mary Sue

While it seems that geek culture might be a boy’s club, The Mary Sue, named after the much-loathed fanfiction archetype, offers a much-needed feminist take on geeky pop cultures like science fiction movies or comic books.

Newegg Blog

Website: Newegg Blog

Savvy shoppers know that Newegg is one of the best places to buy electronics, but did you know that the shopping site also maintains a blog? This blog highlights a lot of the products the company sells, from PC parts to drones. It’s also a good example of using a blog for marketing.

Laughing Squid screenshot

Website: Laughing Squid

Laughing Squid is a web hosting service based in San Francisco that caters to artists. It also hosts a blog of its own that highlights the best and weirdest stuff on the web at the moment.

Kotaku screenshot

Website: Kotaku

Yet another part of the Gawker empire, this site offers a snarky take on the video game industry.

O’Reilly Ideas

O'Reilly Ideas blog screenshot

Website: O’Reilly Ideas

O’Reilly is the premier tech book publisher. If you’ve been in tech for any length of time, you’ve likely seen one of their books with a woodcut of an animal at some point. If you’re really serious, you have shelves and shelves of these books. O’Reilly also has an extensive blog where the authors dive really deep into technical topics like web development.

Techdirt screenshot

Website: Techdirt

This is another major tech blog, with an eye toward privacy coverage. The site tilts in favor of digital freedom on issues like copyright and BitTorrent. It offers a somewhat sensationalist take on legal developments in the tech world, but what are geeks if they aren’t getting up in arms about the latest legal abuses?

Forever Geek screenshot

Website: Forever Geek

Forever Geek offers coverage of a variety of geeky topics including video games, blockbuster science fiction movies, and tech. The content seems to lean toward listicles, but the blog covers a range of subjects. There is plenty of stuff to keep you busy (and clicking) here.


If you like geeky topics, there is no shortage of blogs out there to keep you supplied with the latest news. This list should keep you busy all weekend — and beyond.