oberlo review for bloggers

Oberlo E-Commerce Review: Easy Dropshipping for Bloggers

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Last Updated on August 3, 2019

Oberlo is an e-commerce app that allows you to import dropshipping products directly into your Shopify store. Drop shipping enables you sell physical products to your customers without having to keep an inventory or ship any products yourself. A third party handles the product fulfillment and shipping for you. This means you can start an e-commerce store for only the cost of a Shopify theme since you aren’t required to purchase any products.

With the Oberlo app you search for and find products to sell in minutes, without having to contact international wholesalers or manufacturers. Oberlo automates the whole process, so you have more time to work on growing your business and generating sales.

oberlo review for bloggers

Since Oberlo was founded in 2015 Shopify store owners have used it to sell over 85 million products worldwide.

Plans and Pricing

First of all, note that Oberlo is for use with Shopify only. You will not be able to use Oberlo with Shopify’s lite plan.

Oberlo offers three different plans which give you access to different features as well as monthly limits on products and orders. Their free plan provides the basics that any new e-commerce website might need. The product limits and order fulfillment limits should be adequate for people just starting out. Once you begin to make more sales, you can easily scale up to a paid plan.

Oberlo won’t pause orders if you go over your sales limit. This ensures that you don’t miss out on any sales just because you’re becoming more successful. Instead, Oberlo will disable their order auto-fulfillment and you will have to ship your products to your customers manually.

oberlo ecommerce review

The free plan includes these features:

  • Inventory and price auto-updates with supplier
  • Single-click order fulfillment
  • Product customization
  • Price markup automation
  • Sales report
  • Product filtering

Oberlo’s basic paid plan increases your order and product limits so that your store can make more sales and house more items. In addition, this plan gives you:

  • Shipment tracking: up-to-date tracking status
  • Order fulfillment monitoring: a report showing how your orders are being fulfilled

Once your store starts making a larger number of sales, you will have to switch to their highest plan that allows for unlimited orders per month. In addition, this plan allows multiple users to manage your shop with different levels of access that you can control. This would be useful if you want to bring people on to help you out with your business.

oberlo review for bloggers

Learn More About Dropshipping

For people who are just starting out, or those looking for ways to grow their business, Oberlo offers a free online course. This course will help you get your e-commerce store up and running in as little as a week. The course comes to you in the form of an e-book. Oberlo also has other free e-books for download for those who want additional resources.

Don’t want to create your own store? You can buy a “live” Oberlo store created by someone else. And you can browse by store revenue and store price.

Oberlo’s website also has some long-form articles to teach you more about drop shipping practices to help your e-commerce business grow. You can also learn about other people’s success stories using Oberlo and Shopify and get advice on how you can find success doing something similar.

oberlo review for bloggers
Buffet time: Load up on free “how to” books at Oberlo and get your e-commerce game on.

Oberlo also has an FAQ section on starting an online business, including what you need to begin and what to expect before getting started. For example, they make recommendations about how much to mark-up your items, how to budget for your store launch, how to make your first sale, and how to manage customer expectations.

Where to Find Support

Oberlo’s help center is available 24/7: this is where you go for DIY support. The help center is full of articles on topics such as Oberlo settings or how to set up shipping and delivery methods.

You can also find a chat window on Oberlo’s website which they typically reply to within a day. They do not have any numbers to call for phone support.

Oberlo also has a community forum where you can meet other users and ask people for help. You can also participate in discussions to offer your wisdom to others.

Shipping Internationally with ePacket

Oberlo uses ePacket delivery to dropship your items. This is a fast, international shipping method. And China Post allows you to monitor the shipping of your ePacket tracking for your customers.

Since many products are manufactured in China, suppliers are also based here. This is why dropshipping products are cheap to source for your online store. Of course, shipping from China can be expensive and take a long time. Packages sent via China Post were originally shipped via ocean freight, taking upwards of two months for items to arrive. ePacket allows orders to come in within 7-30 days at low costs.

oberlo review for bloggers
Success stories: The Oberlo website offers opportunities to learn from successful Oberlo users.

This also allows you to track the orders of all of your items in Oberlo. If you decide to try out Oberlo’s free plan, you will have to use an external website to track your orders manually.

ePacket allows you to have free shipping on your site which can increase conversions. When buyers are confronted with longer shipping times, such as those taking as long as a month, the incentive of free shipping can overcome their hesitation. Oberlo has overlay filters for their products so you can see which products have ePacket delivery.

Limitations of Using Oberlo

Oberlo is available in any country. Since you don’t need to worry about holding inventory with drop shipping, you can run your online store from anywhere in the world. This makes drop shipping ideal for travelers. However, Oberlo is only available in English.

Oberlo only works on the Shopify platform. This means you won’t be able to use their services if you are on a different CMS or have your own standalone store. If you wish to use Oberlo but you’re on a different e-commerce platform, you should consider switching over to Shopify.

Oberlo receives a commission for products that you sell. However, this does not affect your profits. You will only be able to import items from Oberlo Supply and AliExpress. Oberlo does not allow you to import products to your store from Alibaba or other sourcing platforms.

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Is Oberlo Right for You?

Oberlo is a drop shipping platform that can be installed on any Shopify store. Drop shipping allows you to have items for sale without paying for products in advance or holding inventory.

Oberlo automates the entire product management and shipping process so you don’t have to do this manually. With their free plan, there is no reason that new digital entrepreneurs on Shopify shouldn’t try them out.


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