shopio review for bloggers

Shopio: Turnkey Online Store Solutions for Small Business

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Last Updated on August 4, 2019

Shopio is an e-commerce platform for small to medium-sized businesses. It allows you to promote and sell your products at an affordable rate without needing advanced technical knowledge. Shopio was developed by IdeaSoft, a business providing e-commerce solutions to over 10,000 online stores for over a decade. They specialize in simple website design and hosting for e-commerce websites.

shopio review for bloggers

E-commerce Hosting Plans

Shopio simplifies the customer decision-making process by offering just 4 plans to choose from. These plans are catered to startup- to medium-size enterprises.

Their plans share some common features. First, they all include a free domain name with a variety of supported domain extensions. Shopio doesn’t charge transaction or set-up fees, and all clients will have access to their 24/7 customer support. All plans support mobile commerce, built-in blogs, coupon and discount codes, advanced tax management, and shipping calculation.

shopio review for bloggers

The plans differ by product limits, bandwidth, and file storage amounts. Their cheapest and most basic plan will give new e-commerce stores everything they need to get started selling online. Higher plans will allow for more store items, provide more bandwidth to support more visitors, and give you more storage space. Their most expensive plan is designed for the larger e-commerce site, offering unlimited products, bandwidth, and storage.

All of their plans can be tried for free for 14 days without requiring a credit card to sign up. This is a risk-free way to try out their website builder, blogging features, and store set-up. At the end of the trial, you will need to pick a plan and enter your payment information to launch your online store. If you wish to cancel a paid plan, you will not be refunded any amount that you have already paid.

Blogging Functionality

Shopio includes a built-in blogging system. This lets you create a blog and keep your e-commerce site updated. Blogs are an important aspect of content marketing. They create a loyal consumer base and help you develop relationships with your customers. Blogs can also help with SEO to increase your store’s visibility on Google.

You can easily add, edit, and delete blog posts from Shopio’s CMS. You can even schedule your posts to be released at a later date. Their blogging platform gives you areas to fill in SEO meta data to help your posts rank higher in search engine results. You can also enable or disable comments on your posts.

Hosting Performance and Security Features

Shopio uses cloud servers to give you maximum uptime and availability for your website. When you run an e-commerce site, any amount of downtime means you’re losing potential revenue. You can feel confident that your website will remain online with Shopio’s 99.95% uptime guarantee. Their SaaS hosting architecture allows for scalable performance, meaning that your site will be able to handle large spikes in traffic.

shopio review for bloggers

All of Shopio’s plans come with a shared 256-Bit SSL certificate. This lets your customers enter payment information knowing that their data will be protected on your secure site.

Shopio’s Website Designer

Shopio gives you many options for website design. They have ready-to-use themes that are responsive for all devices. You can easily customize these themes, such as adding your logo, changing fonts, altering colors, and adding custom images. Their design tools let you customize your theme without HTML or CSS coding knowledge.

shopio review for bloggers

You also have access to the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files of their themes. This is useful if you are a developer and want granular control over the appearance of your website. Advanced users can also create their own templates from scratch. This lets developers create fully custom designs.

Product Management and Check-Out System

You can categorize your products up to 5 levels easily by a drag-and-drop system. You can also import your products from another site if you are switching e-commerce platforms. This means you don’t have to add each product one at a time.

Shopio lets you customize the appearance and features included on your product pages. For example, you can edit options for colors and sizes of products. This would be useful if you’re selling clothing items. You can add as many images for your product as you want and specify different individual tax rates allowing you to sell assorted products on your website. You can also set different tax rates for entire countries.

shopio review for bloggers
Research shows that the easier it is for a customer to checkout, the likelier they will be to complete the transaction.

Shopio gives you one-page check-out, providing your customers with an easy experience making purchases on your site. Shopio also supports the use of many different global payment systems like PayPal, Stripe,, Braintree, and 2Checkout.

Analytics, Marketing, and SEO

Shopio includes SEO features for any page of your website. You can set custom URLs, meta titles, keywords, and descriptions for your blog posts or articles. Their product pages also provide SEO features. This allows you to customize your URLs and meta tags and helps your products appear in search engines.

Shopio automatically generates XML sitemaps which help you get visibility for your website on Google. They also take care of redirects and search engine verifications. You can integrate Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics with your website so you can track visitor statistics and find out how you can improve traffic.

You’ll be able to do marketing with promo codes and discounts. Create coupons based on percentages, amounts, or for specific products and categories. Shopio lets you group your customers together and create discounts for certain groups.

shopio review for bloggers

Shopio also gives you a breakdown of your best-selling products and an orders overview. This can show you sales trends, like how many orders you get at various times of the day. You can also see what customers are buying what products. This lets you create targeted marketing to specific groups of customers.

Shopio Customer Support

Shopio provides 24/7 customer support via email which they will respond to quickly. They also have live chat support available during their office hours. Additional support can be found in the Shopio support center. Here you have access to a knowledge base of articles to help you get started and troubleshoot problems. You can also find a comprehensive Shopio manual which describes how to perform actions within your account, such as those regarding blogging set-up or store product management.

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Overview of Shopio

Shopio is a CMS platform for e-commerce. Providing customizable website templates and hosting for online stores, the company will perform well for small to medium-sized online businesses. Their built-in blogging functionality allows you to easily create and manage a blog on your store. However, Shopio is not designed for blogging alone. Their hosting is optimized for e-commerce through their own Shopio platform, not for WordPress or other CMS platforms. If you want to run an e-commerce store and integrate a blog on your website then Shopio will work well for you.

shopio review for bloggers

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