Free Flag Icons: Here’s How To Lay Your Hands On 244 Of Them Courtesy Of

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Last Updated on October 21, 2019

Blogging turns you into a hunter of sorts — especially when it comes to free images.

Desperate for flag images? Skip right to the flag icons!

Most freelance bloggers don’t have the luxury of a fat stock photo allotment. Instead, we’re constantly on the prowl and we have a keen sense of smell for tracking down free images. Cue Homer Simpson: “Mmm… free images…” So delicious!

Flag Icon Gallery
Flag Icon Gallery

Here at, we live to serve. That’s why we’re handing out a free pack of 244 international flag icons rendered in a design that’s both modern and sharp-looking. Did we say free? Yes, free!

Each of the 244 flag icons in our free icon pack comes in three different sizes, for a total of 732 PNG image files. See for yourself:

Free Flag Icon Sizes

How to Use Flag Icons

The usefulness of flag icons is only limited by your creativity. Here are some of the almost limitless uses:

Romania Flag Sports coverage, like Olympics, World Cup, or World Baseball Classic

United Arab Emirates Flag Travel websites

Afghanistan Flag Movie reviews, especially for film festivals and awards

Antigua and Barbuda Flag International law

Anguilla Flag Charities, which can often go by different names in different countries

Albania Flag Time zones

Armenia Flag Shipping rates

Angola Flag World Tour or conference dates

Bosnia and Herzegovina Flag Sales regions or districts

American Samoa Flag Currency

Barbados Flag Measures and weights

Bangladesh Flag Personalizing email or newsletters

Belgium Flag Health statistics or any analytics that differs by country

United States Flag And even bullet points

The internet is a global society and your blog is one of its citizens. Globalization is already here. Icons can make your site much easier to use for people visiting from other countries.

Flags can help readers skim to the parts of your posts that are most relevant to them, simply scanning the page.

Benefits of Flat Design

Our free icon pack looks spiffy because the flags are rendered in a flat design style. Flat design is minimalist in that it’s all about making images and icons simpler. Flat style ditches the three-dimensional look of bubble and shadow effects and tends toward solid, matte colors more often than gradients or shiny colors.

Responsive Design

Flat designs also make responsive design easier because, without all those 3D effects, sites can scale up and down with better accuracy.

Mobile devices like tablets and smartphones are the future — and being able to transition smoothly between device types is a priority if you want to be found by search engines.

Never Go Out of Fashion

Both Google (Material Design) and Microsoft (Modern Design) have adapted flat image design guides. Even Apple got on board with flat design starting with iOS 7 and OSX Yosemite.

Flat design looks great to the 21st-century eye. Since it’s not overly flashy it doesn’t go out of style. What’s more, flashier icons can distract from the content you write.

Above you can see what all the flags look like.

Free With Attribution

This global flag icon set is free to use for any purpose, commercial or personal. All we ask is that you give us attribution somewhere on your website or on the pages in which they’re used.

Just paste the HTML code below into your attribution page. The attribution is also a great way to help your fellow bloggers find these flags and use them too.

Download Your Free Flag Icons

Grab the free sets of 244 flag icons by downloading these zip files: [755 KB] [851 KB] [1.0 MB]

Each flag comes in three different sizes: Large (96px square), Medium (48px square), and Small (24px square). And they are all optimized in PNG format but are only 13 KB or smaller (after unzipping).

Go Global With Your Blog

Start tapping into the international potential of your blog today by using our free flag icons to customize your content.

Even if you don’t know what to do with them now, grab them anyway so that you’ll have them when you need them. Then, comment below and let us know how you’ll be using them!

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